The Rainbow Bridge HTML version

Have you ever witnessed something that absolutely changed your view on
the boundaries of reality? You know, something that would just short circuit your
thoughts and beliefs, making you reconsider everything - like 'WOW', you
know. And then you see it differently and just know better.
Well, it happened to me too. I was so sure there was not much ahead of me
on one of those rainy days when you just stay inside and play online games or
something. I’m the average teenager, you know, I spend time on the internet, I
don’t have patience to read books, I get enthusiastic really fast and I have
idealistic beliefs about the people I like. I’m willing to find out about the miracles
of life, often acting before I think twice and sometimes restlessly addicted to a
virtual mirage of technology. Truth is, I’m not supposed to be a teenager
anymore, but I still feel like one. I don’t use 'lol' and 'xD' and 'idk' and 'xoxo'
and 'omg' or any of the other abbreviations, but I’m still online a lot. The
problem is I don’t run as much as I used to. Really run. I was such a good runner,
but I gave it up. I used to enjoy the rush of the race, the cool flow of speed and
the power that felt like flying above the ground. I still dream about it, on many
nights. I don’t know why I don’t go running anymore. It was such a great way to
spend my time. It was like going beyond time, to an eternal moment of being
alive and powerful. Feeling strong and in shape, owning the paths like a king,
going round and round through the parks in any weather, any day, anytime, with
the hood on and no worry about anything. I think I don’t believe in it as much as
I did. So on one of those rainy days, when you only hear the drops of water on
your window, it added to the fact that the storm had cut the power off for hours,
so I couldn’t even get online to play. A wire must have been loose somewhere, a
branch of a tree falling – so the entire neighbourhood was left without electricity.
The laptop battery went off too. I just stood there, watching the computer screen,
as it stared at me in grey silence. And then it happened.