The Price


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Millionaire goes to hell and think his paperwork must have been mix up. He thinks a mistake has been made and demands Satan to correct the problem at once. The millionaire does not believe in God and does not accept Jesus Christ`s Salvation. He thinks man is the measure of all things and not God. He thinks the Bible was written by drunks and fools. The millionaire demand that Satan turns the air condition on because its to hot. He tell Satan if he has a problem with God do not take it out on him because it is a mistake he is there. Given a choice people would select money over the Bible.

linda smith

Awesome must read for yourself... if you have any doubt read this play what's 66 pages for your eternity you choose..

Faye Lamontt

Personally I loved this! It really does speak of the audacity of some people and written as a play adds to the enjoyment.


Leon Newton

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