The Road to Oz HTML version

2. Dorothy Meets Button-Bright
The seventh road was a good road, and curved this way and that-- winding through green
meadows and fields covered with daisies and buttercups and past groups of shady trees.
There were no houses of any sort to be seen, and for some distance they met with no
living creature at all.
Dorothy began to fear they were getting a good way from the farm-house, since here
everything was strange to her; but it would do no good at all to go back where the other
roads all met, because the next one they chose might lead her just as far from home.
She kept on beside the shaggy man, who whistled cheerful tunes to beguile the journey,
until by and by they followed a turn in the road and saw before them a big chestnut tree
making a shady spot over the highway. In the shade sat a little boy dressed in sailor
clothes, who was digging a hole in the earth with a bit of wood. He must have been
digging some time, because the hole was already big enough to drop a football into.
Dorothy and Toto and the shaggy man came to a halt before the little boy, who kept on
digging in a sober and persistent fashion.
"Who are you?" asked the girl.
He looked up at her calmly. His face was round and chubby and his eyes were big, blue
and earnest.
"I'm Button-Bright," said he.
"But what's your real name?" she inquired.
"That isn't a really-truly name!" she exclaimed.
"Isn't it?" he asked, still digging.
"'Course not. It's just a--a thing to call you by. You must have a name."
"Must I?"
"To be sure. What does your mama call you?"
He paused in his digging and tried to think.
"Papa always said I was bright as a button; so mama always called me Button-Bright," he