The Rocks HTML version

- The novel is aimed at the full spectrum of readers, from the youthful to the elderly and both sexes.
- Historically accurat e fiction (1853 - 1856). The daily lives of the characters are intertwined with the
significant historical events of the times.
- It is the story of a 14 year old orphan boy who through honest hard work, ingenuity and the knowledge
gained from extensive reading rises from poverty to become an entrepreneur within a span of three years.
- He starts out by performing entertaining scientific feats that the average person would think impossible
and earns money thereby. These are described and explained in dialogue form and i s essentially popular
science to the reader.
- He purchases a property which is known locally as “The Rocks” that is an ancient riverbed strewn with
massive boulders and a multitude of smaller stones. It appears to be an abs olutely worthless property in
south-eastern New Hampshire.
-He saves five orphans from the streets and toget her they turn that wasteland to great profit in a number
of interesting and unexpected ways that reflects actual life and technology in the 1800's. These are
described and explained in dialogue form and are essentially popular science/nature. Also, it is every
person's dream to take something that appears worthless and turn it into something of value and I believe
that a tale of ingenuity in pursuit of that achievement will enthrall readers.
- The characters include 6 orphan teenagers, the mayor, sheriff, minister, editor, doctor, young girlfriends,
murderers, farmers, craftsmen, several women, escaped slave, hangman and others.
-The story never goes slack and to maintain reader interest it includes components of adversity,
achievement, humor, murder, young love, popular science, nature, danger, adventure, pre-Civil War
sentiment, narrow escapes, slavery, the underground railroad, ties to real historical events, and the
lifestyles of the 1800's. It is written in a manner that causes the reader to always wonder what will happen
-The ending is suspenseful.