The Prayer of Kings HTML version

to share with you just five simple things out of those two verses. Here it is, it's a list of genealogy and it's going
through a whole list of names. You could look through it and think it's bo ring, and turn over and say I'm bored, but
then in the middle of Verse 9, suddenly the Holy Spirit stops, and draws attention to one particular person. In other
words, not only was everyone significant, but one stood out from among everyone else. Now Jabez was more
honourable. He was more weighty, there was something about him that was distinctive.
He was distinctive, and he stood out above all his brothers. His mother called his name Jabez, meaning pain or
sorrow, saying because I bore him in pain - so her pregnancy no doubt was filled with some kind of sorrows and
pains. There's no mention of the father; presumably the father died, was murdered or had an accident or something
happened, but the mother carried this child, there was tremendous pain, and so she never got over it. She never
handled her pain, so she put it on him. She labelled him pain or sorrow. Now it's not a very good way to start life is it,
you're called a bit of a pain? You're an inconvenience. You arrive, you upset everything. We had our f inancial plan,
and then suddenly my wife got pregnant and the plan was over, what a pain, you know? We weren't married and she
had a baby and what a pain. I mean there's many, many ways you could put this out, but at the end of the day there
was something of great grief and sorrow in the family at that time.
The thing that makes him stand out was, he was unwilling to stay in a place of pain. He was unwilling to stay in a
place of sorrow. He was unwilling to stay in a place of negativity and defeat. The Bibl e says he was more honourable
than all those around him, because he rose up and he dared to believe that God could take the adversity of his past,
the failures and the pain and the grief, and do something in his life that would make him stand out and be distinctive.
Now do you believe - that's what made him distinctive of course, was not only that he believed in his heart and rose
up in faith, but he actually got what he asked for. It says God gave him what he asked for, so God must have liked his
I pray that this year, this will be the prayer on everyone's heart, and here's the prayer he prayed. He called on the
God of Israel, oh, bless me indeed. God bless me abundantly. Every area of my life, I want to see Your manifest
presence and blessing. Oh God, that You would enlarge my territory, increase my influence, give me influence that
goes well beyond what I've e ver had, multiply the extent of my territory. Oh God, that You would keep me from evil,
Your hand would be with me, You would keep me from evil.
I want to just go through and pick several things in there, and this is the bit I like, he said: God granted him what he
asked. God granted him what he asked, and I pray that this year that you will have things you'll ask God, and that not
only will you ask God, that you'll break through in your prayer, and by the end of the year you'll be able to say and
testify very boldly: hey, God gave me what I asked for this year! God gave me what I asked for. Jesus said: that's how
you glorify God, b y answered prayer. God is glorified when you have breakthroughs in prayer, and you see heaven
come into the earth. That brings great honour to God. If we're going to bring honour to God, we need to see His
supernatural provision come into the earth. See, this man here, he says God gave him something. He got hold of
God, and God gave him something that he never had before.
I wonder if at the end of this year you will have things in your life you've never had before, because you dared to
believe and rise up in prayer, aye? What a great thing. Have you got some things to pray for? We've got a season of
prayer and fasting come up. I encourage you, before you even get into the three weeks of prayer and fasting, that you
take time to identify what is it this year I want to believe God to break through in. Let me just give you a few things
that he said, because obviously God liked his prayer. I want to share with you five things about this prayer. The first
thing is, it's incredibly personal. Notice what he said, look, it seemed selfish didn't it? Oh bless ME, enlarge MY
territory, Your hand with ME, keep ME from evil. Notice 'me' turns up four times there. Now you could say what an
extremely selfish man, he's just praying for himself. No, in fact actually it's completely the opp osite.
I have found an interesting thing, that when people have rejection in their heart, when we don't see ourselves as God
sees us, when we don't agree with what God says - you're a son of the living God, you're a child of the living God -
then our heart gets filled with unbelief, and we don't rise up. We can pray for the world. It's easy to pray for the world,
you don't need faith to do that. You can pray for someone else to get blessed. It's a little bit easier to pray for
someone else to get blessed, than to actually dare to believe in your heart, God desires to bless you personally. I
believe many people do not pray, because in their heart they're so gripped with rejection and low esteem, they are
filled with unbelief, and don't dare to believe God wan ts to bless you. Let's say it: God wants to bless me. In this year,
God wants to bless me - so what are you going to believe for? It's personal see, it's very personal.
He wants to bless me. He wants to bless me. Get it in your heart. This is a personal prayer. It's easy to pray for this
one and that one, and pray for someone over there who needs help and whatever, and it's right for us to do that.
That's called intercession, praying for others. But there's an area where you need to learn how to pray for ou rself, that