The Playboy of the Western World HTML version

SCENE, [as before. Later in the day. Jimmy comes in, slightly drunk.]
JIMMY -- [calls.] Pegeen! (Crosses to inner door.) Pegeen Mike! (Comes back again
into the room.) Pegeen! (Philly comes in in the same state.) (To Philly.) Did you see
PHILLY. I did not; but I sent Shawn Keogh with the ass cart for to bear him home.
(Trying cupboards which are locked.) Well, isn't he a nasty man to get into such staggers
at a morning wake? and isn't herself the divil's daughter for locking, and she so fussy
after that young gaffer, you might take your death with drought and none to heed you?
JIMMY. It's little wonder she'd be fussy, and he after bringing bankrupt ruin on the
roulette man, and the trick-o'-the-loop man, and breaking the nose of the cockshot-man,
and winning all in the sports below, racing, lepping, dancing, and the Lord knows what!
He's right luck, I'm telling you.
PHILLY. If he has, he'll be rightly hobbled yet, and he not able to say ten words without
making a brag of the way he killed his father, and the great blow he hit with the loy.
JIMMY. A man can't hang by his own informing, and his father should be rotten by now.
[Old Mahon passes window slowly.]
PHILLY. Supposing a man's digging spuds in that field with a long spade, and
supposing he flings up the two halves of that skull, what'll be said then in the papers and
the courts of law?
JIMMY. They'd say it was an old Dane, maybe, was drowned in the flood. (Old Mahon
comes in and sits down near door listening.) Did you never hear tell of the skulls they
have in the city of Dublin, ranged out like blue jugs in a cabin of Connaught?
PHILLY. And you believe that?
JIMMY -- [pugnaciously.] Didn't a lad see them and he after coming from harvesting in
the Liverpool boat? "They have them there," says he, "making a show of the great people
there was one time walking the world. White skulls and black skulls and yellow skulls,
and some with full teeth, and some haven't only but one."
PHILLY. It was no lie, maybe, for when I was a young lad there was a graveyard beyond
the house with the remnants of a man who had thighs as long as your arm. He was a
horrid man, I'm telling you, and there was many a fine Sunday I'd put him together for
fun, and he with shiny bones, you wouldn't meet the like of these days in the cities of the