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16. The Disappearing Helmets
It was early the following morning that, very excited, Elaine and I showed Aunt
Josephine the photograph which we had snapped and developed by using Kennedy's trick
"But who is it?" asked Aunt Josephine examining the print carefully and seeing nothing
but a face masked and with a pair of hands before it, a seal ring on the little finger of one
"Oh, I forgot that you hadn't seen the ring before," explained Elaine. "Why, we knew him
at once, in spite of everything, by that seal ring--Mr. Del Mar!"
"Mr. Del Mar?" repeated Aunt Josephine, looking from one to the other of us,
"I saw the ring at his own bungalow and on his own finger," reiterated Elaine positively.
But what are you going to do, now?" asked Aunt Josephine.
"Have him arrested, of course," Elaine replied.
Still talking over the strange experience of the night before, we went out on the veranda.
"Well, of all the nerve!" exclaimed Elaine, catching sight of a man coming up the gravel
walk. "If that isn't Henry, Mr. Del Mar's valet!"
The valet advanced as though nothing had happened and, indeed, I suppose that as far as
he knew nothing had happened or was known to us. He bowed and handed Elaine a note
which she tore open quickly and read.
"Would you go?" she asked, handing the note over to me.
It read:
If you and Mr. Jameson will call on me to-day, I will have something of interest to tell
you concerning my investigations in the case of the disappearance of Craig Kennedy.
"Yes," I asserted, "I would go."