The Principles of Successful Manifesting HTML version

Dear Reader,
Thank you for your interest in this e-book about the principles of manifesting your life
In this e-book you will learn the foundations of the manifestation process and the built-in
ability of your mind to create whatever reality you prefer. You will dive deeply into the
exploration of your consciousness and discover that it is one of the most incredible and
exciting arenas one can inhabit. Welcome to the endless potential that is You!
Everything in your life is a result of what you know, what you experience and how
you interact with your consciousness. These elements make up the ultimate
source from which everything else evolves.
Learning about yourself can be the most fascinating endeavor one can imagine. Manifesting is
an ability of consciousness at the inner level, and is not determined by any outer
circumstances. We all share the same inner source; no one gets more or less. The only
difference is that some people are more aware of it than others. However, with this report
and with a positive attitude to learn, you can go as deeply down into the rabbit hole as you
wish. The rabbit hole is an analogy for your willingness to explore the unknown.
The more you know about the unknown the more you actually understand how
little you know. It makes you humble and brings you back to the world of
wonders, miracles and magic.
The Principles of Successful Manifesting