The Prisoner in Hell - A True Story HTML version

This book is a must read for everyone, you must read this because it has a major face lift.
It was first published in 2007, and then in 2013. There is no comparison between them.
I realised that if people don’t relate or understand what I am trying to say then it is pointless.
I have now included pictures, and explained things in a much better way.
This book takes you on a journey which to many if not all people will be unbelievable, or
impossible, and it is this fact that makes this book so hard for me to write, it’s bad enough that I’m
not a writer but I have to explain the unbelievable, to say it’s frustrating is putting it mildly.
However this story has to be told and I have been trying to get the truth out for over 20 years.
I served nine years in a Texas Maximum Security Penitentiary, three months as a detainee at
Houston Immigration.
I prove that I was a victim of a conspiracy which included manipulation, and incrimination,
before I ever went to the Penitentiary and it has continued ever since, also they have committed
crimes against many innocent people without mercy in order for their own evil gain.
I describe them as a criminal organisation within the justice system, and this means that they
are above the law, with no-one to challenge them.
I reveal facts that have been supressed due to the conspiracy by high ranking officials that
can only be Government linked, but that is a decision that you can decide because you are the judge
and jury in this book. I will simply present you with the facts.
Facts that support my conspiracy claim, and also facts that are supported by things written
thousands of years ago, I believe that what I have proven is of vital importance to the world
I lived in constant threats on my life, and yet against all odds I am alive today, and I am
certainly more credible today than I have ever been simply because I have stood the test of time,
and everything that I have said has either come true or has been proven true.
I am not a writer so there will be all sorts of mistakes which I hope you will be kind enough
to tolerate. This has been far from easy for me to do, and all I ask is that you read this book with an
open mind, it is very difficult to explain to people something that is seen as impossible, and I will
try to explain the best I can.
Please reserve your judgment until the end of this book, read all the facts first.
I promise you this book is true.