The Prayer of Kings HTML version

Your emotional area - some people are locked in their emotions. Well if you're going to expand your territory, break
free, find out what locks up your emotions, what's got hold of your heart, what are the strongholds and giants, and
face them. Get help. We'll run retreats next year, you would want to book in. Don't say oh, I had something on, I had
a football match on that weekend. I'll say well too bad, I trust that you re ally grew and changed through your football
match. [Laughter] But you know, in fact it won't help you. It's great entertainment, but entertainment can be a
distraction from destiny. Never miss your destiny moments, by being distracted by entertainment. The re are certain
moments when God will meet with you, and those times you just need to be present. You've got to present yourself,
and be ready for change. We kind of think you can just turn it on and off, but there are times when the spirit of God
will move, for example, in a church He'll move in seasons on a particular area, and in that particular season, it's real
easy to get to change, then He's moving on something else. You've got to remember that.
Okay, so there's one thing. So then the exterior area, w ell there's other things then you could do which are external,
so what about your marriage? What could be built - how could your marriage grow this year? How could your family -
how could you change or influence your family? How could you grow your finances, and develop your finances? Now
to develop your finances requires inward change of thinking, followed by outward doing something different, so
there's an internal part, there's an external part. What about being involved in serving? If you want your worl d to
enlarge, why don't you choose to get involved in something you've never done before? Get involved and stretch out,
to serve in a way you've never served before. That would enlarge your territory. You know when a stranger sits down
beside you, you can stay in your own world, or you can say God, enlarge my territory to include him, and then reach
out, show hospitality, friendship and see that person influenced.
So God can do this far more exceedingly abundantly than you think or ask, so here is your prayer: God, bless me!
Oh, multiply Your blessings on me today. Let them come from heaven, and be in the earth. I'm blessed in my body.
I'm blessed in my mind. I'm blessed in my marriage. I'm blessed in my family. Begin to start to get into your mouth the
promises and words of God, and begin to shape your world in the invisible realm, and see things change in the
practical realm. Begin to start to shift: what you say, what you believe, then what you do. There's some practical
things you could do; one, pray cons istently over that issue of enlarging. Write it down, underline it, God, that You
would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory. Enlarge my territory. Now the next thing you need to do is, clarify
what it means for you to enlarge the territory. Is it a p roblem you need to overcome? Is it a bondage that holds you
back? Is it an issue in your finance? Is it something that's been around your life for years, and you've never broken
free of it? Is it something to do with the area of serving? Is it something in business? What is it that you - that's what I
want to grow in?
Identify it, and then what do you need to do, for that to grow this year? What will you need to do, because you've got
to boil it down to something you're going to do. If it doesn't come down to something you're going to do, you walk out
the door, feel good, you'll be no different. Feeling good doesn't mean I've changed. Doing something different means
I'm on the path to change, and we need to be careful we don't just enjoy messages, but just d on't let it get into the
heart, to change what we say and what we do. So make it specific, think what you need to do, set some new
priorities. Now for example, you may find you're just spending hours and hours and hours on the television, or hours
and hours on the internet, whatever. Well change the priority. Just cut it out, and do something different; invest in
learning a new skill, invest in learning some new things that you've never learnt before, invest in yourself. Then you'll
have more value to give, and your influence and territory will grow.
Finally, face your giants. All of us have got giants to face. Here's what I love. I just love - it's funny how people
respond - I love this one, where Caleb says: the giants are bred for us! Isn't that good? I spoke that to someone a
couple of weeks ago, and they said: bred as a giant for me? Really? Can I go on a fast? [Laughter] No, you've just
got to deal with the internal things, so every one of us has got a giant. I wonder what has intimidated you, and kept
you contained. If you were to just put a name on it, and begin to ponder and ask the Holy Spirit to show you how long
that giant has been in that territory in your life, how long has it been ruling there? How long has it been walking up
and down, defying you year after year after year, keeping you contained? And God is saying: take that giant, it's bred
for you. Wh y don't you name that giant, and begin to think through the strategy to deal with it. Ma ybe you need
prayer, maybe you need some counsel, maybe you need some help, maybe you need to fast, maybe you need to just
shift the way you think. Ma ybe there's an issue to resolve, but face the giant, they're bred to enlarge you, to go
somewhere else, and become increased in your influence.
I love the challenge that Caleb had right at the very end, when he got to 85, and you think flip, he's ready to lie down
and retire, or go to a home and just watch movies and go on outings. This is what he said: You know the word I had
in my heart 40 years ago when I went into the land, and you know the word I brought back. And you know the
promise of God, and I've held that promise for 40 years, been a long 40 years, watching people die all around me in
unbelief. He said: I got that promise in my heart, he said: now give me the mountain that has got the giants in it, that