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with a silver ring with the turquoise image of an eagle in the center, which I keep in a very special place. We
were deeply grateful to our friends for making that moment so special for us, and I hold Ed and his friend, as
well as those two trees, in a very special place in my heart to this day.
During our drive home, we could feel the tall ones (trees) telling one another from forest to glen that Beverly
and I were now one with them. I realize this may sound strange, but if you have ever felt compassion toward
another being (human or animal), tree, or flower, then you know what I mean. Even a simple sunset can stir
your heart the way ours were moved that day.
Ed is an amazing man, and his spirit has helped many to achieve clarity in their walks. I will always consider
him to be my brother, friend, and mentor while we are on the Red Road to understanding.
Ever since spending time with Ed, my focus toward nature has been stronger than ever before. The same is
true for Beverly. I have spent much time with animals in the forest, and I still longed to learn more about both. I
began to wonder if The Place was something found in nature, as well as within me. Before we parted ways, I
asked Ed if he ever heard of The Place, where one could go to find the answers that would help to make our
walk effortless on this earthly plane.
“If you feel the need to ask that question,” he replied, “then your journey is not yet over, but you are on the
right path. Do not stop your quest. You will find The Place. Just keep looking with an open heart and listen to
your inner self.”
I thought about what he said and acknowledged I was on the right track. Beverly and I thanked him and bid
him and his friend farewell until his next trip to New England, when we would make it a point to join him once
Ed McGaa is the essence of truth. His ability to live in this world, unencumbered by those issues that can
sometimes detract from it, is a testament to his understanding. He continues to spend a great deal of time and
energy sharing his walk with others. I know when I communicate with Ed it’s like speaking with a brother, and
I am grateful for that because Ed will always hold a very special place in the hearts of Beverly and me for as
long as we live.
Chapter Ten: Just a Minor Miracle
A gift from the other side!
April, 2003
Beverly and I were married by a justice of the peace a month after our ceremony in the woods. Sadly, the
State of Massachusetts would not acknowledge our marriage by Ed; however, the day Ed married us will always
be considered our anniversary. As we celebrate that date each year, we think of Ed with deep appreciation for
helping to make our union so very special.
Every day of our walk as a couple has been a joyful one. We continue to work hard together, but we never
lose focus of what is important.
After ten years of marriage, we still had not taken time for a honeymoon. It was not that we didn’t want to,
but circumstances simply didn’t allow for it. But that was all about to change. I had done some work for a friend
of mine who called me out of the blue and offered me the use of his time-share condominium in Mexico. I was
thrilled. Finally, I could take Beverly on the honeymoon she deserved!
We spent several weeks planning what we would do while we were there, and we grew more excited as the
departure date drew near. There were so many options, and for people who had not been away since they first
met, the options were almost as exciting as being there! It finally became reality with the purchase of our plane
tickets. Barring any unforeseen interruptions, we were heading to Mexico.
I have to chuckle as I remember our shopping adventures before the trip. Living in Montana doesn’t offer
many opportunities to find the appropriate clothes for a vacation in Mexico, especially in February, and I was
still dressed in full winter garb! We did find a few stores who were catering to the cruise trade, but for the most
part, we had very little luck.