The Resurrection and Immortality HTML version

William Robert West
What do you believe about souls? There are many very different doctrines taught in
the world today concerning the souls that are believed to be in human.
1. At the death of the person it is in the bodiless, deathless soul that was in a saved
person will fly immediately to Heaven to the very presents of Jesus and God. Many
believe souls of the dead are looking down on us, they watch over their loved ones on
earth and can sometimes be seen by living persons.
2. At the death of a lost person, the soul that was in him or her will immediately be
carried to Hell where it will forever be alive, suffering and screaming, while it is being
eternally tormented by God with no hope that God will ever stop tormenting it.
3. At the death of most persons that are Catholic, the souls that were in them goes
immediately to Purgatory where the souls will suffer unto the souls have suffered enough
to pay for the sins the persons they were in. Then these souls will be saved by their own
4. In the Abraham’s bosom version the souls that were in the saved to immediately at
death to be rewarded in Abraham’s bosom, the good side of hades, unto the coming of
Christ while the souls that were in the lost are tormented in the bad side of hades unto the
coming of Christ when they will be endlessly tormented by God in an endless burning
5. A view of the soul now believe by some Protestants, called Rephaim, is that after
the death of the person, the soul leaves the person and is a shadowy something that has no
substance, it is nothing more than mental thoughts without any kind of substance or body.
6. Spiritualism. After the death of the person, the spirit becomes a ghost that haunt the
house it was in, is a ghastly spook that can sometimes be seen at night among the graves
and tombstones in a cemetery. According to Spiritualism, these ghost or spooks roam the
earth and can and are seen by people, and even live in the house with people. The ghost
that have left the persons they were dwelling in can come back and these ghost can do
both good and evil to other persons that still have ghosts (souls) dwelling in them. Many
who do not think of themselves as being a Spiritualist and even deny that they are a
Spiritualist believe much of the Spiritualist belief; in most funerals that I have I have
attended the preacher had the soul that had been dwelling in the dead person dwelling in
Heaven and it was looking down on the funeral of the dead person it had been freed from.
7. The person, not a soul that had been in a person, sleeps from death unto the
resurrection, the person is resurrected and judged, the person is given endless life or
eternal punishment of death.
8. There are many other beliefs about what a soul is and what a soul can and cannot
do, far too many to list here.
Two of the views that are commonly believed about what will happen to the souls that
leave mankind after death are the subject of this book.
VIEW ONE: The belief that all have a “soul” that W. E. Vine says is nothing but “the
immaterial, invisible part of man,” (“Vine’s Complete Expository Dictionary Of Old
And New Testament Words,” page 588) and Robert A. Morey says, that after the death of
the body the soul will be nothing but “mental thoughts” (“Death And The Afterlife,”