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I have always believed that relationships like marriage take two to create them and two to end them. Once
it’s over, we often look for support from people who place blame on one party or another, when the reason for
the break-up should be shared equally between both people in the relationship. Life is change, nothing more.
Some people grow closer, some apart, but we are always on the move. Nothing remains constant.
My ex-wife is a wonderful person, and I still hold a special place in my heart for her. She was, after all, my
wife and friend for many years. We have not spoken in a very long time, but I still say a prayer for her every
night because she will always be special to me, and I will always love the gift that she is.
As much as we think we know ourselves, there is always more to learn. We pursue truths to help us with our
experiences, and yet, no matter how much we evolve, we are always prone to the human condition. Sometimes
we think we’re better than we really are, and that’s one of the conditions that keep us from evolving further: the
human condition!
I had to learn that truth much like Bob did. He had moved on beautifully, and I needed to do the same. I felt
the need for change, and the divorce was just the impetus to make that happen. I left the financial planning
industry and began to simplify my life. I started painting houses, which was a pretty drastic switch from
anything I had done previously, but it was necessary to clear my mind. I had moved away from the simpler
things I cherished earlier in my walk and replaced them with things supporting the lifestyle that took me off
track. I also learned it wasn’t the lifestyle so much as the choices I made during that time that distracted me
from the truths I had learned early on. I made many mistakes that impacted me as well as others, and they all
were the result of bad choices made by me! It was time for me to remember the gift I was.
I hadn’t thought about The Boys for a long time. I had taken them for granted since a few years into my
marriage. At the time I had the mindset that I didn’t need to do anything else to continue on my path. I even
thought I could find The Place without their help, and that was my biggest mistakeletting my ego dictate my
walk. I needed to get back to nature and walk a simpler walk with fewer distractions. I needed to begin my
quest for The Place once again.
I had a friend living in Florida who rented me her home while she was away. It was perfect. Her house was
just a few miles from a farm a friend of mine owned, where they grew hydroponic tomatoes and boarded horses
on the side.
I decided to stop by for a visit and ask if I could exercise the horses for the owners. I had a love of riding I
got from my dad. Although we never had a chance to ride together, I had been taking people on trail rides near
my home since I was twelve. I just loved horses as well as the feeling of being outdoors. As a young boy I had
bronchial asthma and couldn’t get within a hundred yards of a horse without having an attack that would leave
me in an oxygen tent for a week, but it was always worth it to me. If that was a price I had to pay to love them,
then so be it, and I never looked back! It was about a week later when my friend at the farm called back
regarding the horses.
“The two owners would love for you to exercise them as often as you like!” she said, and thus began my
time at Gateways Farm.
Gateways Farm is one of the oldest family farms in New England. The old red barn built in the 1700s still
houses horses and cats and hosts the occasional barn dance. It is a beautiful place that’s as pretty as a postcard.
My life was becoming simpler, and once again, I was the happy spirit I had left behind so many years ago.
Being around horses returned me to a simpler time I had forgotten. I came to know them as friends, and they
came to know me in the same way. I had often heard that animals are not intelligent, hence their need for our
stewardship on this plane. Yet I continued to be amazed at just how intelligent they really are. With each
passing day we became ever closer as I learned a whole new respect for them. While I continued to tap into my
old ways, I began to think of The Boys. I remembered the words of the voice those many years back, “We are
always with you!”
I was ready to pursue my quest once again.
One night, several months after I started riding, I decided to meditate. I remembered that The Boys told me it
was no longer necessary since they were now one with me, but I felt the need to reacquaint myself with them in
a place I enjoyed visiting when I was younger. As I sat down and began to focus on my breathing, I experienced
a calm I hadn’t known for years. It was much like the feeling we get when we have been away from home for
an extended period of time and then return. There was a comfort theresomething we knew we could always
depend onand it wasn’t long before I began to remember.