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present to usor anyone else, for that matter?”
Bob was divorced two months later. It was such a sad thing for me to watch him go through again; however,
he was in good spirits when we met to go to his apartment north of Boston to pick up his things.
“Is she going to be there?” I asked.
“Yes, but it’s all right,” he replied. “I’m okay with seeing her again. I’m actually relieved the guessing game
is over. She told me things between her and Jake didn’t work out.”
I watched as he sat in the car, thinking. He seemed preoccupied as we drove up the highway.
“I’m just glad to be getting on with my life in an honest way, without any deception,” he said.
I knew how badly he’d been hurt, but that one statement showed signs of growth and evolution.
“Acceptance of truth is the first step toward healing,” I said.
We arrived at the apartment and went inside. Our greeting with his ex-wife was cordial. I could see by the
expression on his face that he still loved her very much, but he had also come to grips with the truth that he had
to move on for his own sake. We placed his belongings in the car and began the ride home. As soon as we hit
the street outside the complex, Bob began yelling at me.
“Stop the car!” he said. “Stop the car!”
I turned to see what was wrong, not knowing what to expect. “I got it!” he yelled. He turned to me with
excitement in his heart and tears in his eyes. He took me by my arms and looked deeply into my eyes and
repeated his words, softer this time. “I got it!”
I knew exactly what he was talking about. For years he never truly understood what I had shared with others,
even though he recognized it when he saw it. But for some reason it just didn’t compute with him. He always
felt somewhat disconnected from what others understood, but it appeared his light was clearly on now! I asked
him two simple questions and waited for the answers.
“It’s all about the gift I am and what I have to share as a spirit being. I know now that I’m one of a kind, a
treasure, just like every other being in the universe. I truly do understand, Jerry.” He reached toward me and we
hugged for the longest time, as I quickly realized he finally understood. After all these years of watching others
celebrate the understanding, he had finally become the truth of his walk, and that would be hisforever! Bob is
an amazing being.
He would eventually marry once more, and that marriage, although difficult in the early years, turned out to
be the most wonderful relationship he would ever know. His new wife truly loved his gifts. They would end up
with three beautiful children, who are now almost all grown up! If there is one person with whom I could
celebrate this life, it would be Bob. We spent so much of it together that I couldn’t imagine life without him.
And even though we now live some distance apart from one another, we are as close as we ever were,
remembering the early days when our whole world was sledding down hills and discovering new worlds in the
woods outside the front door of our house at 770 East Street.
Chapter Seven: The Spirit Woman
Who is that lady?
Late fall, 1988
It had been almost ten years since Bob’s divorce when he finally understood that the gift he saw in so many
others was within himself as well. Once truth is a part of your life, it’s impossible to ignore because truth has
the remarkable ability to stand on its own without help from anyone or anything. We may turn our backs on it ,
but in the end, it’s still the truth.
I find that life is full of ironies, and mine was no exception. I had been with my wife since college. We were
married for fifteen years when it finally ended. Money and success had become my pursuit, and the same was
true for her. We had grown apart, and it happened so gradually, we didn’t even notice the change. Our
commitment to success became more important than our commitment to each another, and we would never
realize what might have been since we were divorced shortly afterward.