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10. The Conspirators
"You remember Lieutenant Woodward, the inventor of trodite?" I asked Elaine one day
after I had been out for a ride through the country.
"Very well indeed," she nodded with a look of wistfulness as the mention of his name
recalled Kennedy. "Why?"
"He's stationed at Fort Dale, not very far from here, at the entrance of the Sound," I
"Then let's have him over at my garden party to-night," she exclaimed, sitting down and
I have just learned that you are stationed at Fort Dale and would like to have you meet
some of my friends at a little garden party I am holding to-night.
Sincerely, ELAINE DODGE.
Thus it was that a few hours afterward, in the officers' quarters at the Fort, an orderly
entered with the mail and handed a letter to Lieutenant Woodward. He opened it and read
the invitation with pleasure. He had scarcely finished reading and was hastening to write
a reply when the orderly entered again and saluted.
"A Professor Arnold to see you, Lieutenant," he announced.
"Professor Arnold?" repeated Woodward. "I don't know any Professor Arnold. Well,
show him in, anyhow."
The orderly ushered in a well-dressed man with a dark, heavy beard and large horn
spectacles. Woodward eyed him curiously and a bit suspiciously, as the stranger seated
himself and made a few remarks.
The moment the orderly left the room, however, the professor lowered his voice to a
whisper. Woodward listened in amazement, looked at him more closely, then laughed
and shook hands cordially.
The professor leaned over again. Whatever it was that he said, it made a great impression
on the Lieutenant.
"You know this fellow Del Mar?" asked Professor Arnold finally.
"No," replied Woodward.