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One of the key things for online success is the ability to make the best use of your time. Being more efficient is second nature to a lot of people but no matter how organized you are you‟ll still need specialist tools of the trade. Plus, there are also certain „must do‟ tasks which will ensure your online success.

This report sets out 10 Tools & Tasks that will not only make you more efficient but when you implement the tools and tasks correctly, you‟ll profit massively as a result.


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10 Tools & Tasks for Online Success

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1. Build a List From Day One With AWeber One of the most common mistakes new Internet marketers make is in waiting to build a list. This is a task you should be doing from day one

– without excuse. There are many autoresponder tools you can use, but one of the most popular ones is Aweber.

Aweber is a newbie-friendly autoresponder system that‟s affordable for anyone. At under twenty dollars per month, you can build a list of loyal prospects and customers so that once your own info product is ready, you‟ll be able to blast an announcement and profit from your list building efforts.

Once your account is set up, you simply create a list (you can have multiple ones in one account), and you insert the code for the list building opt in form into your website. The form can ask for the subscriber‟s name, email address, or other information.

Aweber will then send the subscriber a confirmation email ensuring that they‟re the ones who actually signed up for the list. After they confirm their subscription, they‟ll begin receiving whatever emails you‟ve queued up in the follow up email autoresponder system.

You can also, at any time, use the broadcast feature in Aweber to send out an email to your list. You can send out the same message to multiple lists or exclude certain lists if you prefer.

Aweber has many tutorials online that help you use their system, but you‟ll want to learn the nuances of what it takes to get visitors to your site to actually fill in the opt-in form and take the next step to receive your messages.

List building is usually done by giving away something free. You can offer a free short report, or promise to email them a weekly newsletter. You have to understand that someone trusts you enough to give you their personal contact information, so you have to make it worthwhile for them.

There are many great list building guides and courses online. One of the best list builders you can learn from is Jimmy Brown, but he‟s not the only one. People build lists in many different ways.

You‟ll want to test and track your efforts and then tweak them to make sure you‟re gathering as many names as possible. Make sure they‟re 10 Tools & Tasks for Online Success

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not random names and email addresses, however – you want highly targeted subscribes who are likely to convert into sales at a later date.

To Build a Business, You Have to Build a List

Here‟s another phrase you‟ll grow sick of: The gold is in the list. You might get weary of hearing it, but it‟s smacking you in the face for a reason – it‟s the truth! First of all, let‟s answer the question, “What is a list?”

A list in Internet marketing terms is a database of contact information for your prospects. So if you have a product or promote products about gardening and I sign up for your list, I‟m a prospect that you can market to repeatedly until I unsubscribe.

So why is building a list so important? Let‟s say you start off as an affiliate marketer. You find a niche you truly enjoy and you start working what you‟ve learned into some traffic for your affiliate links.

Over a period of 30 days, you funnel 5,000 prospects from the World Wide Web who are interested in your niche straight through your affiliate link to the product owner‟s site.

They even buy – yea! You‟ve made a 50% commission with a 2%

conversion rate. That means 2 out of every 100 people you sent bought the product, and your share was $26.00 (as an example). You earned a cool $2,600 this month – good for you!

But you‟re leaving money on the table. Those 100 people who bought from your 5,000 clicks? They‟re now on the product owner’s list, not yours. So what he‟s going to do is send them more offers over the coming weeks.

After all, they are proven buyers. Over the next 30 days, those buyers fork over some more money for products that complement the original one they bought. That money goes to the product owner, not you –

because you passed on building a list the first time around.

A better way to build an Internet marketing business is to start with a list from day one. Before you let a single person slip through your link without capturing their name and email address, have your system set up to build a list.

10 Tools & Tasks for Online Success

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You can have unlimited lists for different niches using a simple tool like Aweber, which costs $19.95 a month. Every day you can log in and see how many people have signed up, and you can create automated messages to send out to help convert your list into more sales.

Why should the product owner get to cash in on that person again and again when you’re the one who brought him the customer in the first place? Stake claim to each prospect and leverage your relationship with him for future sales and commissions.

Email Marketing – Make It Personal

The technical options that you have make possible personalized emails from your autoresponder that can seem like the real thing. Not every buyer knows about autoresponders, so give them the sense that you created an email just for each reader.

When you write each response, start with the name of a trusted friend and write as if the message was just for that friend. Then edit out the friend‟s name and set up the message so that your autoresponder takes over and inserts the prospect‟s name.

Personalization isn‟t just for emails - use it as an intro to your ezine, too: “Hi, Susan, here‟s some great new ideas for using the XZY

Information system that I know you‟ll appreciate.” Use the name that the prospect gives in the information gathering form.

Add the name naturally as it would occur in conversation. Internet marketers can make the mistake of over-using the name just because it‟s easy to insert electronically. Read the message aloud.

Would you use the name that many times or does it sound phony?

Yes, people love the sound of their own names, but when it‟s over used, the reaction is that you‟re being a fake and that send the buyer fleeing.

Don‟t let spell check defeat you. First, be extremely careful when you type a name into the autoresponder list. If the name was automatically added to a list, don‟t change it. Some names are spelled differently on purpose.

There is an ongoing dispute between Teresa and Theresa as to which is the accurate spelling of the name. Answer: the way she wants it!

Also, be careful that the name isn‟t changed in the final spell check.

10 Tools & Tasks for Online Success

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Avoid the marital status question. Don‟t add Ms, Miss or Mrs to any correspondence. For one thing, email isn‟t that formal. You don‟t need to guess on this one or you‟ll surely be wrong more often than right.

While the generic “Dear Friend” or “Dear Internet Marketing Colleague”

seems impersonal, at least it doesn‟t make obvious mistakes that are humorous to some people and blatantly offensive to others.

Use the name when you ask for the order. Remember to be personal when you make the final pitch. What‟s more appealing to you:

“Everyone needs this marketing package to increase sales” or “ I want to see you enjoy the kind of success I‟ve had with this product - so, Stan, are you ready to make serious money online? If you are then click here. . . .but wait, Stan, I‟ve got one more bonus that‟s just what you need!”

That‟s a personal close using the name and showing interest in the prospect‟s success. So keep it real, keep it personal and keep making contact with your list so that the first sale isn‟t the last one.

10 Tools & Tasks for Online Success

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2. DLGuard Does More Than Secure & Protect Your Products New online entrepreneurs are always concerned about security and delivery methods, as well as payment processing and list building.

There are a lot of factors to connect together, and you don‟t want to be up at all hours of the night having to process orders or deal with impatient customers once you wake up.

DLGuard is one of the premiere download management tools marketers use to handle the day-to-day operations of their business.

Aside from the seemingly endless features it provides, you will love the flexibility it offers.

DLGuard takes control from the moment your customer clicks on a link to purchase something. It works in conjunction with your payment processor, whether it‟s PayPal, ClickBank, PayDotCom, or one of the many other payment systems you‟re working with.

It seamlessly delivers a temporary download link to the product to your customer for you (even while you sleep in the middle of the night). Then it drips their name into your autoresponder system, giving them the chance to confirm their subscription or ignore it.

By using DLGuard, you won‟t have easily hackable download pages floating around on your server. The customer will have a set amount of time that you choose to access and download the product. After that, the link expires so they‟re unable to share the page with others and cause you to lose sales.

But DLGuard does so much more than that. With a single purchase, you can use it for all of your sites. You can create membership sites, offer bonus items and coupons to people, and even ban problem customers – like those who have a track record of buying and refunding everything they want.

You can track your customer‟s data and look at reports that help you see how sales and conversions are going. Collecting this visitor data using DLGuard means you don‟t have to go to some third party and install complicated scripts to track the details for you.

If you go to the DLGuard site and take a look at the testimonial page, you‟ll quickly realize that this is the tool most top marketers utilize for their own info product delivery and protection.

10 Tools & Tasks for Online Success

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Sam Stephens, the creator and owner of DLGuard, is just one more reason why marketers trust this product. He‟s a stellar example of what customer service is all about, assisting each customer who comes to him with whatever questions they may have.

This is important when it comes to the set-up of a technical product.

From now on, don‟t worry about staying up late to handle sales and delivery. Choose DLGuard and put your business on autopilot for good.

10 Tools & Tasks for Online Success

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3. Few Marketing Experts Are Without a WordPress Blog Free is the most attractive word in the English language when it comes to getting your own business off the ground online. Most newcomers start out blogging on free blog platforms such as or

But then they realize that maintaining control over their blog on a domain of their own is of utmost importance – and WordPress is what most people use to create an online presence.

It‟s very easy to insert a WordPress blog into your domain once you have hosting with a cPanel. Here‟s what you do using HostGator, for example:

1.) Log into your hosting account and click the Fantastico button (a smiley face) under the Software and Services section.

2.) On the left-hand side, under Blogs, click on the WordPress link.

3.) Click the New Installation link.

4.) From the drop-down menu, pick which domain you want to install the blog on. You can also choose where to install the blog. If you want the blog on the primary domain, then leave the space blank where it says, “Install in directory,” but you may want to put a landing page on the primary domain and put your blog on a different area such as

5.) Enter your admin nickname and password that you‟ll use to manage the blog‟s content on a regular basis.

6.) Click Install WordPress.

The next screen will show you where your access URL will be for your blog. Make sure you keep track of this information. To complete the process, click Finish Installation. Once your blog is installed, you can pick a theme that will match your niche topic.

Then you‟re ready to start posting to your blog! The more you post, the more often various search engine spiders will visit your blog and index your site for relevancy to your niche topic.

Make sure you post frequently and use keyword phrases in the titles of your blog posts as well as your content. Have a strategy in place to 10 Tools & Tasks for Online Success

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monetize your blog with the sale of your own products or as an affiliate to promote someone else‟s products.

Building Your Income with Blogs

Blogs are a fantastic way to make money. They perform well in search engines, they‟re easy to promote, and they can offer very sticky content. If you blog often, and you‟re good at what you do, you could develop a pretty large following of readers who subscribe to your RSS

feed and read your content on a daily basis.

One of the biggest keys to success with blogs is posting in them regularly. If you don‟t post regularly, you probably won‟t get much traffic, and people won‟t return. Posting frequently also keeps your content fresh, and search engines love fresh content.

The more often you post, the more often the spiders will visit your site. And every time you post, you can ping your site at the various ping locations. This can also bring in more traffic.

Another major key to blog success is creating sticky content. This means you have to write posts that people will actually be interested in reading.

Readers probably don‟t care what you had for dinner, unless you‟re John Chow or you‟re running a food blog. They want to read about stuff related to your niche. If you‟re running a blog about golfing, at least 75% of your posts should be related to golf. Preferably 100%.

You should talk about golf courses you‟ve recently played on, tournaments you‟ve watched, and clubs you‟ve tried. You might occasionally post about family matters, or your dog, or your favorite restaurant as a way to connect on a more personal level with your readers, but most of your posts should be on target with your niche.

Blogs are great for people who sell services. If you‟re a graphics designer or writer, having a blog is a good way to keep in touch with your clients. You can offer updates on your schedule and availability, current prices and special offers, and when you‟ll be taking some time off.

You can also post samples of your latest work. If you have a number of clients subscribe to your RSS feed, you‟ll be able to keep in contact with them so they‟ll order from you more often.

10 Tools & Tasks for Online Success

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People also tend to follow blogs more carefully than websites.

Don‟t start a blog with the intention of letting it sit dormant and earn money. It probably won‟t work. If you‟re going to start a blog, you need to be prepared to commit yourself to growing the blog, posting often, keeping it updated, and not giving up on it.

They offer multiple selling opportunities – from text links woven throughout the content to image ads like banners you strategically place in between blog posts. The sidebar can also be utilized as affiliate or direct sales revenue space.

Make sure you take the time to transfer your blog over to your own domain instead of hosting it within the blogging community. This makes it more professional to the person who lands on your website and lends credibility to your efforts as the go-to person in your niche.

10 Tools & Tasks for Online Success

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4. Internet Marketing Blogs Keep You One Step Ahead Here‟s a common problem with becoming an Internet marketer – you have to stay on top of your education in this industry because it grows and changes fast. The Internet and technology itself is something that rapidly evolves, but aside from that, as a marketer, you‟ll need to stay abreast of rules, regulations and strategies that could help or hinder your business efforts.

Internet marketing blogs are one of the best resources you can turn to for up to date information. Bloggers who have a regular blogging schedule are doing the research for you – they want to post relevant, timely information that helps their readers see the value in being subscribed to their RSS feeds.

You can find all sorts of Internet marketing blogs to subscribe to and utilize a tool like FriendFeed to help you manage your subscriptions and information. Many people simply look for broad Internet marketing blogs that embrace a soup to buts approach. But you can also find specialty topics on blogs.

Internet marketing has several main topics you need to stay focused on. Primarily, those are: advertising methods (both free and paid), product development, industry tools, and mindset or motivation.

Ed Dale has one of the most popular blogs on web 2.0 marketing, for example. His free 30 Day Challenge inspires many marketers to get off their butts and take action in the social networking arena by following his step by step instructions and tuning into his frequent insight via his blog.

Marketers love sharing their personal opinions about resources they‟ve used and liked (or disliked). Is there an ulterior motive for the blog posts and recommendations? Some newcomers to this industry think they can‟t believe anything if there happens to be an affiliate link, but in reality, it‟s just smart marketing.

If a person can honestly recommend a product that they themselves have used, doesn‟t it make good financial sense to monetize the link if possible? After all, they‟re doing you a service by showing you what tools work for them. I would be more wary of someone who didn‟t have the good sense to use it as a moneymaking opportunity.

Internet marketing blogs are all over the web. You can type in your keyword (like “social media”) and then tack on the word blog to find 10 Tools & Tasks for Online Success

Page 12

them or ask for recommendations. Some forums such as the Warrior Forum allow users to create their own Internet marketing blogs, as well. Find some you like, subscribe to the RSS feeds and enjoy the lessons you learn without having to pay a small fortune in the process.

5. Profiting Via PayDotCom as an Affiliate or Info Product Creator

Just as ClickBank provides a marketplace for affiliates to pick and choose which products they want to promote, PayDotCom offers both sides of the coin too – for affiliates and info product creators.

One of the biggest perks info product creators love about using PayDotCom over ClickBank is that you receive payments instantly to your PayPal account. You don‟t have to wait until bi-weekly paychecks arrive like you do with ClickBank.

Another perk to using PayDotCom is that you‟re not put under the microscope as you are with ClickBank. ClickBank requires your products to get approval before they‟re listed in the marketplace, and they often rule with an iron fist. PayDotCom allows you to sell both tangible and digital products on your own accord.

One of the biggest complains ClickBank product owners have is that they can‟t contact their affiliates or provide promotional tools for them through the site. But with PayDotCom, you can have an entire affiliate toolbox area where you place articles, autoresponder emails, pay per click ads, and even graphic banners and buttons for them to use for their promotions.

Another drawback to choosing ClickBank over PayDotCom is the exorbitant fees you have to allocate for each account you set up there.

With ClickBank you shell out money for each info product you launch.

With PayDotCom, you get one free account, and then a one-time $29

license buys you the ability to list an endless supply of products as your online empire grows.

With ClickBank, the dollar limit is set to $50 as far as how much you can charge for your product without gaining extra approval.

PayDotCom has no set limitations on how you price your product, so if 10 Tools & Tasks for Online Success

Page 13

you want to launch a product for $199, you‟re free to do so without interruption.

You‟re also not forced to include a money-back guarantee, as ClickBank requires you to do for a period of their choosing. Of course, it‟s always good customer service to include some sort of peace of mind, but it‟s your choice, not theirs.

And if someone pops up on your radar as a serial refunder, you won‟t have to give in to their demands via PayDotCom as you would via ClickBank. They refund your customers without you having much of a say in the matter. PayDotCom was created by a marketer for marketers – and they‟ve done a good job of catering to your needs.

10 Tools & Tasks for Online Success

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6. Recognizing Which Guides Will Catapult Your Success Forward

I‟m not going to name names here but there are some Internet marketing guides on the market that can seriously waste your time and money – as well as some that will literally grow your business as if you had a personal mentor standing right beside you.

There‟s a process you have to have for sizing up these tutorials. Some newbie „net marketers get so lost with this process and end up buying anything and everything they can because they‟re grasping at straws –

and they end up with a lot of hurt, anger and frustration because most of what they invested in is worthless.

Here‟s what you need to think about whenever your emotions start calling on you to whip out your wallet and spend money on another Internet marketing guide:

Can you afford it? Please don‟t overlook this crucial piece of the formula. If your electric company just sent you a notice that you either pay the $115 you owe or you‟ll be without lights and heat next week, then by all means take care of that before you buy a $115 Pay Per Click guide just because you‟re willing to gamble that it‟ll help you make double your money in 48 hours or less.

Who’s the author? It doesn‟t take Sherlock Holmes to do a little bit of sleuthing and see what type of reputation this guy (or woman) has online. If you see far more complaint pages than you do kudos to them, it‟s a red flag waving at you to slow down and keep on looking.

Are they desperately pushing bonuses over the product itself? What usually happens when an author haphazardly puts together an Internet marketing guide is he shoves a pile of bonus items into the mix so that even if you‟re not happy with what he created, you feel the bonuses made up for it. Keep in mind that the bonuses are supposed to be free – so if you see a list of 50 bonus items, ask yourself why the product owner feels so desperate to overdo it.

Do you need it? “Well I need everything,” you might reply in your head. No, you don‟t. What do you need right now? What tasks are you working on right this second to get your business off the ground? Only buy guides if it‟s about something you‟re currently 10 Tools & Tasks for Online Success

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doing and having trouble with. You don‟t go buy a guide on Squidoo if you‟ve never even been to the site or Googled for some free information to see if it‟s even anything you‟d want to tackle.

And perhaps the most important thing you can remember when you‟re deciding whether or not to buy an Internet marketing guide is who recommended it to you. If you trust that person, then you can trust the recommendation. If they promote anything and anyone, then you have to research it yourself before you shell over money you don‟t have for something that may (or may not) be of use to you.

But How Do You Know Who to Trust?

In the world of Internet marketing, there are a lot of unethical money-hungry scam artists preying on those who are ignorant about the industry. They know you‟re new, and they know you won‟t realize you‟ve been suckered until it‟s too late.

So how does a newcomer to Internet marketing safeguard his or her pockets from the greedy, self-indulgent scams of an unscrupulous marketer? First, you want to do a bit of background research.

If you land on a page where someone has recommended a course or tool that you feel will help accelerate your Internet marketing earnings, don‟t buy on impulse. You might regret it later and have to ask for a refund, or suck up the cost if no guarantee is offered.

Google can be your friend here. Type that marketer‟s name into the search engines and see if there are any scam details. But beware!

One of the most common affiliate pre-pitches is to promote a product by using the scam approach initially and then building the product up with the detailed review.

You may see about 5 page‟s worth of links if you type in [marketer‟s name] and scam, but that doesn‟t necessarily mean they‟re real scam accounts. Always read the pages with care.

You also need to know that practically every marketer has a disgruntled customer. Some people get angry if their download link doesn‟t work and they don‟t get a response within 30 minutes. Others intentionally try to sabotage the competition by posting poor reviews online.

10 Tools & Tasks for Online Success

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You should be able to find as much positive information (in the form of praise) as you do bad reviews. If not, it might be best to steer clear of that marketer since no one credible can endorse him (or her).

Never rely on their own claims (even screenshots of earnings can be manipulated). And if you find them in a forum, don‟t think that just because they have the highest post count, it means they‟re the best marketer.

Get personal recommendations from other marketers. If you want to find out who has the best affiliate marketing guide, ask in a forum and find out. Or, take the recommendation of a marketer you already trust, because if they provide you with a poor product recommendation, it tarnishes their own reputation, too.

10 Tools & Tasks for Online Success

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7. Subscribe to a Viral Video IM Education Viral video is a marketing tool that all top marketers use both in info product development and viral branding efforts. What‟s the best way for someone who sells in the IM niche to build trust and loyalty by the masses?

They teach for free on one of the hottest sites to date – YouTube.

There are many marketers who have channels on YouTube and other viral video sites who use the technology to create short tutorials on bite-sized information.

What you can do, as someone who is yearning to soak up everything about Internet marketing that you can, is find the best people to follow for the topics you want to know and see if they have a video channel that you can subscribe to via RSS feed.

This way, you can take your time going through previous lessons on the site but be alerted each time they have a new lesson for you to watch. You‟ll find some Internet marketers who talk about anything and everything related to this industry, while other have a specialty topic.

Use a tool like FriendFeed to gather all of your video tutorials in one spot and use their special filter feature to put all video lessons in one group, while other feeds for text go into a separate category.

Once you find someone you feel is worth learning from, you can either watch every video they produce or pick and choose which ones will help you the most. You can learn a lot from looking at the video ratings and number of views. If a video was successful (or in some cases controversial), then it will have a high number of views. If people agree with it, then the ratings will be high as well.

Some people prefer to learn via text while others learn best seeing the action occur. Video is no different from reading a step-by-step tutorial.

While you‟re watching something unfold, you can pause the video and open a new tab or window and take the exact same steps as the marketer did – just as if you were looking at screen shots.

Subscribing to viral videos is also a way that you can stay abreast of what your competitors are doing. Whatever niche that you‟re in, make sure you tune into what others are doing with this technology to showcase their expertise.

10 Tools & Tasks for Online Success

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Marketers use YouTube and other viral video sites like Revver to spread the word about their products and services, but they see the best results when they deliver free lessons to generate good will and trust with prospects and consumers.

8. Use ClickBank as an Affiliate or Info Product Developer When you come online to launch your own business, you‟re going to hear the word ClickBank tossed around a lot. ClickBank is an online marketplace that houses many products for sale.

You, as an entrepreneur, can use this site in two distinct ways – as an affiliate or as an info product developer. Even as an info product owner, you may still find yourself visiting ClickBank as an affiliate from time to time.

When you write your first eBook, you‟ll want to grow an army of affiliates who will go out in the World Wide Web and promote your business for you in exchange for a share of the sale (known as commission).

You will use ClickBank to place your item in the marketplace and notify affiliates that it‟s readily available for their advertising efforts. They can use the site to create a unique hyperlink that credits them with whatever sales they send your way.

You‟ll also be going to ClickBank to complement the sale of your info product. For example, let‟s say you sell a diet eBook through ClickBank. To increase your profits, you might head to the ClickBank marketplace and find an exercise eBook to promote to the people who buy your diet eBook – because the topics go hand in hand.

Some people never enter the phase of info product developer. They simply rely on the creations of others and focus solely on the promotional aspect of profiteering online. You can go to the ClickBank marketplace and find a myriad of products to promote in all sorts of niche markets.

ClickBank allows you to sort your search results according to whatever is most important to you. For example, you might be concerned about conversions, so you choose to sort the results according to gravity 10 Tools & Tasks for Online Success

Page 19

(which shows how many affiliates have made at least one sale recently). Or, you might choose to sort according to commission payout.

When you become a ClickBank affiliate, you‟ll want to visit the sales page of each product before going to the effort of promoting it to the public. You don‟t want to write articles, pay for pay per click ads, or even make a single blog entry about a product that has a shoddy sales letter. Make sure you also track your results (and refunds) to see which marketer‟s products show the most promise for your niche.

Making the Most from ClickBank

ClickBank is definitely a leading connection between product developers and affiliate marketers. It‟s also a place that buyer can go directly to purchase information products. Plus ClickBank has a positive reputation for its ease of use.

With all that going for it, just upload your information products and you‟re good to go, right? Not exactly. You might make a few sales, but if you want to make ClickBank a centerpiece of your marketing, then you have to do more than just upload, post a link and wait.

Set up targeted minisite. Create catchy sales copy to accompany it.

You can also add a video demonstration or an audio that expands on the product. Offer a “bribe” or freebie when the viewer clicks that Buy Now button.

If you have strong testimonials, add them on the sales page or with video clips that are scattered inside the sales copy. Post product reviews. Write short reviews or ask a colleague to review your product.

If you‟re looking for reviewers, offer the product free to a limited number of potential reviewers. This is a popular technique on marketing forums to get testimonials. You can also get reviews from people who are significant contributors to forums in your niche. Then get those reviews posted on as many sites, forums and discussion boards as possible.

Trade mailing lists. Contact sites with comparable niche interests and tell them about your ClickBank product. Offer an affiliate sales 10 Tools & Tasks for Online Success

Page 20

opportunity. You can also agree to trade mailings - your offer to their lists, and then a few weeks later send their offer to your list.

Since any sale makes an affiliate commission for the seller, everyone wins. If you find that your product doesn‟t get picked up by affiliates, reduce your cut and increase the profit for affiliate sales. Information marketing is about volume, so remember that 40% of 1,000 sales is worth more than 60% of 100 sales.

Keep it fresh. Like produce, eBooks have a certain shelf life. Even if the information is still good, add a new twist or update at least twice annually. Unless you‟ve written a true classic, then you‟ll begin to see a downturn in sales.

That‟s the time to tweak it. You can make a slight title change or a major change. Just give the buyer a reason to find this interesting. If you‟re doing a tweak, contact your best affiliate sellers to let them know that there‟s new information or updates worth sending to the their list again.

10 Tools & Tasks for Online Success

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9. Warrior Forum Provides a Perfect Foundation of Knowledge

When you first decide to work for yourself at home, you‟ll find out real quick that it‟s a lonely job. There are no coworkers to commiserate with, no team to train you on what job skills you‟ll need – you‟re flying solo from day one.

Becoming a member of an Internet marketing forum like the Warrior Forum will not only help you experience some of the camaraderie of this industry, but it will let you tap into a wealth of information without paying a penny.

You may have seen notices that the Warrior Forum is a paid forum effective immediately. To gain all of the perks this place has to offer, you will need to pay a one-time fee of $37 – but to simply read the main forum and participate in it, you can still have access without paying.

Paid membership gets you perks others don‟t have, such as the ability to run a Warrior Special Offer – a very lucrative advertising opportunity. Paid members also get to devour the readings of the War Room, where many marketers share information they don‟t otherwise share with the public unless they‟re required to pay a fee for each one.

There are many elements to the Warrior Forum, which is why it‟s such a rich resource for those who want to make money working for themselves at home. It encompasses a wide variety of opportunities –

covering everything there is to know about the WAH career option.

You can learn about and get help with specific marketing obstacles you encounter such as pay per click marketing, search engine optimization, or even the development of a successful marketing mindset. Once you‟re an established participant, you can even find Joint Venture partners who can help you with a cross promotion or with your list building efforts.

Warriors are a tight knit group of marketers who often jump at the chance to help a fellow marketer make it to the next level of success.

They‟ll rip apart your sales copy to help you make it better if you ask, they‟ll tell you about profitable niche markets that they themselves have tapped into, and they‟ll answer questions for even the greenest newbie because they remember when they were once starting out, too.

10 Tools & Tasks for Online Success

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Finding a forum that has members who are so helpful and motivating is rare. You can join many online Internet marketing forums to find the information you need to succeed, but the Warrior Forum is a staple in the lives of many top marketers who continue to participate in discussions there and be accessible to people who are still trying to learn.

10. Which Hosting Company Do Most Marketers Use?

When you‟re first starting out in Internet marketing, it‟s tempting to just utilize free websites like Squidoo, blog platforms and more to promote your business. But what you should really do is pay the small it requires to set up your own monthly hosting account so that you maintain complete control over your domains and their content.

Hosting companies all have various tiers to their products. At Hostgator, for example, you can invest in a basic Hatchling plan for a mere $4.95 a month. This allows you to host one domain but you get most of the other perks the hosting company offers, including unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

Or, if you know you‟ll have more than one domain, you might want to invest in the $7.95 a month Baby plan which gives you unlimited domain hosting. A premiere plan called the Business account also gives you extras such as a toll free phone number and a dedicated IP

for just $12.95 a month.

Hostgator has a very easy to use shared cpanel web hosting platform.

Even the greenest marketing newbie can log in and confidently upload files, track traffic stats, and implement a WordPress blog onto their domain without hassle. And if there are any questions that arise, HostGator has a 24/7 virtual customer service chat to walk you through any issues.

While Hostgator may be one of the most popular web hosting services, HostMonster is another comparable service that many marketers use and love. Also offering a 24/7 support feature, domains hosted there get free site builders with templates, unlimited domains and disk space, bulletin boards, and more.

10 Tools & Tasks for Online Success

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HostMonster costs just $5.95 a month, and their helpdesk includes easy video tutorials, cPanel documentation and a getting started wizard to help you with any do it yourself tasks you have in the beginning.

It doesn‟t matter which hosting company you use as long as you ensure their level of customer service support and make certain that they have plans that are comparable to other services so that you don‟t short-change yourself in the decision making process.

You also want to check with other customers to see what kind of downtime the hosting company has on a regular basis. You don‟t want your sites going offline for extended periods of time because every second it‟s down, you‟re losing business.

10 Tools & Tasks for Online Success

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I‟m all about providing great value in my FREE reports and for those of you who are new to Internet Marketing I suggest you have a good read of my BONUS section which will help you take advantage all that you learn in the main section.

The Freedom to Be Your Own Boss

There‟s a common theme among those who begin searching for a way to launch their own work at home business – financial freedom. You might be in dire need of a way to earn more money than your current job provides.

Or, it could be that you have a job that pays an amazing salary, but just doesn‟t fulfill you as much as being your own boss would. There‟s something missing from life when you‟re forced to report to a job at a specific time, told what tasks need to be done, and obligated to steer a company the way other people say it should be directed.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Being your own boss doesn‟t just entail sleeping late and working in your pajamas, as many hyped up products like to lure you with. In fact, you may even find there‟s more work involved – depending on what path you choose to acquire your wealth.

But either way, the satisfaction level you achieve by pursuing your own goals will outweigh any job performance review you‟ve ever gotten in the 9-5 grind of the corporate world.

There‟s a solution available to everyone on the spectrum – from those desperate to pay the rent to people looking for a way to supplement their retirement, and it‟s called Internet Marketing.

It allows you to work the hours you want to work, whether that‟s 11

P.M. to 3 o-clock in the morning or keeping in line with a traditional 8-5 approach. You make the decision.

Your Internet marketing career can involve as much or as little work as you want it to. You can choose something that requires 30 minutes 10 Tools & Tasks for Online Success

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a day and has slower growth or an option allowing you to bang out a month‟s worth of 12 hour days to achieve an unbelievable return on your investment of time in just 30 days.

You‟ll be able to choose where you work. Very few Internet marketers actually rent office space out of their home. Because overhead costs are kept low anyway, there‟s no reason to add to it when all you need is a computer and an Internet connection, which fits nicely in a spare bedroom or right in the corner of an existing room, like the den!

Running your own business means being in touch with it on a regular basis, so it might be hard to leave for a 2-week vacation without checking in once (although it is possible, depending on which avenue of Internet marketing you choose).

But the good news is – laptops are portable, and you could spend 365

days a year lounging on the beach since you can run an Internet marketing business from anywhere in the world, provided you have access to the World Wide Web.

You won‟t have to submit an approval form to leave work. You won‟t have to alert your clients that you‟re going to the Bahamas. You just pack up and go, logging in once a day or so to see how things are progressing.

Let‟s talk money now. Financial freedom has a different meaning for everyone. To some, it could be having enough to finally cover all bills.

To others, it may mean making plenty to sock away for retirement and live a luxurious lifestyle.

The benefit of running an Internet marketing business is that you have no glass ceiling preventing you from earning as much as you want to.

And you won‟t have to ask anyone to pay you more, fearing rejection of a raise.

You set your prices on products. You work more when you want to earn more or cut your hours when money isn‟t too tight. You decide when and if you want to branch out into another area of Internet marketing to expand your online empire.

It’s Not All Fun and Games

Now you know about the benefits. Let‟s talk reality about this world of online operations, because there seems to be some great myth that 10 Tools & Tasks for Online Success

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most marketers are promoting pie in the sky drams that are mostly hype and very little substance.

The reality is – it‟s work!

You‟re not going to choose a username, create a link and wake up to $1,000 that you made while you sleep. Even affiliate marketing –

where you sell other people‟s goods, requires you to do some work to get your share of the commission.

If you‟re looking for a turnkey, get rich quick miracle, Internet marketing isn‟t it. Go buy a lottery ticket and pray that your numbers win big. You can‟t see those stats where one guy makes $1 million in 18 hours and think that‟s going to happen to you your first week.

The reality is, it took more than those 18 hours to make that million –

it took months, if not a year to get that product launch set up to rake in that much cash in a short period of time.

If you‟re not going to enjoy the drudgery of getting all your ducks in a row before the money starts rolling in, then Internet marketing may not be the business for you. Here‟s just a taste of some of the tasks you might be doing to achieve the monetary rewards you‟re seeking:

 Building a massive warehouse list of keywords and phrases (we‟re talking 10k or more, not just the top 10 words).

 Writing and submitting articles – hundreds of them, to plant all around the net as a map to your offers.

 Filtering your outsourcing options – checking profiles, posting projects, and testing service providers to see who works best for your needs.

 Answering emails from customers.

 Setting up websites, even if it‟s just a one-page minisite with a Buy Now button.

 Handling download problems – even with the best system in place, sometimes things have a glitch and need your attention.

10 Tools & Tasks for Online Success

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 Creating products – they could be in text, audio, or video format.

They may be short or lengthy, depending on the amount of information you‟re selling.

This is a short list, but you can see immediately how much there is to do on a regular basis. Even if you‟re an affiliate, you‟ll still be reviewing products, building a toolbox of promotional materials, and setting up autoresponder emails to convert prospects into sales.

You’re Speaking Greek to Me!

If some of these terms sound foreign to you – autoresponder, affiliate marketing, and more, don‟t worry. In the coming weeks, you‟re going to get a crash course in Internet marketing from A to Z.

It‟s important when you‟re just starting out to remember that Google is your friend. Before you email other marketers or post in forums, Google the terms you don‟t know.

There are a lot of people who don‟t take the time to educate themselves about this business, and those are the ones who fail to generate any money and continue spinning their wheels until they finally quit out of frustration.

Another good place to go is the Warrior Forum at Here, you can ask questions about this industry, but before you do, use the search feature and type in your question to see if anyone‟s already asked it and had it answered.

For instance, if you have a question about Squidoo, type Squidoo into the search form and you‟ll see a whole host of questions and answers people have given about the use of that particular site, like this: 10 Tools & Tasks for Online Success

Page 28

So you can see from the above, and this is just a small fraction of the results, that many people before you have had the same questions about this topic. This same strategy can be done in any Internet marketing forum, but the Warrior Forum is well-known for its size.

Where Do You Start?

Regardless of whether you‟re rich or poor, as a newbie Internet marketer, it‟s important to start with the free methods of making money online before you journey into paid tactics that will provide a higher return on your investment.

Initially, your overhead will consist mostly of time. As your skills evolve, you‟ll want to use paid traffic techniques that help you hone in on your target audience quicker and more precisely.

Before you begin to make a dime online, you have to know some ground rules. Most of them are based in proper etiquette, but a few are rules you need to know to prevent you from getting into hot water with the law – like Spamming!

There are a few unethical marketers online who prey on those who aren‟t too savvy about this business, so you‟re going to need to know how to sort out who‟s who among trustworthy individuals.

Some of the first steps will require you to make choices based on your personal preferences. It‟s okay to change your mind, but make sure you‟ve followed through on an opportunity before you just throw up your hands and move on.

Having the Right Map to Succeed

Buyer beware – there are a lot of half empty products out there and you‟re going to be very disappointed if you buy by the seat of your pants and don‟t take recommendations from ethical marketers.

Some products will tell only half the story – others will blatantly lie (or maybe they just mislead because they don‟t know what they‟re talking about). But a few are very, very reliable and give you exactly what you need to build a blueprint for your online business success.

10 Tools & Tasks for Online Success

Page 29

I‟m going to show you the route many have used to gain the financial and personal freedom you now desire. You‟ll be learning the basics first – like boot camp for Internet marketers.

All of your fundamental questions will be answered, and some rules will be spelled out before we move on to specific strategies like building a list of prospects, generating traffic from both free and paid opportunities, and developing partnerships with other online marketers that have you poised to take in a lot of money in a short period of time.

I‟m going to give you a non-biased accounting of all of your options –

including product ownership and affiliate marketing. You‟re going to discover small tiny technical details no one ever shares with you – like how to make and cloak links, how to hyperlink an image, and a step-by-step method for navigating your hosting account.

All of the nitty gritty details – the elements most eBooks skip over because they assume you know this stuff already, I‟m going to share with you. Along the way, I will share my own insight about which tools or products are available and trustworthy should you decide you want to delve into the topic in more detail.

At the end of this introduction to Internet marketing, you should have all of the fundamental knowledge you need to launch a solid business where you‟re at the helm, placing one building block on the next until you reach the level of success you‟ve always dreamed about.

This isn‟t some industry where you can waft in and out from one day to the next. If you‟re serious about this, it can become a multi-million dollar empire – a bona fide business you can pass down to your heirs.

If you have the motivation and mindset to become your own boss, taking on the responsibilities that entails, along with reaping the rewards, then you might be a perfect fit to don a new career hat as an Internet marketer.

If your needs are more pressing, then it‟s advisable that you go out and get a job that has a steady paycheck attached to it. Then, work on building your online business in your spare time until it reaches a level of success where you can afford to turn in your resignation and work toward increasing your earnings over time.

Internet marketing isn‟t a magic bullet. It can provide you with the financial security, the lifestyle, and the prestige you want out of your 10 Tools & Tasks for Online Success

Page 30


career. Are you ready to further your education in an industry grown men and women of any age can master? If you‟re hesitant or need more information, it only means you‟re proceeding with caution, and that‟s perfectly normal.

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