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me eye to eye. As a six-foot-five man, I could not believe there was a woman on the planet as tall as the one I
was addressing.
I didn’t respond to her statement about the cats. Instead, the first thing I did was look from her face to her
feet to make sure they were actually touching the floor! “I bet a lot of people ask you how tall you are,” I
commented without thinking twice.
“Yes, they do,” she replied, “but you’re not going to, are you?”
I took this as a gentle dismissal. “No,” I replied, “I’m not!”
I turned around and focused on the clerk ringing up my purchases. But there was something about this
womansomething I just couldn’t put my finger on and something I could not let pass by. Suddenly, I
remembered. Over my lifetime I had visions of this womanhow she would look, her spirit, almost everything
about her. And it was exactly the same as I remembered. I turned around to speak with her again, but she was
gone! I said to myself, If this is going to be another experience like I had with the Native American woman at
the pow-wow, I’m not laughing!
As I watched the clerk pricing my items, a voice emerged from behind me once again. “So, how many cats
do you have?”
I turned around and there she was, just as beautiful as she was a moment earlier.
“Quite a few,” I replied. “We have three litters at the barn, and I have a couple at home.”
“My daughter and I just moved here, and we were thinking about getting a cat,” she replied.
“Well, I’d be happy to take you and your daughter down to the farm to see if there’s a cat there you might
like to take home with you.”
“That’s so nice of you to offer,” she replied.
“Here,” I said, “let me write down my name and phone number. Give me a call if that works for you.” I took
my shopping list, turned it over, and wrote my information on the back, then passed it to her. My heart was
beating very quickly. All I wanted was to have a chance to get to know her.
“Thanks so much,” she replied. “I’ll talk it over with my daughter and call you.”
“I’ll look forward to it,” I replied, and wheeled my cart out of the store.
I knew this was more than a chance meetingI could feel it. I simply could not let this opportunity slip
through my fingers. I decided to wait for her to come out of the store and then follow her home. If she didn’t
call, then I would know how to reach her.
Moments later she emerged from the store and walked over to a small black sports car. I watched from a
distance as she loaded her groceries in the trunk and made her way out of the parking lot. I began to follow from
about five cars behind. As I did so, I realized I needed to have more faith in The Boys, so after a short distance,
I turned toward home and let things take their course.
The next day came and went. I found myself regretting not asking for her name and phone number. I lay in
bed that night thinking about her. I knew this woman was very special, and I would regret it every day for the
rest of my life if I missed this opportunity. Somewhere in my mind, I knew I was going to marry her. But how
could I be thinking of that now? I didn’t even know her! That’s when I knew I was deceiving myself.
I knew her better than I have known anyone in my whole life, except for Bob. In my heart of hearts, I was
convinced this was the woman I was going to spend the rest of my life with! I arrived home from work the next
afternoon and was changing to go down to the farm to muck the stalls when the phone rang.
“Hello, Jerry?” came the voice.
“Yes, this is Jerry,” I replied.
“Jerry, we met the day before yesterday at the supermarket. I was the one asking you about your cats. Do you
My heart skipped not one but two beats before I could reply. “Of course I remember! How are you?”
“I’m fine, thanks. By the way, my name is Beverly. I’m sorry I didn’t properly introduce myself when we
“Oh, that’s okay,” I replied.
“I wanted to ask if I could bring my daughter to come visit the cats.”
“Of course you can,” I answered without a moment’s hesitation. “When would be a good time for you?” I
“How about this weekend?” she replied. “I know my daughter would just love it. She’s very excited about