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we had experienced together, and his pursuit of that truth was still paramount in his life. After all, the
experience at the lake was as emblazoned in his memory as it was in mine.
I remember one instance when Bob and I drove to New Jersey one weekend to meet a guy with whom he
was working. Bob was in the computer industry dealing with hardware, and his friend was a superior he
reported to on a daily basis. I was happy for Bob because I had never seen him so excited about introducing me
to someone as he was now. As soon as we got in the car, Bob began a conversation that didn’t stop until we
reached our destination, some three hours later. When we arrived, he rang the bell, and we were invited inside.
“Jerry,” began Bob, “This is Jake. I’ve told him so much about you, and you about him. I thought it was
important for you two to get together.”
We shook hands and went into his living room, where I met his wife. We sat down, shared some coffee, and
watched the conversation unfold. Bob was the first to speak since he always seemed to be the catalyst for things
to get started. He was more excited than anyone else in the room.
“Jake, I told you what happened to Jerry and me as kids at the lake. Things have continued to change, and
based on our conversations, there’s much you and Jerry need to talk about. I don’t understand it like you two
do, but I know it when I see it.”
Bob was so honest, he inspired me to always be myself. Jake,” I started, “Bob mentioned you’ve had
experiences similar to ours.”
“Not quite the same as you, but experiences, nonetheless,” he replied.
“What kind of things?” I asked.
“I’ve studied a little of this and that and have come to some conclusions that might be similar to yours,” he
I was beginning to feel uncomfortable. It never took me but a few questions to see the truth in others. It
wasn’t something I practiced; instead, it was more like a gift. I was able to see clearly what was presented to me
and distinguish immediately if it was true or not. With Jake it felt like work from the onset. The normal
excitement I felt when meeting people seemed strained here. Jake struck me as a businessman who kept his
cards close to his vest, which forced me to ask more direct questions.
“So what exactly have you come to understand?”
“Well, you know, I’ve read some books that I believe are responsible for me walking a different path than I
did just a few years ago,” he replied. “Bob seemed to resonate with what he and I talked about.”
“What were those things, Bob?” I asked, as I was still struggling to get the conversation going.
“Jerry, Jake thinks the same way you do about what you talk about: truth, integrity, peace of mind, and
especially meditation. Jake’s been meditating for years.”
Now at least I had something to work with. I liked to talk with others about my search for The Place. Even
though the search was not as intense as it once was, my interest never waned.
“Jake, what kind of meditation do you practice, and can you share what your experiences have been?” I
“Oh, sure,” he began. “I learned from a partner of mine through a biofeedback project we have going on. He
has a machine with electronic sensors that attach to the front of your forehead.
They help you reach a degree of relaxation that will eventually enable you to reach the Alpha state, where
meditation is said to occur,” he said.
I quickly became very interested in this idea. I wondered if training with it could actually help someone
achieve what had taken me nine months to experience.
“Let me get it for you, and you can try it out,” he said. Moments later he entered the room with a small
wooden box with several wires protruding from it. He pressed a small button on the front, and a light went on.
”The battery seems to be okay,” he stated emphatically.
He quickly explained to me how it worked. “If you tense up the frontal muscles of your forehead, the
machine will begin to sound like a Geiger counter, increasing in volume as the tension in your muscles
increase,” he began. “With practice, you can relax to where it becomes quiet. When that happens, it represents a
state of relaxation that will enable you to achieve a state of meditation.”
“I’d love to try it,” I said.
He set the box next to me and then coated the electrodes with a salve before affixing them across my
forehead. He showed me several buttons that would adjust the sensitivity levels of the machine.