The Right Path HTML version

She sat back, with a look of infinite patience, as if she could not only read my future, but my very mind as
well. “This is why knowing the future is so dangerous. If you've ever studied mythology, you know how
many countless stories involve someone learning of their future and in the process of trying to prevent it
they bring about the very events they wanted to avoid. Eodopus, Hamlet, and many others.
In order that you don’t spend the next decade second-guessing yourself, I will tell you that this critical time
will happen to you far from your home. Farther than you've ever imagined traveling.”
That got me thinking about all the stories I'd read. The Hobbit, The Never Ending Story, The Hope Chest.
I imagined myself transported to fantastical land and fighting evil wizards.
She continued, “When that time comes, it is critical that you choose the right path. You must not follow
another’s mistake, that is most important.” she paused and closed her eyes, as if wondering whether to tell a
child that babies do not come from the Stork, “This is not a journey that you can complete by yourself, and
while you two may not get along so well, the girl will be critical to the success of your journey.”
While most people probably felt gratified to have their ego fed by this roundabout esoterism, it was trying
my patience more and more. I didn't miss the fact that she said 'the girl' rather than naming who this person
was. Obviously if she said Delloreen or Claudia then it would be easy to dispute. “Look, I'm sua dat you
tink dis stuff is real. An' it might fool a bunch o' people ta tell dem 'bout 'ow dey are goin ta be critical to
'umanity's futa o be worl famous blah blah blah, but aside from knowing my name, you 'aven't said a singel
damn ting dat wud convince me dat you doing more dan jus weaving a well scripted tale! Is all 'bout
making people feel impo'tant. Like telling someone dey used ta be Ghengis Kahn in a pas' life an all dat. I
'ope dat you not especting me to pay you far some obscure grandiose story.
Through my whole outburst she just sat there, a slight grin developing on her chapped lips. She looked like
a gambler who was about to reveal the most mind-blowing bluff ever seen. Her calm only fueled my anger
and I started to get on my feet and leave, when she raised her hand and with the kindest tone I've ever
heard, asked me to sit for just a few more moments.
“Tannin, I understand that you don't believe in me and that you only came here because Elenin dared you.
That's perfectly fine. Whether you believe in fate or not changes nothing about it's effect on our paths. I