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The selection of powerful words and images is conducive to a feeling
of confidence in achieving personal mastery; however, one needs to
understand their power to get the most out of them.
It’s time to delve into words—their sound, their meaning, and their
secrets. Only then will you truly be able to comprehend and harness
LIZ MCGRATH began walking down a path of self-
discovery at age nineteen. By implementing a few
simple phrases made up of empowering, everyday
words, she changed her life. She lives in Thornhill,
Ontario, Canada, with her husband of forty-three
years, Gerry. They have two daughters.
The Power of Our Words:
A Journey into the Power of Words
and the Impact Th ey Have on All Life
Liz McGrath
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The Power of Our Words
A Journey into the Power of Words and
the Impact They Have on All Life
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Th is book is dedicated to everyone.
I would like to extend my sincere appreciation and gratitude to my
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