The Ripper: Redux HTML version

The four wheel-drive vehicle rumbled along the lone highway in the barren
expanse of the desert. The sun was scorching hot, and the rock formations
towered out of the ground in the distance.
The thin face of the man was grayish, slightly withered from years of stress,
the hair on his head, a light brown, but the gray roots visible underneath,
covered by the vanity of hair coloring, the sign of man valiantly trying to retain
the striking features of his younger years. His eyes were sharp, as if burning
their way forwards, and his body was thin, but muscular. The legendary Film
Director, Kevin Stone, about 45, perfectionist, blunt, driven, and ruthless, sat
in the driver seat. His eyes were locked onto the dirty and sandblasted
makeshift sign that listed a short distance ahead. The sign swayed on the dirt
road that led off the main highway. Kevin Stone looked across at the young
man with a round, baby face, thick black hair, and thoughtful eyes, driving the
four-wheel. He was Film Producer, Mike Parson, about 40, a professional,
quietly ambitious, and intellectual man. Mike Parson had a laptop on his lap
that was currently running a program with, “Department of Defense,” labeled
across the top of the screen. The detailed maps were constantly decrypting
and revealing the pre-determined route that their four-wheel drive was to
follow. The small blinking red dot that represented their four wheel-drive