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Part One: Initial Contact

Your connections need to start by focusing on the other person.

Remember, if someone shows genuine interest in you, you naturally have genuine interest in them.

So make sure your initial contact shows that you have actually looked at the person’s page and found a similarity you can draw on.

For example, if you are in the internet marketing niche you could look up people who are interested in personal development.

Personal development often leads people to want to change their lives for the better, and the ultimate dream of this day and age is working online from home.

Once you find people with personal development as an interest, send them a personal message saying you share an interest in personal development and you would like to connect.

Try asking a question.

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The Rebel Marketer’s Manual

DON’T include a link. This is a time to actually get to know the person.

You should be adding about 20 people on Facebook per day using this method.

I also recommend using Twitter for this strategy, and with Twitter you can generate even stronger connections.

Find people you want to follow who are possibly interested in your niche.

This is a good place to “niche down”.

Niche Down means finding a smaller subsection within your niche so that people feel your message is even more relevant to them.

For example, I’m in the internet marketing niche, but on Twitter I have “niched down” to work/stay at home moms.


I’m a stay at home mom.

I know the daily struggles and challenges faced by stay at home mom’s.

I can tell stories that appeal to stay at home mom’s.

I can show stay at home mom’s a way to improve their lives and the lives of their family members by working at home like I do.

I can make stronger connections by having something in common with the people I’m connecting with.

When I add people on Twitter I go one step further than on Facebook.

I specifically look for stay-at-home mom’s with blogs or some kind of web presence.

If I like their blog and they are active on Twitter (i.e. updated within the last day or two), I follow them on Twitter.

I give my new connections exposure to my followers list by mentioning them.

For example, “I just discovered @Somebody ‘s blog… great stories about her kids, check it out: link”.

What I’ve done here is actually helped “Somebody” get new eyeballs on their blog.

This creates instant loyalty and appreciation.

It also means the person will very likely come look at my blog and return the favour or retweet my comment.

Note: ONLY do this if you genuinely like the blog or think your followers will enjoy it. People will see straight through it if you aren’t genuine and you can lose followers.

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The Rebel Marketer’s Manual

Don’t abuse this strategy or the internet marketing demons will come get you! (No, but you won’t feel good about yourself, please see Lesson 2 if you think that isn’t important!) Be genuine, make real connections, and have fun!

So now you’ve created some genuine connections on Facebook and Twitter, how do you get these people onto your blog?

Phase Two: Loyalty Blogs

This is the first type of blog you should be writing.

I call them “Loyalty Blogs” as they will help create loyalty to you both from social sites and your already existing list.

There are two components to a good Loyalty Blog:

1. A topic that your target market already has loyalty to.

2. A personal story or connection to that topic.

The topic could be a person that inspires your target market, or even an idea or concept that they have a positive emotional response to.

For example, in my stay-at-home mom’s niche many SAHM’s love their children but feel undervalued.

My loyalty blog for them could be about how much I value my mother and everything she did for me, now that I am a mother myself.

This concept works well as it is an idea that all mothers can relate to, and is GENUINE.

I really do feel that I have an amazing mother who probably deserved a lot more recognition than her four kids gave her growing up. (I only have two, so I have no idea how she coped!) My target market can both relate to the topic, and will feel more connected to me as we share the same feelings.

They also are likely to share my blog post with other mothers they know, which can help expand my blog post’s reach.

What does this blog post do?

It creates loyalty and a genuine strong connection.

I then just have to have links on the side of my blog so people can learn more about me and what I do, and many people will click or join my list simply because they liked my post.

This is one of the easiest ways to create a strong bond with your traffic.

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The Rebel Marketer’s Manual

Other topics could include someone famous who inspires you and a funny story about their influence in your life; a common struggle for people and how you overcame it, an ode to your family.

You simply need to be tapping in to the emotional side of your site visitors and giving them a reason to feel closer to you.

Social Storm Breakdown:

1. Add 20 new Facebook friend’s per day and send them personal message mentioning why you thought it would be a good connection (i.e. “We both share an interest in…”) 2. Add 10 or more new Twitter followees per day, mention their blog or website in a Tweet 3. Create one “Loyalty Blog” per week about a person, idea, or concept that your target market has loyalty to and connect it to yourself with a personal story.

4. Link to your blog post on Facebook, and make a comment on the update to get it onto more homepages (i.e. “Been meaning to write about this for ages.”) 5. Tweet your blog post 5 times throughout the day.

6. If writing about a specific person (i.e. Jim Rohn) go find 10 people who aren’t following you that have Tweeted about Jim Rohn that day and send them a mention in a Tweet. (i.e. “@SoandSo, Thought you’d be interested in this article on Jim Rohn, we’re both fans!link”) Social Storm Benefits:

True Connections: People are far more likely to buy from you if they feel they know you, or want to know you better. The more genuine you are with this strategy the better.

Curiousity/Support: As People get to know you they will want to know more about what you do. They will click your links out of curiosity, and if they feel loyal they are more likely to want to support you.

Viral: If you do Loyalty blogs right (and it may take some practice), you will get other people sharing your blogs with their friends.

Traffic Takeover Step Three: Search Engine Explosion

Search engine marketing can be a bit of a strange animal.

It seems everywhere you turn people have different strategies and techniques to rank in the search engines.

Before you even think about how to rank, you need to know what to rank for.

What keywords do you want to target?

Try to keep this as simple as possible.

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The Rebel Marketer’s Manual

Think of a keyword your target market might be searching on Google.

Visit the Google Keyword Tool and type that keyword into the box shown.

This will give you a list of similar keywords and how many searches they get per month.

For example, for my target market of stay at home moms, I can simply type in “stay at home mom”.

Start by targeting keywords that have more than 1,000 searches per month.

Look for a keyword that you can write a good post about and incorporate into the title of your post.

In my example I could choose “working mom vs. stay at home mom”, which has 1,900 searches a month.

This would make a great title, particularly if followed by “How to Choose What’s Right for You”.

Next you have to make sure the keyword isn’t too competitive to rank.

Visit the Google search page and type in your EXACT keyword in quotes (i.e. “working mom vs. stay at home mom”).

Look at the number of results, for my keyword it’s 102,000.

This is fairly low competition and means I could probably rank easily.

Try to find keywords with 100,000 or less competition to start with.

Once your site is established you can move up to 500,000 and then up to 1,000,000.

But to understand how to get YOUR content to rank on the internet you only need to know, what makes things “rank” online:

Relevant Content (How relevant is your content to the keyword someone searched in Google)

Backlinks (How many sites are linking to your piece of content)

Authority (How old is your website, what is it’s site Rank, how much traffic does it get) 1. Creating Relevant Content

This is the easiest part of this strategy.

Google loves blogs, and knows that its users love to read blogs.

Therefore when you want to drive people to your website that are searching for a particular keyword you start with a relevant blog post.

There is no point ranking a blog post that does not answer the question someone had in mind when they typed in their keyword.

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The Rebel Marketer’s Manual

So when I think of “working mom vs stay at home mom” I figure someone typing that in is considering which option they want to do.

Maybe they have a baby on the way, maybe they are considering going back to work.

I can write a simple blog post that talks about the benefit of both and then maybe suggests that a good compromise is working from home to have some extra income, but not miss out on your children’s milestones.

This answers their questions, but also steers the readers towards opting in to learn more about my particular work from home option.

Make sense?

To make Google see this article as relevant I need to follow a few simple rules:

Use the keyword in the title

Sprinkle the keyword throughout the article (about once per hundred words)

Bold, italic, then underline the keyword in different parts of the article

Include a relevant picture and use the keyword as “alt text” for the picture To keep things simple for yourself and your readers try to make your article around 500 words (or at least between 300 and 700 words).

Now that you have relevant content you need to backlink to make Google notice it!

2. Backlink

This is the most time consuming part of this strategy, but is fairly straightforward.

You need to create links directly to your article from websites that are relevant to the keyword.

First you should “ping” your article using This lets the various ping services around the web know that your website has new content.

Second, link back to your article from as many social sites as possible using Onlywire. It allows you to update over 20 social sites at the push of a button.

Third, use an article submitter to spread your article to article directories.

This third part is what will tip your article over the edge.

When you submit the article to directories you need to include a link back to your original article in the bottom “Resource Box”.

To make this simple you need to have an automatic software that creates hundreds of backlinks for you.

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The Rebel Marketer’s Manual

The best resource for this is Article Marketing Robot.

(Go look it up on Google to find out how to buy it, I really want you to have this software and not get caught up wondering if I am just selling it for extra bucks…so I’m not including a link here! It’s a one-time-payment so no monthly cost.)

It will give you more specific instructional videos on how to spin articles, submit articles, and put your links in the resource box.

Make sure you watch all their short training videos so you get it working its best for you!

*NOTE: If you use a HIGH authority blog like an Empower Blog, you don’t need to do the backlinking, let the site authority rank your page for you!

3. Authority

The only thing you need to know about authority is you build it up over time.

This means that the longer you use this strategy, the easier and easier it becomes.

You can skip months of building authority by starting your blog on a domain that already has high traffic, good rankings, and a long domain age.

I’ll show you how to leverage the authority of one of the highest traffic sites on the web in the last section.

Search Engine Explosion Breakdown:

1. Cut out months of work by hosting your blog on a high authority domain (I’ll show you how in section 9)

2. Do simple keyword research to find a keyword with more than 1,000 searches per month, and less than 100,000 competitors.

3. Write a 300-700 word article that is keyword optimized

4. Create Backlinks by entering the article URL into and Onlywire.

5. Blast the web with backlinks by submitting the article through Article Marketing Robot Search Engine Traffic Benefits:

Highly Targeted: You are getting answers in front of people while they are searching, making you the authority.

Trust: You can trust from your readers as they expect only good results from Google

Long Term: Once you get articles ranking your site traffic will begin to grow exponentially and your articles become long term assets that keep working long after you stop!

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The Rebel Marketer’s Manual

Traffic Takeover Step Four: Rabid Fans

This step is simple: Treat your list right.

The BEST source of traffic is people who have already been to your site and shown an interest.

I recommend only having a very short list of autoresponders, and instead sending emails to your list whenever you have a new blog post that they might be interested in.

You particularly want to email your list with your Loyalty Blogs to help build up their loyalty to you, but also ensure you are sending them lots of “How to” and training blogs.

The less “sales” emails you send, the more likely people are to open your emails, but don’t make it hard for them to buy from you.

Once someone decides they want to purchase something from you it should be easy for them to find the right link.

A great way to do this is in a P.S. line in your emails.

That way your message isn’t a sales pitch, but simply an introduction to your blog or training, but those who decide they are ready to buy can click a link in any email.

Remember, the fewer items you are marketing, the higher conversions you will have.

Market one core product, with helpful add-on tools.

When someone decides to work with you, or buy from you, they shouldn’t need to make a decision on what to buy.

They need to know the next step instantly.

Interact with your list.

Ask them questions.

Get their opinions on what to write about.

Some of my best blog posts have come from questions my readers ask.

Give away freebies.

Every now and then send your list a new free ebook on a sub-topic of your niche.

Show them you care and value them.

A list that opens your emails, feels like they know you, and want to support you are LIKE GOLD. It’s the ultimate Asset, and one you should work on cultivating today.

It starts with growing that list.

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The Rebel Marketer’s Manual

So let’s recap on your new Traffic Takeover strategy:




Time Needed

Solo Ads

-Create Free Offer

-Build your list FAST.

-After initial opt-in offer

-Create Aweber List

-Make some quick sales made, 30 mins per week.

-Find Niche Solo Ads

to generate momentum

Aim for 1-3 ads per week.

Social Storm

-Add 20 new FB friends per

-Create strong

- 30 mins per day on


connections of people


-Add 10-20 new Twitter

that want to see you

-30 mins per day on

followees per day



-Create one “Loyalty Blog” per -Build loyalty by being -1 to 2 hours per week to week


create your blog


-Create a keyword targeted

-Build up long term

-30 mins to 1 hour to

article on your blog daily

substantial traffic

write article (don’t spend

-Create pings and social

-Grow your list by

too much time on these

backlinks at the touch of a

capturing your traffic



-Get in front of readers -5 mins on initial

-Add to an article submitter

while they are looking for backlinks

like Article Marketing Robot to your information

-30 minutes to add to

beat out all the competition

AMR, spin, and submit

-Aim to create 6 keyword

blogs a week

Rabid Fans

-Send your list links to your

-Create loyalty from your -5 minutes per day to let

latest blog posts or offers

list members

your list know about your

-Give your list lots of

-Establish a relationship new blogs

opportunities to buy without

with your list


-Give people a reason to

open emails

This formula can be altered to fit your situation.

The above outline will take 2-3 hours per day, but is laid out to get you going FAST.

If you are short on time start by doing more solo ads, and when you’ve built up enough income to free up your time you can work on the longer term strategy of Search Engine Marketing.

If you are very low on money, plan to dedicate more time to your business and do as many blog posts as possible to build up income so you can start doing paid ads.

If you’re low on time AND money, don’t despair. Focus on the “social storm” strategy until you build up some income for solo ads!

If you’re terrified because you’ve never written a word in your life, go to and pay someone else to do it!!

Remember, it’s easier to build FAST than SLOW.

If you are taking this on as a hobby, don’t.

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The Rebel Marketer’s Manual

The people who succeed in this business succeed because they treat their business like a business.

So put your heart and soul into it, and do whatever it takes to make it work!

Once you’ve built up traffic it will become easier and easier to grow that traffic and the money will come flooding in!

Just Remember, it’s the combination of these strategies and the consistent daily application of your plan

that really has the potential to create an astronomical amount of traffic!

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The Rebel Marketer’s Manual

Lesson #8: “It’s Better to Be Unified Than Right”

This was a hard lesson for me to learn.

When I started marketing online I wanted to work hard.

I wanted the glory.

I wanted to have earned every penny entirely by myself.

What happened?

I earned very little.

In about 3 to 4 months of working incredibly hard every single day I was still earning just under $100

every month.

I was spending at least twice that on my marketing efforts.

It wasn’t working.


I was trying to retain complete control of my business.

Instead of leveraging the work of other people I was:

Writing every article

Phoning every lead

Writing every email

Inventing new ways to market

Basically….making every mistake you could make

And I was miserable.

What turned things around for me was realizing that I could actually leverage the work of those that had gone before me, but more importantly…

I could leverage the work of those who were doing better than me!

I was struggling along trying to learn SEO, good copywriting, good prospecting, how to make new websites, how to program, etc.

I would get incredibly frustrated as I realized that “stupid” people were far more successful than I was.

I hated to see someone who clearly wasn’t as smart as I was having far more success!!

Brought to You By: Krista Brashear

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The Rebel Marketer’s Manual

And then I realized it was because they were simply better than me at following simple instructions.

Instead of trying to “re-invent the wheel” like I was, they were simply busy applying what top industry leaders were telling them to do.

I realized that in my Pride and Ego I was afraid to let go and use the work of people who were better than me at the technical set-up, the copywriting, the SEO, etc!

And once I learned this lesson and discovered how to apply the power of a TEAM, my income

increased immediately by 900%!!

Hanging onto your Pride is like learning to paddle a river raft alone.

You understand what keeps the boat afloat,

You understand how to paddle the oar,

And you keep paddling for all you’re worth,

But the more you paddle the more stuck you begin to feel.

Because you’ve been paddling upstream.

It’s an incredibly liberating and scary thing when you let go of your pride.

You decide to stop paddling so hard and an amazing thing happens, The river takes you.

You use the power of the river to propel yourself forward, instead of the power of your arms.

You pick up speed, the wind is in your face, and it feels almost like you are flying.

You need only to use the oar to keep yourself on track, to keep in the main flow of the current and to avoid rocks.

You feel free.

Let go of the oars.

Let the power of leverage propel you to your success.

Use other people’s:

Technical skills

Copywriting skills


Website set-up

Brought to You By: Krista Brashear

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The Rebel Marketer’s Manual

You focus on delivering YOUR MESSAGE.

Work consistently at delivering your message and driving people to your online space.

Let the river take care of the rest!

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The Rebel Marketer’s Manual

Lesson #9: How to Break Through The Brick Wall: Skip The Pain, Go Straight For The Glory

Ok, I haven’t forgotten your most burning question:

How do you leverage the skills of others to shorten your learning curve, break through the brick wall

and achieve online success fast?

I’ll finally answer that in this section.

But first let’s do a recap of what you need to do next to make this year your most profitable year ever!

The Plan

1. Pick Your Niche

a. Remember, Health, Wealth, and Love are the only “evergreen” niches 2. Choose Your Core Affiliate Product

a. The highest percentage commission will be the most profitable b. Find something that bills monthly so you can build a steady reliable income c. This should represent your “one clear message”

3. Create Your Internet “Space”

a. Create a blog and optimize it for use with social media sites b. Create an ebook or free offer to get people to join your list 4. Drive Traffic

a. Use solo-ads for immediate traffic and list building to create momentum in your business b. Use Loyalty blogs to build loyalty in your list and encourage people to share your articles on social websites

c. Use SEO tactics to create traffic that is actively looking for you, and grows exponentially overtime

Phew, you’ve got your work cut out for you!!

But what if there was a way to skip straight to part 4?

Do you think you would become successful faster?

Brought to You By: Krista Brashear

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The Rebel Marketer’s Manual

What if there was a way to make your traffic efforts even more effective?

Do you think YOU could be the next internet sensation?

What will it feel like to finally achieve your goals online?

What will you do when you’re finally making 5, 10, or $15,000 a month online?

What will you spend your money on?

I know how you feel.

Excited, but nervous.

Thrilled, but sceptical.

I’ve just shown you step by step how to achieve success online, and now I’m saying you can skip some of the steps?



Using leverage you can get the same results, with less personal investment.

You probably already use leverage every day:

Paying with a credit card (other people’s money), so you can own something you wouldn’t otherwise be able to

Hiring a housecleaner or babysitter (other people’s time), so you can have a clean house or safe children, without you having to do the work

Reading this book! (other people’s ideas), so you can discover how to be successful online without having to spend years trying to figure it out for yourself.

The same result with less struggle and pain=Leverage!

What’s my favourite type of leverage?

Other People’s Skills.

You see I’ve outlined for you exactly what you need to do to achieve success, but let me ask you something.

If you apply exactly what I’ve laid out in this book, and I start from scratch and follow the exact same formula, which of us will achieve success faster?

Probably me.


Brought to You By: Krista Brashear

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The Rebel Marketer’s Manual

Because I have spent three years building up skills in copywriting, setting up websites, creating ebooks, choosing affiliate products, etc.

I have made the mistakes, I have suffered the set-backs, I have learned the lessons, and I have broken through!

Not only have I learned the skills, but I’ve also learned how to use leverage to apply skills I DON’T


So how do you skip steps one through three and begin driving traffic to your money making site today?

Well, it starts with the story of two oddball marketers (affectionately known as Dave and Dave) who were sick of seeing “newbies” get stomped all-over by the gurus.

Both these guys had achieved Guru status, but got sick of seeing the people they were trying to teach fail and fail again.

Why were these people failing?

Lack of skills, and lack of cashflow.

The majority of marketers didn’t have the cashflow to keep marketing long enough to build up their skills to become successful internet marketers.

The majority of marketers would come to a complete stop, go into a cold sweat and begin quaking with fear at the words “set-up a blog”.

And those that pushed through and got their website up couldn’t afford to keep going for the year or so it would take for them to learn the skills to really rank on Google.

Dave and Dave were fed up.

They were sick of seeing good, honest, hardworking people fail at online marketing.

They created a short-cut.

They created a blogging system that allows ANYBODY to have a fully running, social site optimized blog, hosted on a high-traffic, highly ranked domain, at the push of a button.

They created a system that provides its users with capture pages, sales pages, and a hypnotic marketing funnel that leverages the copywriting and sales skills of these two marketing phenoms.

They created the first marketing system in the world that offers 100% commissions on all their products.

They created an absolute phenomenon that paid out more than 1 million in commissions in their first month and a half in business.

Brought to You By: Krista Brashear

Page 42

The Rebel Marketer’s Manual

They created Empower Network.

Empower Network will allow you to get into the most profitable niche online: Internet Marketing.

It will provide you with a blog that is fully set-up, optimized for social sharing, and designed to get people hopping onto your list.

It will allow you to compete with the “big-boys” in the industry by hosting your blog on a high-authority domain that already easily ranks all over Google.

It will become your ultimate affiliate product, with sales funnels designed to sell it for you, but providing you with 100% of the recurring monthly commissions.

What about your Side Door opt-in offer for your Solo Ads?

You’re looking at it!

If you join Empower Network through the links provided in this E-book you will get rights to use this exact same book for your marketing (with your name in the brought to you by section, and your Empower Network affiliate links incorporated).

You will have all the tools you need to skip the pain, and go straight for the glory.

All you will have to do is use our Traffic Takeover Formula to start driving traffic straight away.

So at this point you’re just dying to know….how much is it?

For everything it offers it must be expensive right?

I know when I was first introduced to Empower Network I was chomping at the bit to get started.

I could see the power in leveraging the skills of two of the world’s most successful internet marketers.

I mean, these guys each make thousands PER DAY.

Their system must cost a fortune right?

I was prepared to pay more the $200 a month simply to get on their high-traffic domain to rank my articles more easily.

I was prepared to pay more than $500 a month just to get access to real 100% commissions deposited daily into my bank account.

But I didn’t need to pay $500 a month…

Or even $200 a month.

You see it all comes back to their vision.

Dave and Dave really want everyone to have success.

Brought to You By: Krista Brashear

Page 43

The Rebel Marketer’s Manual

And they understand that everyone has different circumstances.

Dave Wood was broke living in a van when he got started online.

He had to borrow money from his mom just to start marketing!

Dave Sharpe was working construction barely making ends meet.

They understand what it’s like to want to change your circumstances, but not have the means to do it!

So they made Empower Network accessible to all.

They’ve made it so anyone can come,

put their flag in the ground,

and claim their share of the hundreds of thousands being earned online every day.

And anyone can join, for just $25 a month.

Are you ready to make this year, Your Year?

Get started now.

Want to learn more about Empower Network?

Watch the video.

It’s time to stop letting the guru’s walk all over you.

It’s time to SMASH down the brick wall.

It’s time to join them.

It’s time to become everything you always wanted to be.

I can’t wait for you to join me, and takeover the internet.

Let the Revolution begin!

Brought to You By: Krista Brashear

Page 44

The Rebel Marketer’s Manual

Unannounced Bonus: The “Big Vision”

Every great success story has started with one ingredient: Vision.

You’ve learned a little bit about Dave and Dave’s vision, but let me tell you about a different vision.

My vision, for OUR future.

Just before I hit my big turning point and started making real money online, I was almost ready to throw the towel in!

I was feeling completely alone online.

I had a mentor, but felt I could never quite “aspire” to his levels of success.

I followed lot’s of the big names in Internet Marketing, but never felt I could truly become one of them.

I felt like they were out of my league.

So I bought info product after info product, trying to keep up.

I learned all kinds of amazing techniques, but could never fully implement them.

I had heard about the money to be made in “Selling picks and shovels”.

But I was one of the people buying endless picks and shovels.

Get this:

I was even part of a Mastermind….but hung back, feeling like no one would (or should) notice me.

Because I hadn’t done anything worth noticing.

I kept thinking once I’d had one or two successes I’d get out there.

I’d tell people who I am.

I’d have a powerful story.

But nothing would happen, day after day, week after week.

Now eventually I did find the courage in my desperation to stay home with my family to make some moves.

But I still remember that small feeling.

I still know how hard it can be to actually implement all the knowledge you have just gained.

I have a vision of a team of TRUE SUPPORT.

Of a team of people who share, help, and grow together.

Of a community where you won’t just get advice.

Brought to You By: Krista Brashear

Page 45

The Rebel Marketer’s Manual

You’ll get actual tools you can use straight away to break through to your first successes.

This book is step one of that vision.

It’s allowing new marketer’s to use the power of storytelling and freebie offers in their marketing.

It’s opening up new ways to market that would previously have been closed to someone who has no story or knowledge to share yet.

But the vision doesn’t stop here.

What if we had a community where we didn’t just get advice, but real marketing tools.

Real ads that could be placed.

Real videos that could be marketed.

Real books and training that could be offered to your list.

Think about it, if you could use the power of Youtube to market, without actually having to go through the technical hurdle of learning to make videos…

Do you think you could reach success even faster?

This is my vision.

Supplying Rebel Marketer’s from around the world with tools to help them market in any arena.

Without having to suffer technical set-backs.

Without being taken out by better “success stories” of the Gurus.

So that the “Newbies” and the “Guru’s” can play on the same playing field.

This is the real revolution.

Step two is coming.

This “Mobilized Marketers” community will be a reality within a matter of a few months!

And the people who are here at the start….they will be the true Rebels.

They will have first access this new marketing arsenal.

They will pave the way to the new age of internet marketing.


What do you have to do to be part of the Marketing Revolution?

What do you have to do to claim your free place in the upcoming Mobilized Marketers Community?

Brought to You By: Krista Brashear

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The Rebel Marketer’s Manual

Join Empower Network,

Start following the Traffic Takeover Formula,

And Get Ready!

You’re going to be part of something HUGE!

See You on the Beaches of the World,

This Ebook has been brought to you By: Krista Brashear

*Note: When joining Empower Network, please ensure the Reffering Affiliate name is Krista Brashear.

This is the only way to ensure you get rights to use this Ebook in your marketing and gain FREE

MEMBERSHIP to the upcoming Mobilized Marketer’s Community.

Brought to You By: Krista Brashear

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The Rebel Marketer’s Manual


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Product Rights:

You can:

[YES] Offer this Ebook as a Free Offer

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[YES] Offer this Ebook as training to your personal team members You Cannot:

[NO] Edit or change this Ebook in any way

[NO] You can claim copyright to any of this content Brought to You By: Krista Brashear

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The Rebel Marketer’s Manual

[NO] Can sell this Ebook in any way

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[NO] Can sell Private Label Rights

Legal Note Regarding Empower Network:

Empower Network doesn't pay for recruiting affiliates, only for the sale of our systems and proprietary training products. We believe so much in full disclosure, that we made a live income stats page, and you can see what EVERYONE is earning on our Full Income Disclosure. (Your success is going to depend on your hard work, leadership, and effort.) Make Sense?

For Full Terms and Conditions: Empower Network T&Cs

Brought to You By: Krista Brashear

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