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I smiled at my wife, and then I turned to the doctor. “No, but thank you, Doctor. You’ve been a great help.”
“I didn’t do anything,” he replied. He continued to watch my wife staring at me silently. “If ever you want to
talk about this, I’d be more than happy to listen,” he said. “By the way, I’d like your permission to send this file
out to the UCLA Medical Center for Unexplained Medical Phenomena, if that’s all right with you?” he asked.
“I’d like to see if I can get some answers.”
“Thanks, Doctor, but I don’t think there’s anything to tell,” I replied. “But if you’d like to send the file along,
then please feel free to do so.”
I shook his hand and made my way out of the hospital. My wife still hadn’t said a thing.
Chapter Six: Bob’swakening
Happiness and sadness are edges of the same sword!
Fall, 1979
I had just turned thirty. Bob was still in his twenties. Even though we were both working toward the
American Dream, neither of us forgot about the voice that I now referred to as “The Boys.” This was not a male
or female thing, since I always believed the voice I heard was somewhere in between. It was simply easier to
refer to the voice as “The Boys.”
The car accident changed how I perceived life and death. Having realized there was no such thing as death, I
saw the importance of my walk with added clarity. I had wandered off my path several times during my life
when material things became more important than my spiritual walk. I knew the human condition would always
present that option, but I did my best to remember those experiences that provided my happiest moments.
I hadn’t practiced meditation for some time. But during one of my last meditations, I came to learn from The
Boys that the process of meditation was not always required in order to get to the place where the answers were
found. I’m referring to the act of meditating. I had come to learn that I only needed to invite The Boys into my
own consciousness and the answers would come as soon as a question was put forth. It was as if The Boys and I
had become one entity, both in a conscious and subconscious way. Since that time, whenever I had a question,
the answer seemed to followlike the question was the answer! It was truly remarkable.
Bob had seen me in a different light since the incident at the lake that occurred in our childhood. I was
always amused when he would come to me and say, “Jerry, I have this friend I want you to meet. He thinks just
like you, and he talks about all the same stuff. You have to get together with him.”
This happened more often since the car accident. I shared what happened with him, and we both rekindled
our memory of the voice that saved his life that day at the lake. He became more fervent than ever in his desire
to acquaint me with friends he would meet, in an effort to bring us together to share common understandings.
Bob would call at least twice a month regarding someone new, and I never questioned him or his intent.
He would tell me over and over again, “You know, Jer, I don’t understand this stuff like you do, but I know
it when I see it,” and I knew he did.
We shared a lot since my out-of-body experience and discussed what I learned through meditation on an
ongoing basis. There was so much I had come to know, and my greatest joy was to share it with Bob. It was
these understandings he learned to see in others. I think it made Bob feel closer to understanding it himself.
I loved Bob’s heart because it was pure as the driven snow. In all the years I’ve known my brother, he has
always been the most decent person I have ever known. He is as honest as the day is long, kind-hearted to a
fault, and loves everyone. He is such a gift to this planet.
Bob married at a young age and had two beautiful children. I was honored when he asked me to be the
godfather of his firstborn, and she has been just an angel. I found myself in my first responsible role as an adult
with regard to children. There isn’t a whole lot required of a godfather; however, I did have to commit to being
there for her if anything happened to Bob. It was one of the proudest moments of my life.
As it turned out, after many years of marriage, Bob divorced. He moved on in his life and remarried again
several years later. He never stopped bringing people into my life since he always believed in the truth of what