The Right Path HTML version

The Right Path
by Aaron
Section I
Chapter 1
It was a dark and stormy night as I.... (Nah, that’s too overdone.)
The moon shone brightly as if goading me on.... (ugh, no)
It was a part of town I’d never been to before. (yeah, that’s good)
One of those neighborhoods off on the edge that you wouldn’t notice if you didn’t live there. Dust devils
played innocently along the dry walking path. Small houses squatted along each side looking as if they
were ashamed to be seen above the earth. It wasn’t a street interesting enough to visit twice, but I was
looking for one specific place.
I stared at the sign out front. “Your future – is my past.” It was catchy for sure, but a little cliché. The sign
was scrawled on a piece of warped plywood long faded by the mercilessly hot Caribbean sun. The front
looked poor even for Jamaican standards. The mud walls barely covered a stick thatch and a few blades of
grass held on tenaciously among the chickens pecking around out front.
To say I was critical of fortune-tellers was an understatement. The only fortune-telling I believed in was
when my momma told me we would she would never make a fortune. It was only my pride and Elenin's
beauty that brought me here.
Anyway, much as I didn't believe any of this hocus-pocus, a dare was a dare, and I wasn't about to let the
likes of Elenin and her friends label me a coward. So despite my misgivings, I took a breath and walked in.
It took several moments for my eyes to adjust to the dim light. The place looked surprisingly large given
the humble exterior. The low ceiling was covered with those cheap dayglow plastic stars and there were
deep red fabrics on all the walls. It was exactly what I envisioned a fortune teller's room would look like in
some mystery TV show, a cheap attempt to convince the under confident and the gullible that they’d
entered another world. I had only just walked in, when a short woman of about 50 came through one of the
curtains. She was surprisingly small for a medium and wore a beautiful dress made of red and green lace.
Her complexion was medium-brown and her features looked something between Japanese and Native
American. It seemed to complete the otherworldly effect. Her graying hair was tied in an incredibly ornate