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The Reluctant Terrorist

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Published: 4 years ago

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Could a Holocaust take place in America? A prominent Boston civil rights lawyer looks into a not-too-distant future in which Homeland Security justifies actions against a new band of terrorists: Israeli and American Jews who survived a nuclear attack that has destroyed Israel. How would America treat terrorists who are not Muslim, but Jewish, and how would American Jews be likely to react? Download this FREE e-Book today!


A surprising and thought provoking book which I enjoyed.Surprising because it is not politically correct to criticize Israel, usually they are allowed to do anything they want - things no other country on earth would be allowed to but refreshingly this book, although a work of fiction, tends to expose Israel's attitude of being beyond international law.Thought provoking because......well could it actually happen?


Best free ebook I've ever it and you won't regret it.


Fast moving and thought provoking - this was a great read!


Harvey A. Schwartz

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