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It has been a while, I found myself thinking.
“Are you finding what you seek in life?” came the next thought.
I thought of The Place I had been searching for over the years, and the next thought came through as clearly
as if the words had been spoken.
“If you seek that truth in your heart, then you will find it.”
I was full of light and a deep sense of love and understanding. “I would not change anything about my walk
or my experiences, and I know you’re always within me,” I replied.
“We will always be with you,” answered the voice. “You have seen much through your compassionate self,
and the love in your heart will always be your guide.”
There was something I wanted to asksomething very important. It was something I had been asking myself
since I was six years old, and I had to know. There was no sound, simply a thought.
“Are you the voice I heard when my brother was drowning those many years ago?”
“We have always been with you, as we are with all beings everywhere. We are not always with you in the
conscious sense, as we have been since being invited into your consciousness, but we have always been with
you as we are with all life. You are a gift, as are all beings that come to experience their walk for the evolution
of All That Is.”
The question had been answerednot directly, mind youbut clearly enough for me to know the truth. In
my heart I felt a joy I had never known before. I didn’t remember coming back from my meditation and didn’t
have a clue how long I had been gone, but when I opened my eyes, it was morning.
I talked with Bob several times that week. One morning I was about to pick up the phone and tell him my
insights regarding the biofeedback machine when the phone rang. It was Bob, and he sounded very upset.
“Bob,” I began, “what’s the matter?”
“Jake got divorced a month ago, so I invited him up last week to meet my wife and spend some downtime
with us. I thought a change of pace would do him good. We went to the airport to pick him up, and as soon as
my wife saw him, a change came over her. I didn’t want to admit it at the time, but something happened. She’s
different now, and I just don’t understand.”
“Understand what, Bob?”
“We went to dinner, and the whole time we were there, all she did was stare at him. It was as though she was
mesmerized by him,” he answered.
“Mesmerized how, Bob?” I asked.
“Jerry, I think she’s fallen for him.”
I didn’t say a word because I didn’t know what to say. I waited a few more minutes and asked, “What did
she say to you?”
“She said she thinks she’s in love with him and wants to go and visit him.”
“When did she tell you that?” I asked.
“On Wednesday,” he replied. “She’s leaving tomorrow morning.”
He was devastated. He’d been married for only a short time, and for this to happen so soon after being
married was very hard for him to accept, never mind understand. Bob was always a gentle spirit. He was so
overwhelmed with defeat, he couldn’t see past the moment to consider whether or not his marriage could be
saved. It appeared as though he’d already given up.
“Are you sure she’s going down to see him?” I asked.
“I saw the ticket he bought for her,” he replied through his tears.
“Have you spoken to Jake about it?” I asked.
“I don’t want to talk to him. The fact that he’s going along with the whole thing tells me what kind of friend
he is.”
I knew what he meant. He was learning a valuable lesson, and it was painful. ”Bob,” I began, “I know how
difficult this is for you right now, but try to understand that life is simply an experience that is necessary to
satisfy your needs. All our experiences are meant for the bigger picture, even though we may not have a clue
what that picture is. What you are going through is not unlike the tuition we pay for the education we receive as
we move forward toward a new beginning. It teaches us to recognize the truth more readily next time, instead of
taking for granted what is presented to us. It’s hard for anyone to know who they are if they haven’t taken the
time to go within to actually see that truth. If one doesn’t go within, then what exactly can we expect them to