The Prayer of Kings HTML version

very simple; I need time in the presence of God, meditating in His provision. You meditate in the Word, you begin to
picture it, roll it over in your mind and heart, beginning to embrace it, like you see it. Then you welcome it into your
heart, you meditate on it - this is mine. I have this. Thank You Lord - until you begin to make it real in your life.
See, the things of heaven come into the earth when we meditate, and faith rises in our heart. Then it comes a point
were suddenly it's a revelation to us, and it's ours. Then it begins to flow into our life, so without a life of prayer, you
can't see blessing manifest. Prayer, then we've got to act like blessed people. So another aspect of it is, not just time
in the presence and meditating in the word, it's beginning to declare it. Declare it. That's what that song is, it's a
declaration song, and often Christians seem to have prayers that are always asking God for stuff. The Bible says: He
knows what you need, He's already given it to you. Reach out and dare to believe it's yours. I am blessed! I am
blessed! I am blessed! Oh, I am a blessed person. Who are you? You're a blessed person. Who am I? I'm a blessed
person, oh I'm blessed. My God is with me. He is blessing me. Everything I put my hand to, God is with me. Even
when I goof up, God is helping me - I even learn from the goof up, and become better. Oh, I can't lose! Come on,
that's the kind of mentality to be thinking, otherwise you live scared of making a mistake.
God says the steps of a good man are ordered by the law. Though he fall over, the Lord lifts him up again. Aye? How
about that? So why worry about falling over, because God's just going to lift you up again - if you dare to believe
you're a blessed person. See, Righteous falls seven times, and the Lord lifts him up every time. In other words what
he's saying is, no matter how many times you fall over in this coming year, God's just waiting there to pick you up. He
wants you to be blessed. Ever seen kids trying to walk? They fall o ver all the time. They don't sort of sit there and say
well this is hopeless, I'm staying down, I'm never getting up again. [Laughter] Here's the thing. All of you overcame
that one! [Laughter] Except Ian's needed a bit of help over here [Laughter] but every one of us overcame that. Every
one of us overcame it - think about that.
So think about every time you fall this year - and I'm sure there'll be mistakes and fall overs, here's the thing. Just
acknowledge you've fallen. The worst thing is to be fallen over, and won't even admit you've fallen over. Everyone
else can see it. Everyone else can see what's going on, and you're the last one to admit you've fallen over. You're
eating the dust, it's all over you, and you can't see it. Hey listen, we need friends around to say: you fell over.
[Laughter] And then say come on, get up. Get up, don't stay down. Whatever you do this year, don't stay down. You
may have gotten down and stayed down a little last yea r, but don't stay down this year. I'm blessed, I'm getting up,
I'm going forward in the presence and person of God, so what will you do this year, that'll increase the flow of God's
blessing, that's the question. What will you do to walk conscious that God is with me, I'm a blessed person?
Here's the last couple of ones now. Notice he says enlarge my territory. That's about provision. See, the first one was
personal, second one there was about presence, and now it's about provision - enlarge my territory. Jesus said the
same thing, a similar kind of thing. He said: give me today my daily bread, give me what I need, so what his prayer
was - enlarge my influence. Now one of the things about enlarging influence is, there's always a giant in the land.
Now when the Bible talks about territory, it was a physical land they had, which God said was theirs. Unfortunately
there were giants in it, and God says interesting things. He says in Exodus 23, He says: I'm going to drive the giants
out of the land, hooray! He says a few minutes later, now you will drive the giants out of the land. Oh, I don't like that!
Now what He's saying is, little by little will I drive the giants out of the land. In other words, I have promised you
territory, I promised you blessing, and there are giants, giants of fear, giants of doubt, giants of unbelief, giants of
disappointment, giants of grief, giants of rejection - there are things to overcome if you want to expand your territory,
expand your influence in this coming year. But He said - notice this - I've already achieved it for you. You have to
arise, believe, and go and contend with it, and they'll fall over. Interesting when you read this story, that God sent in
hornets in there. Now I hate wasps and bees of any kind - hornets are dreadful. I've been in a place where they had
hornets. They're like a magnified wasp. I remember seeing hornets over in Fiji, with blimmin' great legs hanging down
off them. They're just like flying terrors - so the Lord sent hornets in, to drive the giants out of the land.
Listen, whatever faces you, at the cross of Calvary Jesus defeated your giants. He calls you and I to arise up to the
cross, see what He's done, bring to the cross those issues, and walk in the victory He's won for us. Oh my, what a
great year this year - giants! So He said here's the thing is, God requires you participate. There's nothing passive in
Christianity. If you want to see growth and enlargement this year, you can't be passive. You can't be passive. Let's
not be passive. Let's make a decision - now here's what you need to do, set some goals. What is it you're going to
accomplish? Set out a plan how you're going to do it, start to pray over it, and then look at then persevering until you
can break through in that area. Quite simple is n't it aye? See, so I wonder what areas you want enlargement this year
- God, that you would enlarge me.