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The next thought that flashed through my consciousness came quickly. I can see and hear; I remember
everything. How can this be death? I asked myself.
It was at that point that I realized I had discovered the answer to a question man had been asking himself
since the beginning of time: there was no such thing as death! My jubilation at that discovery was quickly
displaced by thoughts of my wife and family. I experienced a feeling of sadness when I initially thought about
how they would feel when they realized I was gone.
Out of nowhere, a voice from my distant past echoed through my mind: “Don’t worry about how they will
feel. When they arrive where you are now, they will come to know the same truth you have discovered.” I
looked around, but there was no one there. Immediately I recalled my experience at the lake so many years ago.
I knew this was the same voice I heard when I was a child. But where was it coming from, and whose voice was
My attention was distracted by the scene playing out below me. Police cars had arrived, and a doctor was
now on the scene. Sirens were screaming in the distance, and I watched as a policeman accompanied the doctor
to my car. Another policeman was spraying a fire extinguisher on the car where the smoke was pouring from
the engine compartment. Two other policemen were trying to force open the door, but it was jammed. The
driver’s window was shattered, so the doctor leaned inside and placed his fingers on my neck, checking for
signs of life. He removed his stethoscope and placed it on my chest while he listened for a heartbeat. He seemed
to linger there for what seemed like an eternity. After several moments he finally stood up, looked toward the
policeman, and shook his head from side to side. He reached out and took a blanket from the officer and
covered me before making their way to the side of the road.
A second officer was directing traffic around the accident. I could hear everything the doctor and the other
policeman were saying.
“Damn shame,” said the policeman. “It looks like the driver was speeding and lost control. Must have been a
blowout or something.”
“I haven’t seen anything this bad in a long time,” replied the doctor. “He didn’t have a chance!”
“We’re interviewing a few people who saw it happen, so we should have the facts shortly,” said the
“But that isn’t what happened,” I protested from my vantage point above them. “That isn’t how it happened
at all! It wasn’t my fault!”
I watched as other emergency vehicles made their way to the accident. After several moments I realized I
was moving away from the scene that lay below, higher into the sky. I had no idea where I was going, nor did it
seem to matter. I was in such a peaceful state, nothing could disturb my euphoria. Earth was disappearing below
me, and I was moving toward a place I felt comfortable calling home!
I had a very strong feeling I always knew this is what death would be like for me. I remembered everything
about my life, and yet, it seemed to have happened in a matter of seconds, not years. I thought back to my first
successful meditation experience, realizing how different time was on this earthly plane. Now it made even
more sense to me. My life had actually taken just a few short moments to live, and now time had ended
altogether. I thought about everything that was taking place, and I began to understand the bigger picture. It was
as if my eyes had been opened to a larger truth, and the experience of being human was simply thatan
experience! As I moved toward a destination I knew nothing about, I was surprised to see that it appeared much
like the place I went to in my meditations. It had no physical features I could describe, just varying shades of
light. It was beginning to make even more sense to me.
I knew I was far from understanding the greater consciousness, but I felt all that was about to change. As I
continued on, a bright white light beckoned me toward it. As I moved forward into the light, I was suddenly
surprised to find myself sitting in my car once again. I opened my eyes. I was angry. I didn’t want to be there! I
slid the blanket off my body, removed the seat belt, and leaned forward. I looked out the broken windshield
toward the sky, where I knew I’d been only moments earlier. As my frustration began to rise, a familiar voice
made itself heard once again.
“Jerry, you are not done with your walk here. You have much to do before your experience is over. Do not
be angry. You will be coming home very soon.”
I immediately felt an overwhelming sense of peace. I sat there for a moment assessing what had happened.
For the second time in my life, I was left with words from a voice I did not know, nor did I know where it came