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are that Place, that magical, wondrous place that allows you to see the truth of who and how you are! Once you
realize that you are the gift, you quickly become The Place you look forward to visiting on a daily basis. Getting
to know the gift you are and sharing that gift with everyone you meet allows one to treat others as they would
themselves. Understanding that is the way to change the consciousness of a planet, a universe, or a billion
Let me share something with you so I don’t appear contradictory. I share this as my experience and nothing
more. I am not proselytizing because I don’t believe in that. I am simply sharing what I have experienced in an
effort to help everyone find the gift they are within themselvesnothing more. Perhaps none of what I have
shared with you in this book will help you realize that gift. On the other hand, it might help reveal a path that
you can use to help you uncover and discover your own Place.
I am not a doctor, psychologist, seer, fortune teller, or shaman. I am just a simple being who cares about all
life and sees everything as equal. I respect all beliefs and find The Great Spirit, or God, to be understanding
because He creates so many paths back to His glory. I know the world can be a better place with better beings in
As I mentioned in a previous chapter, there was a time after learning many truths about myself when I turned
my back on those truths and sought to walk another path. The experiences I had during that time in my life were
simply part of the education I needed in order to bring me to my current understanding. So many things have
happened since this story began that I trust another book will be forthcoming to address that journey.
My dear friend, Ed McGaa (Eagle Man), still remains one of the most wonderful influences in my life. Ed
helps thousands of people every year while spending much of his time at the Crazy Horse exhibit and sculpture
in South Dakota, just west of Mount Rushmore. It is, in my humble opinion, one of the true wonders of the
world. To have Ed there meeting tourists and marketing his goods is simply fitting because there he can share
the gift of Mother Earth Spirituality with thousands around the world, while still making time for all of them on
a daily basis. Ed McGaa is a hero to me, and I am deeply grateful to call him my friend and mentor.
My younger brother Bob now lives in Michigan with his family. He is and always will be one of the most
beautiful spirits on this planet because his heart reaches out to every being he encounters. We have walked this
walk together for more than sixty years, and if I could, I would gladly choose to walk this world with him for an
eternity. I’m honored to call him my brother. He has moved my heart and the hearts of so many others, and he
stands like a beacon in the night, assisting anyone who needs help to find their own light in the darkness.
I think it is important that I acknowledge my parents here as well. For me, they will always be the ones who
initiated my awakening. If it were not for their open love and genuine caring, I don’t think my evolution would
have happened as it did. I mentioned that my mom passed away some years earlier, and my dad passed away in
2006. My relationship with him was strained over the years because we were simply different, and my walk was
not his first choice for an experience. I have always loved my dad and still do, even though my mother was my
best friend in the family until Bob came of age. I remember heading back to Boston from Montana when my
brother, Steve, called and mentioned that Dad was not doing very well. During my stay, I was at the hospital
with my dad when our breakthrough finally happened. It was one of those moments you pray for but rarely see
come to fruition. Ours happened in a torrent of tears and a love shared that will always be ours to remember.
My wife, Beverly, is the most wonder-filled being I have ever known. After being together for almost twenty
years, I realize each and every day that I am still falling in love with her! Beverly is without a doubt the most
untainted being I have ever met. Her heart is always open, and her mind is always clear. Her independence and
free spirit help others learn to fly. I am in awe of her and so very grateful to have her in my life as my best
Her love of nature is absolute. She spends much of her time as a photographer, and her photographs of nature
are some of the most moving I have ever seen. I am honored she has chosen to walk her walk with me.
There is much left to share as my walk continues. Until the next time we meet, stay true to the gift you are
and remember to take the time to go within to witness that gift first hand! The key is in REMEMBERING!
My favorite quote is this one I will leave with you. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said something I first read in
an article by Stephen Hawking. I have meditated on the idea several times in an effort to fully understand not
only what he said, but also the full potential of his statement. The revelations and my interpretation will have to
wait for another time, but this is what he said: “We are not human beings here for a spiritual experience; we are
spirit beings here for a human experience.”