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Byron Lester


131 Yarra St, Victoria,


Australia, 3220


(m) +61 400 315 606 CHAPTER 1




The four wheel-drive vehicle rumbled along the lone highway in the barren


expanse of the desert. The sun was scorching hot, and the rock formations


towered out of the ground in the distance.


The thin face of the man was grayish, slightly withered from years of stress,


the hair on his head, a light brown, but the gray roots visible underneath,


covered by the vanity of hair coloring, the sign of man valiantly trying to retain


the striking features of his younger years. His eyes were sharp, as if burning


their way forwards, and his body was thin, but muscular. The legendary Film


Director, Kevin Stone, about 45, perfectionist, blunt, driven, and ruthless, sat


in the driver seat. His eyes were locked onto the dirty and sandblasted


makeshift sign that listed a short distance ahead. The sign swayed on the dirt


road that led off the main highway. Kevin Stone looked across at the young


man with a round, baby face, thick black hair, and thoughtful eyes, driving the


four-wheel. He was Film Producer, Mike Parson, about 40, a professional,


quietly ambitious, and intellectual man. Mike Parson had a laptop on his lap


that was currently running a program with, “Department of Defense,” labeled


across the top of the screen. The detailed maps were constantly decrypting


and revealing the pre-determined route that their four-wheel drive was to


follow. The small blinking red dot that represented their four wheel-drive vehicle on the map moved along the marked out route. It led them towards


that small dirt road that led off the highway. The thick black line on the map


marking the ‘route’ stopped at the corner, turned and then ran along the dirt


road, and right off the side of the map. It was obviously going to be a long


drive along this dirt road before they hit their secret destination. Mike Parsons


looked at the director.


“Is this the road?” Mike asked as if puzzled by all of this secrecy.


Kevin Stone nodded softly.


“This is the road,” Kevin replied sharply.


The four wheel-drive vehicle swung tightly around the listing road sign. It


barreled along the dirt road and kicked up a storm of dust that flew around the


vehicle if a mini dust hurricane. The dirt road ran in a straight line towards the


horizon. There was nothing but flat, empty, dusty earth for as far as the eye


could see.


Mike Parson ran his hands over the laptop. The decoding program began


running again. A new detailed map appeared on the screen. It had a large


blinking dot that seemed to represent the final destination. The sun seemed to


scorch every inch of the vehicle as Kevin Stone looked across at the laptop.


Kevin Stone’s thin lips pursed. He gave a half frown as if to say, “Finally, we


have almost arrived.” The dust that was thrown up by the tires of their vehicle


clouded their vision but they could faintly make out the outline of the building


and it appeared to be derelict. The four wheel-drive vehicle slowed as it drove into the empty parking lot.


The paint was peeling upon the diner, its windows were smashed, and there


was no one to be seen. The diner had been visibly abandoned for years.


Kevin Stone and Mike Parson stepped out of the four-wheel drive. They


looked around slowly as if looking for something. Then they walked towards


the wrecked, unhinged door of the diner.


Kevin Stone and Mike Parson walked into the diner. There was a large cover


of dust upon the tables, chairs, and the large menu board hung on the far


wall. They looked over the diner as if looking for a waitress. They looked at


each other and sat down at one of tables as if waiting for service.


The four wheel-drive vehicle sat silently in the parking lot. The sun scorched


down upon the ground. There was not a sound except for the sound of lightly


swirling wind.


Kevin Stone looked at Mike. He nodded as if it was time to go somewhere.


They both got up and walked along the counter. They walked past the


decades old vending machine filled with packets of molded chips that hung on


rusty hooks. Kevin Stone pushed the men’s toilet door open, and they walked




Kevin Stone and Mike Parson walked to the urinals. They opened their flies, and took a long piss. Then they turned and walked to the basins. They


washed their hands as if undertaking a precise ritual. Kevin Stone glared into


the mirror.


“Do we have to wipe our asses now?!” he questioned sharply.


There was a slight pause. The door of the toilet cubicle directly behind them


began to open. Mike Parson looked around to see the wall behind the toilet


bowl slowly slide open. The heavily armored soldier appeared in the opening.


“Your identities and security clearances have been verified,” he informed


them in a strict military tone.


Kevin Stone’s face was non-stoic as if he expected this to happen. Mike


Parson in contrast looked stunned.


“It’s about bloody time, and you better have some water in there. My throat is


fucking parched,” snapped Kevin Stone.


Mike Parson looked at the heavily armored guard’s automatic rifle.


“There is plenty of water supplied Sir. General Johnson is awaiting your


arrival,” the armored guard informed him.


Mike Parson still looked stunned. Kevin Stone had obviously told him nothing.


Kevin Stone gestured forward confidently.


“Lead the way,” he announced.


The heavily armored guard stepped backward into the elevator that was


concealed behind the wall. Kevin Stone led Mike Parson around the


disgusting looking toilet bowl and into the elevator. The wall slid back into


place again behind the toilet bowl concealing any indication of its presence. The elevator was dropping quickly and seemed to take some time. Mike


Parson looked at the wall. There were ten levels upon the board, and they


were speeding down the levels quite rapidly. The heavily armored guard


stood quietly facing the elevator door. This unnerved Mike Parsons who


looked at Kevin Stone.


“Where are we?” Mike asked puzzled.


The heavily armored guard then spoke suddenly.


“Sub level five Sir. General Johnson is awaiting your presence’s shortly on


sub level ten.”


Kevin Stone gestured as if to say, “There you go.” The director was clearly


enjoyed pulling his subordinate strings as if Mike was his puppet. Kevin Stone


was the clearly the Alpha Male.


Mike Parson whispered to Kevin Stone still bemused by where they were and




“Kevin Stone, I thought we were scouting the major location for your next


mystery project?”


Kevin Stone smiled sharply.


“More a way to get there,” the director replied.


Mike Parson gave a confused expression.


The elevator finally stopped, and the elevator door slid open.


General Karl William Johnson, about 60, forthright, and fit in stature, stood in


the tunnel waiting to greet them. The heavily armored guard stepped out the elevator and then respectively moved to the Generals side. General Johnson


looked at Kevin Stone as if the two had met before.


“It is a pleasure to have such an esteemed Director in our presence again Mr.


Stone,” he welcomed.


Kevin Stone stepped forward and shook the General’s thickset hand.


“Your previous presentation quite impressed me General, particularly the


future opportunities it affords me,” Kevin Stone told him.


Then Kevin gestured to Mike.


“Let me introduce my producer for the shoot Mike Parson,” he introduced.


Mike Parson watched the heavily armored soldiers walk along the


subterranean corridors. General Johnson saw the producer’s bemused


expression. He grabbed Mike’s smaller hand and shook it strongly. It was a


tight, soldiers grip.


“Your first time in a missile silo…albeit a modified silo son,” General Johnson


said rhetorically.


“Ah, yes General,” said Mike still seeming bemused.


General Johnson looked at Kevin Stone.


“You didn’t tell him,” stated the General.


“It’s like giving away the killer twist to a film…cannot stand the fuckers who do


that,” Kevin Stone said in a tone as if a knife slicing the air.


“A test is ready per your request,” the General informed.


“I’m ready to make cinematic history. Let’s get this beast underway,” Kevin


Stone exclaimed with barely contained excitement. General Johnson led Kevin Stone and Mike Parson along the subterranean


corridors. The two Kevlar wearing armored guards that carried high-powered


rifles flanked them with every step, quite unerringly for Mike Parson’s. The


corridors were dull and claustrophobic in nature. Kevin Stone saw that Mike


was uneasy at the surroundings. Kevin looked amused by the producer’s


reaction. Kevin glanced at the armored guards that were escorting them. He


whispered quietly to Mike Parson as they headed toward a large reinforced


steel door that lay at the far end of the corridor.


“They can’t allow us to stray off…”


Mike Parson looked at him as they approached the heavily built door.


“I took five years for me to negotiate to hire it…” Kevin told him.


General Johnson stopped at the reinforced doors. The two armored guards


that stood either side of the door looked at the General and then moved


aside. General Johnson stepped forwards to the ‘finger print pad.’ It scanned


his rough hands. Then it flashed with a bright green light. Kevin Stone


continued to whisper to Mike Parson.


“I would not have even known it existed, who would, unless a certain, ‘high


profile Congressman’ drunk and with the promise of a role in one of my future


projects let slip, ‘the juiciest state secret he knew.’


General Johnson looked up into the ‘retinal eye scanner.’ It scanned his deep


blue eyes and the green light blinked again brightly.


Kevin Stone added quietly as the General provided voice identification.


“We Directors are always stretching for that new technique…that next ground breaking format to shoot our films…we all have ego and covet to set the new


standards by which further films follow and imitate.”


General Johnson said into the ‘voice scanner.’


“General Karl William Johnson.”


The light blinked green. The armored guards subtly flicked the safeties on


their rifles as if they would had responded with force had the identification


procedure for the General proved ‘negative.’ The door made a large locking


sound. They began to slowly open. Kevin Stone whispered.


“To create an entirely new genre of films…a history making groundbreaking


method of making films carves your name forever into history…”


He smiled at Mike Parson cryptically. The large reinforced steel door


continued to open slowly. Mike Parson eyes were fixed tensely as he awaited


to see what lay beyond.


“Both our names…even if it did take a promise not to reveal its existence until


the President was ready and I was provided the exclusive first civilian use


prior to its worldwide exposure…along with a eighty million dollar fee to


secure an eight week hire,” continued Kevin Stone.


The heavy, thick door fully opened and revealed an extremely large, hanger


shape, dimly lit chamber. The silhouetted heavily armored guards and civilian


dressed scientists moved throughout it. There were numerous equipment


stations littered throughout the dimly lit chamber. Mike Parson’s eyes pierced through the light, and he saw the faint outline of the large halo like structure. It


was positioned in the middle of the chamber. Kevin Stone looked over the


dimly lit chamber with heavily armored guards and scientists. He looked as if


he had visited this place before. He slapped Mike Parson hard on the back.


“Even the military has a sense of theater,” Kevin said with a sharp smile.


Mike Parson glanced at him stunned by the vision. The General said as he


began to move forwards.


“My men are already en-route to the destination. They will return shortly with


the proof you requested. “


Kevin Stone and Mike Parson followed him into the chamber. The armored


guards and the scientist’s gave curious looks towards the visitors. Mike


Parson was trying to absorb the surroundings.


“If you would follow me to the viewing area for optimal viewing of the


platform,” General Johnson informed.


The two armored guards that had been escorting them from the elevator had


remained at the foot of the heavily fortified doors as if not permitted to


proceed any further. The steel doors began to close and the light emitting


from the corridor was slowly cut out. The interior of the chamber was very


dim. The armored soldier stood to attention as General Johnson approached


the cherry picker like viewing platform. Kevin Stone and Mike Parson stopped


at the base of the stairs that led into the cheery picker like platform. General


Johnson walked up onto the platform. But Mike Parson eyes were transfixed


onto the large silver circular platform with a large halo like frame that hung above it. The silver platform was large enough in size to hold two semi-trailer


trucks. General Johnson shared a few quiet words with the Lead Scientist.


Then the Lead Scientist nodded and directed his attention back to the semi


circular control panel. General Johnson looked down at Kevin Stone and Mike


Parson from the viewing platform. He gestured them to step up onto the


viewing platform. Mike Parson eyes did not leave the larger silver platform


that was unlike any structure he had ever seen. “You can in his eyes that he


thinks this ‘thing’ is what the Director has hired for eight weeks, and his mind


is racing as to what the purpose and function of the larger silver pad could


possibly be and more importantly, why Kevin Stone would hire it for a film


shoot.” The armored guard walked up the stairs of the viewing platform and


shut the steel door sealing them inside. General Johnson nodded to the Lead


Scientist. The cherry picker like platform flew up into the air, and swung


around so it faced the larger silver platform. The halo structure that hung


above the larger platform began to crackle as if on fire. The scientist’s level of


intensity rose as if in anticipation of some great event. Mike Parson looked


around at the flurry of activity at ground level. The armored guards within the


hangar like chamber were clearly on high alert. Mike was on edge as the


series of red lights flashed along the walls of the chamber. Mike Parson


looked across at Kevin Stone. The Director looked excited and his eyes were


locked onto the large silver platform. The barely contained excitement rushed


through Kevin Stone’s body. Mike Parson looked across at the seemingly


empty silver platform. He could hear the sounds emanating from the halo like structure as if it itself was being violently twisted.


“They’re coming,” General Johnson announced firmly.


Mike Parson eyes snapped onto the General at the final words. Mike followed


the Generals eyes onto the large silver platform. The entire platform cracked


suddenly as if hit by lightning and BOOMED as if releasing tremendous


pressure. A swirl of energy RIPPED around the large silver platform as if a


mini hurricane of energy. Mike Parson could not make out any movement


within the hurricane of energy. The energy began to swirl upwards like a


myriad of serpents into the halo like structure hanging over the large platform.


Mike Parson felt himself loose his breath at the wondrous sight. Then his


entire body tensed as if caught for a moment in time. His mouth was open


and it was dry. The energy dissipated abruptly. The figures of two squads of


body armored Special Force’s Soldiers stood on the pad. The energy


dissipated around them and into the base of the silver platform. They lay


tranquilized, on the platform floor, in-between the two squads of special


force’s soldiers, their thick brown fur bristled, their tusks limp. They were two


large, prehistoric, wooly Mammoths. Mike’s mouth slowly closed as he


watched the fur laced bodies of the Mammoths slowly rise and then


descends. They were ‘alive.’ The Lead Scientist turned from the control panel


and reported.


“The scheduled test was successful General.”


Kevin Stone whispered quietly to himself.


“Fuck me. It really does work.” General Johnson looked at the Director.


“You have the proof you requested,” he told him as if their deal had been




Mike Parson blinked as he stared at the wooly mammoths. “He was still trying


to process what this all meant. You could see the thoughts racing through his


mind. “


“It is a time travel device, but how
can it exist.”


General Johnson indicated for the Lead Scientist to begin the recharge of the


silver temporal platform. It was time for the primal dinosaurs to return back


from where they came. The scientists began working at the assigned gray


control panels that lined the chamber. The armored soldiers moved in a semi


circle around the silver platform as a precaution should the Mammoths regain




Kevin Stone but looked at the General.


“So what do you think?” General Johnson questioned.


Kevin Stone smiled wryly, and stated.


“We’re going to make a Hell of a film.” CHAPTER 2




The black Porsche pulled up at the film Studio Gates. The bald headed studio


guard moved to the window of the guard station.


Kevin Stone called out.


“Kevin Stone, here for an appointment to see Mr. Jeff Speitzenberg.”


The guard disappeared back into the guard station. Mike Parson looked more


composed than he was days earlier at the underground silo, as he sat in the


passenger side seat.


“You know, I have no idea how we’re going to secure insurance for this,” he




Kevin Stone laughed.


“Let’s just drag the eighty million those military sharks want out of our un


beloved studio boss by giving him the pitch of a life time,” he said with ego


lacing his sharp voice.


The studio guard returned and signaled Kevin Stone to drive into the lot. The


gate bar moved up into the air, and Kevin Stone sped the shiny Porsche


aggressively into the lot.


“It’s an absolute killer,” Mike Parsons remarked with a smile.


Kevin Stone drove his open top Porsche aggressively around the parked


sedans and then pulled to a sudden stop in the parking space at the foot of the main building.


A large body, and dominating demeanor, Jeff Speitzenberg, about 60, and


blunt to a fault, sat behind the desk. It lay open on the table in front of the


studio boss with, “Government: Top Secret,” imprinted across its folder. The


sheets with the intricate diagrams for the time travel platform lay across the


oak desk. Kevin Stone and Mike Parson sat with glasses half full of wine. The


meeting had clearly lasted for some time. Jeff Speitzenberg was sitting quietly


as if considering what he had just been told. Then he said in sarcastic




“Well, the crafty little bastards really built one.”


Kevin Stone could see the gleam of interest in Jeff Speitzenberg’s eyes. He


knew the studio boss had seen the BIG dollar signs. They were practically


flashing in the studio bosses eyes.


“And for non-disclosed reasons I have an iron clad contract for the first civilian


hiring of the, “Jules Verne Ticket,” as it's been nicknamed by the good people


at the Department of Defense,” Kevin Stone detailed.


Jeff Speitzenberg looked as if he was waiting for the ‘catch,’ to this seemingly


slam-dunk deal.


“How much?” the Studio Boss questioned abruptly.


“Eighty million,” replied Kevin Stone.


Jeff Speitzenberg shook his head and laughed.


“That’s all…eighty million is a low budget film nowadays…typical government morons…they build a money making machine and don’t even know how


much it’s worth,” he blurted arrogantly.


Kevin Stone knew the time had come to lay down the ‘pitch’ of his life while


he had the Studio Boss on the ‘hook.’


“Every tom, dick, and studio will be racing to hire the bloody thing after they


reveal it, and the market value will rocket...let’s get in while the bargain is


going,” stated the fat faced Studio Chief.


Jeff Speitzenberg sat back in his large leather chair, and announced.


“What’s your pitch Kevin Stone?”


Kevin Stone stood up, and pitched.


“Just think, want to see the Titanic
tank it to the bottom of the Atlantic,
what really happened to Amelia
Earhart, where those pesky aliens
really sightseeing around Roswell…“


Jeff Speitzenberg liked what he was hearing.


He smiled greedily.


“I see dollar signs…lots of dollar signs.”


Kevin Stone said with the same greed feeding his sharp voice.


“And I see Oscars in every room of my house.”


The Studio Boss took a sip of his wine and stated. “You have my ear. I’m listening. Give me a name. “ Kevin Stone said one word, simply.