The Queen's Escape, Memoirs of a Lightworker HTML version

This is not a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are neither the
product of the author's imagination nor used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual
persons, living or dead, events or locales is entirely non coincidental.
What othe rs are saying about The Queen’s Escape
“Reading the Q ueen's Trilogy has been an experience that was unique. It was a
surprise to read about the life of the amazing Paula! She is much more than a writer; she
is a philosopher, a survivor, an enigma, and most of all, a woman of the World!
It is a powerful, exotic, sexy document that has so much depth. Because it is true, the
power is magnified beyond one's expectations. Her grasp and understanding of
relationships, history, Yoga and spiritualism, left me wondering where the energy came
from that was required to complete this demanding collection. Beyond the energy
required there was also the research, analysis and coordination of a multitude of diverse
concepts and experiences. The underlying thread revealed an amazing intellect.
I will be surprised if this Trilogy doesn't surface as a Best Seller. It is worthy of such
a status. It was an honor to be allowed to read this Trilogy. Thank you Paula.”
- Gary Little (retired Superintendent of Schools)
“What a rollercoaster of a read! It's fun and it's exciting! Once I started with this
educated, entertaining and honest account of the writers adventures in Middle America I
couldn't put it down. We get to know Paula Liebe as a fearless seeker of truth and light,
for which she doesn't hesitate to use her body, her imagination and whatever sacred
medicine she can get her hands on. We get intimate and touching glimpses of her youth
and the dark secrets and tragedies she continues to escape from We must admire the
heroine as a woman who does well in anything she puts her mind to, like starting a
singing career where she amazes her audience with her strong voice, humor and beauty.
In all her books Paula touches many esoteric and exotic subjects. She paints the big
picture, connects the dots and awakens our interest. Her courage inspires us and she
delights us with her sensual, free spirit. A continuous theme throughout this trilogy is the
writer's sexy quest for true love and we get spicy accounts o f the searches for her soul
mate in many different places. I highly recommend that you read all 3 books and I am
sure that after the last page, although many of your questions will have been answered,
you are still hungry for more writings of this fascinating and talented woman.”
- Hannie van Dantzig
“I absolutely adored it! I love that it is non-fiction that could read as fiction. Only I
know that those stories really happened. I remember each and every one of them like
yesterday, however to the casual reader, it could be a work of fiction. I love you crazy
Paula, you are too talented...”
- Cindy Burke