The Real Magic Paradox HTML version

plants it, many kinds of new magic will be born. Whether the person claims that the tree grew because
God made it do so or because of a scientific process, is not important. The fact that the planter of the
seed had faith that the magic would happen and the seed would grow caused him to p lant it. Therefore,
the magic was real because he believed it would be. If he did not believe it, the seed would not be worth
planting. Yet, because he believed in the magic, it became worth living for. If people believed only what
they understood, they would never discover, never learn, never advance. If one day, the planter of the
seed learns that the seed grew by scientific means and not a deity telling it to, was it foolish of him to
believe that the deity did so? No, because the only reason that it is no longer truth is that the planter of
the seed has come to a more mature understanding of it. If one person’s belief is more advanced than
another, then that is only because he knows it is. Without belief, the human mind can do nothing.
Because the scientific view was not natural at first, the planter of the seed had to lay a religious
foundation for it. However, while faith is necessary, it was not enough for the seed in itself to grow.
Thus, because the magic science was not simple or obvious, faith was required in the process. If faith
was not necessary and magic was simple, we would have no problems left.
Real magic is also the idea of mystery and essence of life. The magic of the soul that is intrigue is
the most complex of all magics. What are the things that cause the most interest and energy of all
emotions? Fear, anger, and love are thought to be the strongest, but intrigue could be on that list as
well. It is the human thirst for a better understanding of things, like magic. People can only progr ess
through solving problems. Why the desire for knowledge is often so strong is a mystery yet to be solved,
but if humans did not have that desire for knowledge, they would still be as ignorant as infants are.
Many people view human society as evil because of much of the violence modern technology brought
with it. However, this thought is not accurate because there is no evil in magic technologies, only in the
use of them. Technology only does what people cause it to do, whether good or bad, but on its own
technology is neither good nor bad; it is only what we make it to be. In this way, everyone must be
involved in that progress; if everyone who ever thought something was wrong decided not to be
involved, evil would breed. In the end, the cause is worth the price to pay.
Of the few things that fit into the category “supernatural,” magic is not one of them. While
some magic may be unexplained now, that does not mean that it never will be. Magic is tangible,
essential, and achievable. Humans should never give up on the idea of magic or stop looking for
explanations to the impossibles; their civilizations have come too far to give up on explaining magic.
While something seems impossible magic at the current time, it can and will be understood someday.
Although Georyn did not fully comprehend the magic of the Enchantress, he was able to accept that it
was real and went on to defeat the Dragon. As Georyn and the Enchantress say their last goodbyes, he
tells her, “Shall we fail in courage now, we who have faced the fire and the Dragon?” The full story of
Georyn and the Enchantress may be found in Sylvia Engdahl’s Enchantress from the Stars.