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By Niamh Arthur

Brought to You By Krista Brashear

The Rebel Marketer’s Manual

Table of Contents:

Introduction: Your Job is Killing Your Future!

Lesson #1: What’s Wrong With What’s Being Taught Today!

Lesson #2: Stop Shooting Yourself In The Foot

Lesson# 3: Representing ONE Clear Message Opens Up Multiple Streams of Income Lesson #4: Find TRULY Profitable Niches

Lesson #5: The Components of a Good Affiliate Product

Lesson #6: Creating Your Online Territory

Lesson #7: The Secret to An Avalanche of Traffic

Lesson #8: “It’s Better to Be Unified Then Right”

Lesson #9: Skip The Set-up Pains….Go Straight For The Glory Brought to You By: Krista Brashear

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The Rebel Marketer’s Manual

Introduction: Your Job is Killing Your Future

A short 10 months ago I was stuck in one of the worst situations a free thinking, aspiring entrepreneur can find themselves in…

A half decent job.

I was working for a mammoth coffee company (yeah, probably the one you’re thinking of!) and the job was just comfy enough to keep me stuck.



Things were OK, and I was so afraid to lose OK, that I wasn’t going for GREAT!

I was unhappy with my life, but I was afraid that making a big move would make me lose what I already had.

I had tried online marketing in my spare time for two years, but the pieces never really came together for me.

So I set the alarm 30 minutes early every morning, just so I could have the pleasure of getting to hit snooze 6 times instead of 4.

I came home so exhausted I could barely talk to my family and instead opted to plant myself in front of the TV to “relax”.

I spent maybe 30 minutes to an hour with my two year old daughter before she would go to bed for the night.

And she would barely tolerate me because by the time I got home my hair and clothes would completely reek of coffee.

I struggled through day after day of just existing until one day everything changed.

I was just 8 weeks pregnant with my second baby, finishing up another gruelling day in work, and I started to have trouble breathing.

I had a pain in my chest like a vice grip around my lungs.

I went to my doctor who sent me straight to the emergency room.

As I sat on a rickety bed in a corridor waiting for a doctor to see me a kind male nurse sat down to talk to me.

Brought to You By: Krista Brashear

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The Rebel Marketer’s Manual

He told me how he had recently had a second child and that it was incredibly hard. He said you expect it to be twice as hard as one, but it’s exponentially harder.

He went on to tell me how both he and his wife work 12 hour days, and have 2 hour commutes!

After he moved on I thought about what he said, and I was determined that my story would be different.

All I could think was, “It doesn’t have to be this hard!”

I wanted the very best for my daughter and my son on the way.

And the very best for them was me!

Me at my very best!

They deserved a relaxed and happy Mommy who could stay at home with them…

Be there to play.

Be there to kiss them better.

Be there to be a major influence in their lives.

When the doctor told me after extensive testing that my breathing problem was simply … stress.

I knew this was the wake-up call I needed.

I decided right then and there that I would find a way out, That I would stop settling for mediocrity,

That I would take a risk, make a big move, and find a way to support my family from home.

The last year has been a huge learning curve, I had to push myself to learn how people REALLY make money online, and the shortcuts to make it happen faster.

Now I am earning an income from home that is increasing every month.

I am spending the majority of my day running around the house playing “Tiger” with my daughter or snuggling up to my perfect, healthy five month old son.

I have found tools and shortcuts to help me leverage my results.

I have uncovered the secret strategies that gurus are using to become more and more successful.

The following book is what I have learned, and how you too can earn a stable and steady income from home to finally live the life you desire.

You just have to make the choice for change and apply what you are about to learn.

Stop settling for safe, and start going for your dreams!

Brought to You By: Krista Brashear

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The Rebel Marketer’s Manual

To Your Absolute Success!

Brought to You By: Krista Brashear

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The Rebel Marketer’s Manual

Lesson #1: What’s Wrong with Traditional Internet Marketing??

The Internet Marketer's Path







Phase One: "Newby"

Phase Three: Pro Marketer


Phase One: Newby

Most people never get past “Newby”.

A newby spends hours and hours trying to just decide what they are going to do, and then how they are going to do it.

Most of the income in this industry comes from the pockets of Newbies.

Does that last sentence make you angry?

It should.

You see the Gurus and Pro-marketers of the internet view the Newbies as sheep, and yes, I’ve even heard them called “Sheeple”.

Now, you will find that most Gurus and Pro-Marketers have a genuine desire to help, but they also BANK

on most newbies never getting past Phase One.

You see they can create endless info products, telling you EXACTLY how to market because they know you simply won’t be able to compete with them.

If they teach you how to rank Youtube videos, they know you probably don’t have the sales skills to actually convert those videos to paying customers.

Brought to You By: Krista Brashear

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The Rebel Marketer’s Manual

If they teach you how to create a Fanpage on Facebook, they know that it will take you months if not years to build it up to where they are.

If they teach you ANYTHING online, they know that 90% of the time you WON’T IMPLEMENT


Even if you’ve paid for it.

So Guru’s get away with marketing product after product to the same people, because the people always want the next solution or easy fix.

They haven’t been able to make the last solution work, so they forget about it until they get an email promoting the next EASY marketing method.

“This isn’t being done anywhere.”

“You’re ahead of the curve.”

“It’s stupid simple.”

Yes, they may be able to show you stupid simple ways to rank your websites, articles, videos, create a fanpage, etc. But without the sales or copywriting skills to have something worth ranking, you can’t compete!

Phase 2: Marketer

These are the people who see through a lot of the B.S.

It usually takes a newby up to about 2 years to get to the Marketer status, and that is ONLY when they stop looking for the next big thing and focus on one method.

Marketers are usually selling affiliate products, and have the PERSISTENCE to have finally made a few checks.

They still are slaving away to drive masses of traffic because they often still have low conversions and poor sales skills.

Typically these people aren’t even making a profit monthly, but they are making something.

Funny thing about marketers:

Often the people who are just willing to follow simple instructions get here.

The “clever” people continuously look for the best and shiniest solution to making money. But the people who just stick to one method can usually get money coming in.

Phase 3: Pro Marketers

Pro Marketers are making a genuine online income.

Brought to You By: Krista Brashear

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The Rebel Marketer’s Manual

They no longer need to work too hard as they have typically found some form of leverage.

They can use 20% of their income to invest back into marketing and advertising to help the business grow even more.

They are starting to create info products and tell their story.

Most marketers don’t start telling their story until they are in the Pro-phase.

And don’t forget, a good story is what sells online.

People really don’t care much about your product, because typically they are happy with the products they currently have.

But if you can tell a good story about your success, people will join you.

As marketers begin telling their story they transition much more easily into the Pro-marketer status.

People start to follow them, and as long as they keep up the conversation they will eventually reach the coveted final phase:

Phase 4: Guru

Not everyone wants to become a Guru, but many Pro-Marketers accidentally find themselves there.

You can’t make yourself a Guru, it’s the people who follow you that will elevate you to this status.

This is when you have dedicated followers who hang on your every word, who can tell your story for you, who know exactly who you are and where you came from.

They are ready to buy every product you ever come out with.

These people usually stop seeing you as a marketer, and start seeing you as a friend, as someone they want to be.

A guru can create money out of nothing.

They can sell you on something that doesn’t even exist yet.

It’s coveted because people realize that Gurus can make lots of money, with little effort.

When you reach Guru status:

It’s impossible to STOP money from coming in.

You will make more money by going on vacation, and posting your pictures on Facebook.

People will want to be you.

Sound nice?

Brought to You By: Krista Brashear

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The Rebel Marketer’s Manual

To most people it does.

So if this is the inevitable path of your hard work, why do so many people never get there?

Because of the Insurmountable Obstacle.

The Newby Brick Wall.

Have you ever heard this phrase from a


“Making money online is easy”

The first time I heard this, I was fuming!

Because it hadn’t been easy for me.

And it’s probably the same for you!

Because you’ve genuinely done everything

people have told you to do and you’re still

not successful!

Don’t panic, there’s nothing wrong with you.

But guess what…

The Gurus aren’t lying.

Making money online IS easy.

At least it’s easy once you’re on the other side of the wall.

You see online success is a Chicken or Egg type scenario.

There is a certain formula to online success:

A good story (and the copywriting skills to tell it)



You can’t create a good rags to riches story or show any proof without having some success. And you can’t get the success without the good rags to riches story, and proof!!

So you get stuck.

You spend all your cashflow trying to learn marketing and making mistakes.

And you know what, you are going to make a lot of mistakes on the road to success.

Brought to You By: Krista Brashear

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The Rebel Marketer’s Manual

So by the time you’ve learned how to market properly, you’ve probably run out of cashflow.

And you quit!


Another Would-Be-Marketer taken down by the Newby Brick Wall.

When I first got started online I simply wanted to know HOW.

How to drive traffic to a site.

How to convert that traffic into leads.

How to make sales.

But it turns out that finding out How, really isn’t the problem.

Now marketers have discovered that they will become Gurus much faster and achieve easier success if they share their “How-to” secrets.

Guru’s will show you all day long how to use different traffic sources, and they will tell you what you need to do, but this is akin to showing someone how to cook, then locking the door to the kitchen so they can’t even get in.

What’s the point of teaching someone how to get traffic to a Youtube video if they can’t make an effective money making video?

What’s the point in teaching someone how to get an endless supply of traffic if they can’t effectively turn that traffic into customers?

Newbies are FINALLY learning HOW to market their business, but they still don’t have:


A good “rags to riches” story and the copywriting skills to tell it

Their own personal proof

This is why, occasionally, you get an unethical newbie marketer that lies, that steals someone else’s work, that invents proof.

That does not uplift the industry, it gives it a bad name.

So we need to unlock the door to the kitchen and get everyone COOKING.

The best way to do this is to bootstrap your way to success. You just need a small amount of leverage to be able to work your way up.

Brought to You By: Krista Brashear

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The Rebel Marketer’s Manual

If you can just get access to a good story and delivery system for your marketing (and it turns out you don’t even have to make this yourself) you can use it to build your own list and make some sales.

This could be through marketing an ebook that tells someone’s story, or marketing a video sales page, etc.

The point is, you can capitalize on the story and success of your mentors (obviously with their permission) to make your first sales online.

You can use the success of your initial sales to both learn, how to present your own story, and use the success as your proof for your customers.

All you need is that first step.

The first step CAN be the hardest, but that is where the new movement to ethical marketing comes in.

With a small amount of leverage and using the skills other people have built up over time you can skip the first step and start building your proof and your story.

The next sections will teach you how to avoid the “Newby Brick Wall”, market effectively, and use leverage to jump the hurdles and create your own success story!

Brought to You By: Krista Brashear

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The Rebel Marketer’s Manual

Lesson #2: Stop Shooting Yourself in the Foot

This is one of the most important lessons for your success…and if you “get” this, you will never struggle again.

It’s more important to feel good about what you are doing, than to make a lot of money.

While it’s true there are people out there with no morals, willing to make money by scamming others, that is probably NOT YOU!

People generally want to feel that they are doing something good for the world.

If you choose to operate a business that you don’t feel good about, or that you don’t believe is genuinely helping people you will fail.



When I first started trying to make money from home I joined a business selling high-end personal development products through direct sales.

The huge payoff was massive commissions.

The downside was the cost of the products was more than the average person could afford.

I would get leads for the business and find myself NOT CALLING.

I would see a lead come in and get a sick, sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I knew that to be successful I would HAVE to follow up with these people, and I felt an enormous amount of guilt about being too scared to make phone calls.

So what happened?

I started to do half-hearted marketing.

I truly thought I wanted to be successful, but found myself never really going for it, and never really learning how to properly market because secretly…

I didn’t want leads!

I didn’t want to feel responsible for someone going into debt to buy these products.

I believed that the company was good, and the products were good, but the price points frankly felt just too high.

I didn’t feel right about what I was doing.

Deciding to quit that business was like having a weight lifted from me.

Brought to You By: Krista Brashear

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The Rebel Marketer’s Manual

Ever since then I have …

ONLY marketed products that I felt GREAT about!

ONLY marketed products that were at a good price point

ONLY marketed products that I use myself

ONLY marketed products that were higher in VALUE than cost

ONLY marketed products that truly uplifted and helped others Why is this such an important lesson?

Marketing takes work, dedication, and true belief.

Don’t even bother to get started if you’re not going to feel good about what you are doing as it will eventually bring you down.

To build a true, solid, sustainable income from home you have to build an ethical business that genuinely solves people’s problems.

I’m assuming that the majority of people reading this book are GOOD PEOPLE.

You want more than just to make money from home.

You want to be part of a bigger vision.

You want to be a force for good in the world.

You want to help and uplift others.

So find that vision, latch onto it, and go for it 100%.

I believe in you…

You can do it!

Brought to You By: Krista Brashear

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The Rebel Marketer’s Manual

Lesson# 3: Representing ONE Clear Message Opens Up Multiple Streams of Income

I often see newby internet marketers trying to be everything all at once.

They market products from multiple niches and don’t understand why they can’t get good at marketing any of them.

Think of it this way:

When I say “Tony Robbins” you think “Personal Development”.

When I say “Mike Dillard” you think “Network Marketing”.

When I say “Robert Kiyosaki” you think “Wealth Creation”.

Now all of these people market MANY different products, but they represent one clear message.

This means that when someone decides they want to learn more about how to create wealth and retire early, they think they should pick up a Robert Kiyosaki book.

When someone decides they want to have more confidence in life they book a Tony Robbins event.


Because most people who are willing to spend money on something want the best for themselves.

So whenever they want a solution in a particular area they go to a specialist in that area.

When someone decides to build a house do they go to the discount store to buy their tools?


They go to the hardware store.

Because the hardware store not only has the right tools, but the right KNOWLEDGE to tell them which tools are going to help them build a more stable house.

The house MATTERS! It’s going to be around for years to come.

It’s true someone building a bird house as a hobby might go to the discount store, but guess what…

That’s because it’s a hobby and it doesn’t matter much to them.

The people who are really willing to spend money on something take it seriously, and they typically want the best.

What message do I represent?

Creating multiple streams of income online from home.

Brought to You By: Krista Brashear

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The Rebel Marketer’s Manual

This gives me amazing scope for my marketing, but it also keeps me focused.

I’m not suddenly going to start talking about how to start a pizza franchise, and I’m not suddenly going to suggest that people run around Walmart promoting themselves.

I know my target market wants:

Easier ways to make money online

To use the internet to leverage their efforts

To have more free time to spend with their families

To find cheap ways to market and start businesses with low start up costs They DON’T want:

Difficult technical set-up

To spend their days on the phone to sales leads

To have their home business become as demanding as a full time job This leaves me open to suggest tools, training, and resources to help them achieve their goals.

And guess what, if the tools, training and resources actually help them… they come back for more!

You are 8 times as likely to sell to someone who has already bought something from you, then someone who hasn’t!

Remember that person building a house?

Well they don’t just buy a hammer and a few nails, they need a screwdriver, they need a wrench, etc.

And when they need new tools they go back to the hardware store where they got good advice!

It becomes incredibly easy to build up many, many streams of income when you have a clear message being delivered to your target audience.

Decide what you want to represent, it doesn’t matter if you start out knowing nothing…it only takes a little bit of work to learn.

First, you need to pick your niche.

Brought to You By: Krista Brashear

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The Rebel Marketer’s Manual

Lesson #4: Find TRULY Profitable Niches

You’ve probably heard it from “Gurus” before: you need to find your online niche.

This is absolutely true.

However I would add that you need to find your online PROFITABLE niche.

Here’s a little secret: Not all niches are creating equal.

Why do Guru’s tell you to go sell products on dog-training, bird houses, etc? Because they don’t want you in their niche!

They don’t want to create competition.

Now you can make money in just about any niche, but if you want a long-term sustainable income you need to pick an evergreen niche.

An evergreen niche is one where people spend money regardless of the economy, regardless of the time of year, regardless of trends.

There are three commonly agreed upon evergreen categories that you can pick a niche within:




No matter what is going on in the world, people spend money in these three areas. You just need to pick a niche within one of these.

For example, you could pick the category of Health, and the niche of weightloss, or body building, or increased immune system, etc.

You could pick the category of Wealth, and the niche of Forex trading, or smart investing, or (like me) making money online from home.

Why is choosing your niche so important?

This is where you decide what your “one clear message” is going to be.

What are you passionate about?

What can you GET passionate about?

What problems do people have in these three areas?

How can you solve those problems for people?

Brought to You By: Krista Brashear

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The Rebel Marketer’s Manual

It’s best when choosing your niche to focus on your heart more than your head.

You will need to write about your niche and learn about your niche on a daily basis, if you aren’t interested you’re dead in the water.

Most Guru’s will not come right out and say this, but it’s true: The most profitable niche is how to make money online.

There, I said it, and it’s so true.

Gurus will tell you over and over to use other niches like dog training, and how to get back with your ex, or how to get six pack abs. And guess what, there is money to be made in those niches.

But it’s NOTHING compared to the making money online niche.

The reason they don’t tell you this is they don’t want you competing with them directly in their own niche.

If they are giving you education on driving traffic, they want you to drive that traffic to a non-competing website.

But I know you deserve to make the most money out of your efforts, And no one spends money like someone trying to build an online income.

Staying in this niche will allow you to use the “learn then teach” method that can bootstrap you to success!

You can learn about being successful online and teach your followers as you are implementing the same strategies.

You will begin to come up with your own ideas and your own teachings as you make mistakes and learn lessons.

Nothing will catapult you to the forefront of a niche like being in the trenches every single day!

Making money online from home is the Dream of This Generation….are you going to be a part of the movement?

Think big.

Play big.

Don’t be afraid to get in the trenches with the big boys!

Brought to You By: Krista Brashear

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The Rebel Marketer’s Manual

Lesson #5: The Components of a Good Affiliate Product

Once you’ve picked your niche you need a way to make money in it!

A good affiliate product is not always the obvious one.

Percent Commission

For example, image you are choosing between two products (A and B) Product A sells for $200 and your commission is $100.

Product B sells for $100 and your commission is $100.

Which product is going to make you more money? Product B.

In most cases, the lower the price point on a product the more you will sell.

So you need to find a product with a higher percentage commission. The higher the percent commission you earn, the more money you will make.

That’s why the Guru’s make so much money.

They create their own products, they sell them to their own lists for 100% of the sale, and they make a TON.


You also want to find a product that bills monthly.

This is paramount to your future success.

When building an online income you always run the risk that Google will update, that Facebook will change the way they do things, that Youtube will kick you off.

There are ALWAYS risks to your traffic.

That is why there is only safety in two aspects online: Your list and your continuity programs.

If you make one sale of one product, it does not guarantee any kind of future income.

If you make one sale of a continuity product you have created a monthly income for as long as that person remains a customer.

That is why you need to find a good continuity product that actually delivers.

People will stick with it and you will be able to build up a reliable monthly income, as well as a list that values you for offering GOOD products.

Let’s again compare two products:

Brought to You By: Krista Brashear

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The Rebel Marketer’s Manual

Product A retails at $200 and your commission is $100 per sale.

Product B retails at $25 a month, and your commission is $25 a month.

Again, Product B is the winner.

If your customer stays with the product for a year you will have earned $300 from one sale AND you will have made more sales as it’s at a lower price point.

If the product is actually good most customers don’t quit a low price monthly program.

One Core Product

If you are working on delivering a clear message to your list, nothing will confuse them more than marketing a million different products to them.

If you want to be in different niches that’s perfectly fine, but make sure to market a different core product to different lists.

Remember: A confused mind always say’s NO.

If you are offering one solution to a problem one week, and a different solution to the same problem next week, your list won’t buy either solution.

It often takes a person being exposed to the same product 5 to 10 times before they eventually decide to buy.

You need to pick something you can get behind 100% so that you always offer the same solution to your customers.

So pick something that offers a continuity program and a high percentage commission. Then you can build multiple streams of income by suggesting tools and education that support the initial product.

Once you’ve picked a strong core product, you need a way to market that product!

You need some online territory.

Brought to You By: Krista Brashear

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The Rebel Marketer’s Manual

Lesson #6: Creating Your Online Territory

Once you have chosen a niche and a product to market, you need to carve out some online territory.

This is where most people get stuck.

There are some technical hurdles to overcome, and many people opt to simply use an affiliate website or try to market on social sites with no website, only affiliate links.

This is a sure-fire way to fail!

You need to stake your claim to online territory.

It’s hard to face, but until you establish a strong customer base you really have nothing reliable online.

You build up a customer base through creating and communicating with a list.

Creating Your List

You need three things to start building a list:

1. A website or space for them to find you.

2. A strong reason for people to opt-in to your list.

3. Traffic for your website or online space.

Most marketers are concerned only with step 3. This is because they know that without traffic it doesn’t matter how great your website is, or how fabulous your opt-in offer.

That’s true, but you still need step 1 and 2 in place BEFORE you even need to think about step 3.

Step 1: Your Website

Other people may argue this, but the best thing you can do for your business is build a blog.

I know, you’ve heard it before and you’re intimidated by the technology involved.

It’s true blogs can be technically challenging, and you do need to make sure it’s optimized to be appealing to your customers as well as geared toward converting traffic.

But here’s why you NEED a blog:

You are building a relationship, and a blog allows your customers to see you as a real person

You can establish your personality on a blog

People are used to blogs and understand how they work, and how to interact with them

Google LOVES blogs and you’ll get more free traffic to a well optimized blog.

Brought to You By: Krista Brashear

Page 20

The Rebel Marketer’s Manual

It allows you to be current and part of the conversation in your niche.

A static website is old news, it’s corporate, it’s clunky, it’s not cool.

A blog has social links,

You can like it on Facebook,

You can post comments to interact with the author,

You can see that a genuine person is behind it, and that they are fighting to bring real content to the internet, not stuffy, boring, corporate crap.

Step 2: The Opt-in Offer

People need a reason these days to enter their precious name and email.

They need to be getting a free video, or ebook, or tool.

Chris Farrell calls this “The Side-Door Offer”.

If you want to target people who are looking to make money online, you can find something they might need to know, like “How to Start a Blog”.

Set up a simple e-book with screenshots taking someone step by step through setting up their own blog.

Have this free offer for people who come to your website, to convince them to sign up for your list.

Imagine having your name on the Brought to You By line of this e-book.

Could you build your list faster by offering an e-book like this?

Could you start the relationship RIGHT, by having delivered GREAT info to your new list members?


You can use an ebook, like this one to (or even this one, but I’ll get to that later):

Get people to opt-in

Start a good relationship with your list

Get people to look at your primary affiliate offer

Get people to want to open your emails!

We’ll talk about Step 3: Traffic, in the next section.

First we need to look at the second part of success:

Brought to You By: Krista Brashear

Page 21

The Rebel Marketer’s Manual

Communicating with Your List

The new era of internet marketing has both helped and hindered online marketers.

You need (and have the ability) to communicate with your core list through more mediums than simple email.

Your blog is the first step.

Email your list with your new and useful blog posts, respond to any comments on your blog quickly.

Use social sites like Facebook and Twitter to drive traffic back to your blog.

You can use a service like Onlywire to automatically update all your social sites anytime you put up a new blogpost.

This is not just about driving traffic, but about creating conversations.

Lists are not just a static thing to be marketed to.

Treat your list like what it is, REAL PEOPLE.

Real people want to be part of something, and when they are on the outside looking in they don’t much care what happens.

You need to make it easy for them to become a part of your story.

1. Connect Your Blog to Facebook Comments

-Use Facebook plug-ins to make Facebook comments appear on your blog. This encourages people to join the conversation as they probably already use Facebook daily, they “get it”.

2. Connect to Your List on Social Sites

-Send a friend request to people who join your list.

-Once connected treat these people like your friends, not your customers.

-“Like” their posts, respond to their funny family stories, genuinely interact!

3. Tell Their Stories

-Even more powerful than your own story is the story of the people you helped!

-Your list will view each other as peers, and you as the leader, so when they don’t feel that they can do what YOU did, they DO feel that they can do what another list member did.

Brought to You By: Krista Brashear

Page 22

The Rebel Marketer’s Manual

-Highlight the wins of your team (with their permission)

-Send out testimonial emails, congratulating the person on their success.

When you treat your list like members of the same community it will actually become more fun for you as well.

We are all social animals.

We want to be accepted, and we want to feel like part of something.

So create something worth being a part of!

Wow, we’ve come really far…and now you have the basic structure and knowledge to build an Empire on!

You’ve chosen a niche, created an opt-in offer, picked an affiliate product, created an online space, and learned how to treat your list for long term success.

Stop, take a breath….phew.

We’re about to dive in to the meat of this meal.

So why not, get up, go for a quick stretch, grab a coffee, and meet me back here in 5?

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Brought to You By: Krista Brashear

Page 23

The Rebel Marketer’s Manual

Lesson #7: The Secret to An Avalanche of Traffic

The downfall of most new internet marketers is poor traffic driving techniques.

No matter how great your website is, it won’t make you any money unless it is getting LOADS of traffic to it daily.

Your website traffic will make or break your internet marketing career.


Because a badly designed website, with unappealing lead capture forms, and ugly headers will STILL

make a ton of money if a lot of traffic is driven to it.

But a great website with the most appealing lead capture offer ever, will never make significant income without significant traffic.

This is where most marketers lose their money and their businesses.

In fact, many people will have skipped the rest of this book and gone directly to this section because all they care about is finding a new traffic technique that will FINALLY get them results.

Why Most Marketers Fall Flat on Their Face With Web Traffic Most people try to apply every technique all at once.

They never take the time to learn one technique and become really good at it.

As a result, none of the techniques they try work very well and they give up thinking web traffic is impossible.

The secret of web traffic is applying a consistent plan daily, until you are successful.

However, the plan should include strategies that drive different types of traffic.

When I first started to get good at driving traffic I was ONLY getting search engine traffic.

It’s good, quality traffic, but I wasn’t getting repeat visitors, I wasn’t driving people from social sites, and I wasn’t creating buzz and momentum with paid ads.

So it took MONTHS to build my traffic, and then the majority of my traffic only knew my content, not me.

The result was that I made less money than I should have for the amount of traffic I was able to get.

The following traffic plan is going to help you build up a steady and diverse traffic flow, FAST.

It will help you get more leads and customers out of your traffic, and you will never have to sit around wondering what to do next.

Brought to You By: Krista Brashear

Page 24

The Rebel Marketer’s Manual

Sound good?

Here we go…

The Traffic Takeover Formula

You are going to be focusing on four different traffic driving strategies.

Together these strategies will help you to not only build fast web traffic, but they will help you have loyal repeat customers who come back again and again.

Traffic Takeover Step One: Fast List Growth

This step is the quickest way to build a marketing list I have ever seen.

Solo Advertising.

What are Solo Ads?

Solo ads are when you “borrow” someone else’s list and get them to promote you.

You pay a marketer in the same niche as you to send an email to their list promoting a free offer (like an ebook or training course).

In order to get the free offer emailed to them the list members need to put their details in to YOUR opt-in page.

You will be sending the people to your “Side-door Offer”.

They are now on your list.

After they enter their details to get the free offer you can redirect them to a video salespage promoting a relevant product that they might be interested in.

If you’re reading this book you likely went through this process yourself.

In case you missed it, you can see an example of a high-converting video salespage here:

Example video sales page

Remember, these people are already on other people’s lists. This means they know all the tricks, they know when you are about to sell them something.

So make sure you give them a reason to watch your full video sales page.

You do this by advertising it as a bonus on your opt-in page.

Solo Ad Breakdown:

1. Create an ebook or free offering that is relevant to people in your niche market.

Brought to You By: Krista Brashear

Page 25

The Rebel Marketer’s Manual

2. Create an opt-in page that advertises the ebook, telling people what they are going to learn and that they are going to get a video bonus on the next page. (this can be a simple page on your blog with an Aweber opt-in form included).

3. Have your opt-in form redirect your leads to a strong video salespage (see example above, this can also easily be done through Aweber).

4. Have your first email from Aweber include the ebook as an attachment or link to your ebook online.

5. Find people in your niche selling solo ads!

That’s it.

The great thing about this is that once you have it all set-up you can continue to use the same page for multiple solo ads.

After the first ad you won’t need to spend any time on this.

Solo Ad Benefits:

Lightning fast: you can place an ad in the morning and have over a hundred new leads in a matter of hours.

Targeted: As long as you pick someone in the same niche you will only be getting traffic that is already interested in your topic

Great List Members: These people have proven that they actually open their emails from marketers and click the links!

Remember, some people will buy from you straight away, and some people will need to get to know you first.

The first step is having a good offering.

I can’t stress enough how important it is for your ebook or training to actually give good information.

This will make people much more likely to open your emails and buy from you in the future.

I’ll show you how to get rights to a great ebook (this one) for free at the end of the book!


If you’re in the internet marketing niche ( and trust me, if you’re not you should be…it’s THE most profitable niche online) you can start by finding solo ads here:

The Warrior Forum Classifieds

Brought to You By: Krista Brashear

Page 26

The Rebel Marketer’s Manual

Search for Solo Ads in these classifieds. The forum members hold people to a very high standard of accountability and you can work more personally with the advertiser to ensure you are getting the ad you want!

Look for people who are selling a guaranteed number of clicks, so you know exactly how much traffic the ad will get you.

*Hint: Start with a smaller package until you have tested someone’s list, then up the number of clicks once you know how responsive their list is!

Traffic Takeover Step Two: Social Storm

Marketers are taking over the social sites, and frankly most of them are shooting themselves in the foot.

The aim of social site advertising is to create loyalty and friendships.

You want people to feel that they have really gotten to know YOU.

Surprisingly the secret is Quality connections, not quantity.

I’ve seen people not only get themselves kicked off Facebook for adding too many friends at once, but also have it backfire when no one on their friends list knows or trusts them.

The only people who seem to accept blind friend requests (i.e. a friend request with no accompanying message) are other marketers.

You will find you can grow a big friend’s list, but it will only end up being marketers marketing to each other!

You can create a social storm using a two part specific strategy.