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Chapter Twelve: THE PLACE
Once you have found it, never let it go!
One day I was remembering back to my experiences with Eagle Man and his alternative ideas regarding
spirituality. His commitment to the earth is evidence of his understanding of all life. I too have come to see our
connection to nature to be the most direct connection to the Great Spirit available to us on this plane.
When we go into the forest and encounter trees, plants, and animals, we see them for what they arenothing
more. We don’t question their purpose or intent, and their actions are consistent with our expectations.
Certainly, one may find a rogue animal that behaves differently, and that is more often due to the ill-health of
the animal or to man’s intrusion into its space. So, why do we think we are so different from nature? Are we not
part of nature too? Has our arrogance blinded us to see that each and every thing God creates is equal in His
How we see ourselves is often based on the feedback we get from others, by how they think we should be.
How can any person or society tell you how or what you should be? I think that deprives us of our greatest
giftour individuality. Even though that restrictiveness may help to allay a person’s or society’s fears, our
individuality is still paramount to our evolution.
Over time, and through many experiences in meditation, I have learned that my role here is simple: to be as
Jerry as I can be. The key has been simply to learn what that was! I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “Until
you’ve walked a mile in someone else’s shoes, you cannot know what they feel.” That’s what I’m talking about
here. We’re all different. That’s why I find it difficult to look outwardly for answers that, more often than not,
lie within each one of us.
If my questions emanate from within, then perhaps that is the first place I should look for any answers I seek.
When I have an issue for which I cannot find an answer, I will always sit and meditate before taking any other
action. If the answer does not come, I will bounce the question off someone I know and trust. That person is
always, first and foremost, my wife Beverly. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that she will always respond
with MY best interest in mind. I said MY best interest and not OUR best interest because it is NOT our project; it
is my project. I know she will always offer clarity.
Many people get stuck because they are constantly fed a diet of what works and what doesn’t work based on
the societal belief, “what works for one of us, works for all of us,” and that simply is NOT the case. How could
that be true if we are all different and one of a kind? Since we are all different, we should look at solutions put
forth by others as that person’s truth and see them as alternative opinions for consideration after we seek
answers from within ourselves. Many times they work beautifully in conjunction with our own inner thoughts
and beliefs.
I thought back to what Ed told me on the day we parted: “If you need to ask where The Place is, then your
journey is not yet over.”
I knew I was missing something. I had read in several different books about whether or not The Place exists
at all. I remembered watching the movie Lost Horizon, based on the legend of Shangri-La. I remember the old
Belgian priest who was more than two hundred years old and had lived in paradise most of his life. I had to ask
myself if that was what I was looking for. Did a place like that really exist? Was it the answer to my question? I
went into meditation one night with those thoughts in my head. I had learned so much, and yet the truth of The
Place still occupied my thoughts. The answer still eluded me, or so I thought.
As I sat in the quietude of the evening, I began to see all the things I had learned from The Boys. Suddenly,
as if a light went on inside my head, the answer came to me. Just as the distractions I endured during my
meditations kept me from the mists, so the quest for something outside myself distracted me from the truth that
lay within. Why did I think there was something outside myself that was better than the gift that lay within?
I began to smile as the light in the room became brighter. All this time I was looking for something more
something I did not possess. In the blink of an eye, I realized how wonderful my life had been and still was. I
began to see it once again for the gift it was, not something I thought could be better. I was the gift, and I was
The Place I had been searching for most of my life. All I needed to do was acknowledge it! The irony was clear:
I had been telling everyone else about where to find the gift they are, and I never saw that place as THE
PLACEuntil then.
After many years of searching for something more, I had discovered my truth of The Place! You see, YOU