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braid that stretched down to her waist.
She spoke with an accent that I couldn't quite place, but which was most definitely not Jamaican.
“I am so happy that you have arrived Tannin Boldóne.” she said with a disarming smile. And before I
could ask how she knew my name, she continued. “You can call me Señora Bolom. I realize you are
skeptical of my profession, so it seemed wise to give you some.....credentials first.”
She paused and ushered me over to a small wooden table. No crystal ball thank god, but a plain slab of
flaking wood with a plasticy coating.
Most people come to me with some shallow wish to know their future in order to feed their ego. They want
to believe that something wonderful will happen to them. These people do not realize that despite the
strong wish to know the future, it carries grave consequences.”
“So why...”
“Because Tannin, unlike my other are here because I planned for you to be here. There is
a very specific purpose for you and in order for you to fully realize that purpose, you must follow my
“Okay, that sounds great. But it also sounds like something you could tell to anyone who walked through
the door.”
A ghost of a frown fluttered across her face, it was the closest I came that day to seeing her lose composure,
but like the flight of a gnat it disappeared.
“Tannin, please hold your doubt briefly while I continue.
“You are here because you are going to be a part of something that will be very important to every one of
us. Your path in the coming years will have repercussions for each and every human being. You will be
faced with certain choices, and while seemingly trivial, it will in fact be profound. If you choose poorly,
then each and every one of us will be....” she paused, seemingly deep in thought, then she continued “will
be worse off.”
It was clear that she had been about to say something more dramatic. And despite the undertones of her
statement, this grand plan sounded very convenient.
“Look” I said, trying to use impatience to cover my discomfort “how in de world am I goin' to be able to
make dis critical decision if I don' know where or when it's going to happen? For all I know, dis critical
decisun is wheda I finish my maja in astronomy or start taking electives in nuclear physics. Hell, maybe de
critical decision is whether I eat breakfast tomorrow morning.”