The Puppies are Crying HTML version

Chapter 1
“Momma?” Called Kristy. No answer. “Momma, I’m ready to go!”
Still no answer. “MOM-MAA!” cried Kristy. Impatience mixed with
concern in her voice. Hazel and Catherine had already left for
school twenty minutes ago, followed by Mark and Richard, her two
younger brothers. She was late. She had just finished her lunch
of two slices of what Momma called “sweet bake” pasted with
butter. This was carried down with a cup of pineapple flavored,
Kool Aid. Of course, only Momma knew that “sweet bake” got its
name when she accidentally spilled the sugar cup with its half-
filled contents into the dough she was kneading to make coconut
bake. The result was a cross between sweet bread and coconut
bake. Momma always smiled to herself about her secret recipe.
Kristy mused to herself about her siblings’ skill in eating
quickly. Hazel and Catherine, now pre-teens, developed the art,
so that they could have time to get back to school early to join
their other girlfriends, to talk to boys. Yuck! She cringed
every time she thought about boys. What did they see in that
anyway! Mark and Richard had a marble pitching tournament to win
on the grounds behind the boy’s toilets. They had teamed up
because Mark had a special “thor” that was a spinner. Altogether
they had won four pocket- full of marbles. The final round now
was between Mark and Piggy. Winner take all. And Piggy had two
draw stringed sachets filled. His mother had hand-sewn them
herself from an old pair of denim trousers that his father
stopped wearing.
MOMMA!!! Still no answer. Walking down the two feet wide
corridor, past the open doorway to the family bedroom to the
right and nearing the kitchenette also on the same hand; quick
scans proved empty…
An uneasy fear came over Kristy. Something was wrong. Her pace
became slower and unsure. Momma wasn’t in the apartment. The
back door was wide open. She paused long at the beckoning
doorway. Half of her wanting to “pell mell” back through the
corridor, out the glass front door, and hightail it back to
school. The other half needed to find her mother. All her
movements now became automatic and trance-like. She headed for
the out-house. Somehow she knew Momma was in there. Time slowed,
and Kristy felt herself floating.
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