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The Rebel Marketer’s Manual
Introduction: Your Job is Killing Your Future
A short 10 months ago I was stuck in one of the worst situations a free thinking, aspiring entrepreneur can
find themselves in…
A half decent job.
I was working for a mammoth coffee company (yeah, probably the one you’re thinking of!) and the job
was just comfy enough to keep me stuck.
Things were OK, and I was so afraid to lose OK, that I wasn’t going for GREAT!
I was unhappy with my life, but I was afraid that making a big move would make me lose what I already
I had tried online marketing in my spare time for two years, but the pieces never really came together for
So I set the alarm 30 minutes early every morning, just so I could have the pleasure of getting to hit
snooze 6 times instead of 4.
I came home so exhausted I could barely talk to my family and instead opted to plant myself in front of
the TV to “relax”.
I spent maybe 30 minutes to an hour with my two year old daughter before she would go to bed for the
And she would barely tolerate me because by the time I got home my hair and clothes would completely
reek of coffee.
I struggled through day after day of just existing until one day everything changed.
I was just 8 weeks pregnant with my second baby, finishing up another gruelling day in work, and I
started to have trouble breathing.
I had a pain in my chest like a vice grip around my lungs.
I went to my doctor who sent me straight to the emergency room.
As I sat on a rickety bed in a corridor waiting for a doctor to see me a kind male nurse sat down to talk to
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