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it was disappointing to me that people felt the need to pretend to be something they were not. I wondered if the
environment they had grown up in had beaten them down into thinking they were less than they could be.
I understood when I was very young how special every being is, even more so after my experience with Bob.
I guess that whole incident made me see things as precious. Nothing should be overlooked or downplayed.
Everything was a treasure, one of a kind, and no one should ever feel less than that. I think Bob had more to do
with my ability to see clearly than any other person OR experience in my life.
I know many people who have the ability to see the truth of what is. I have come to understand that this
ability emanates from within, where the truth of one’s spirit resides. As these thoughts came rushing into my
head, I realized I had nothing to worry about because I would always be the happy spirit I had come to know.
The key for me was the same as it was for everyone: Just be honest with yourself. That in turn would ensure
honesty with others.
Relationships in high school can sometimes be pretty earth shattering, especially if those involved were
experiencing them for the first time. Growing up was interesting enough, and it didn’t require any additional
pressure to make it so! I learned a lot during my high school years, but there was still so much more to learn
about life.
The time had come to move onto say good-bye to those high school memories and make room for new
ones. I was heading off to college and live out my dream of playing football. I had worked very hard the
summer after graduation to get into the best shape of my life. I knew there would be many talented athletes in
my freshman class, and every one of them had the same dream of starting for the varsity team. I would have to
give it my all if I expected to hold my own over the next four years. I was confident, but not overly so. I had
learned that one who is confident and knowledgeable needs little else to succeed!
The drive down to North Carolina from Boston that August was a long one, but I enjoyed every minute of it.
I was accompanied by my mother and father, who had never been to North Carolina before. The trip took three
days to complete, and the journey afforded me some downtime with my folks. I would miss them very much,
and I knew they would miss me!
Shortly after we arrived on campus, I got settled in my new surroundings and then joined them for dinner. It
would be some time before I would see them again, so it was their last chance to tell me all the things they
wanted me to remember. It was their way of letting me know how much they would miss me and how much
they loved me. After dinner we returned to the campus, where I said my good-byes.
I was sad to see them leave. I felt like it was a turning point in my life we all experience only once. As I
watched their car disappear on the horizon, I returned to my room, where I would begin another chapter in my
life. What a chapter it would be!
Chapter Three: Contact
The evolution of all that is!
September, 1967
It had been twelve years since I heard the voice at the lake. I was enjoying my time at Wake Forest and had
made many new friends who helped to shape my life. Once I got past my freshman year, I had a pretty good
understanding of how the system worked. The freshman year of college can be an intimidating time because
everyone else seems to know more than you do.
Wake Forest is located on a beautiful campus that used to be the R.J. Reynolds estate. It encompasses several
thousand acres of gorgeous buildings, forests, formal gardens, and pastures. It was one of the most beautiful
colleges I had ever seen. There were three thousand students, including grad students, at the university. Because
the school was so small, one got to know just about everyone there. For me, Wake Forest fulfilled every dream I
ever had about what college life could be.
It was late one fall, and the football season had ended. We had a short reprieve until winter workouts began.
It was a time for many to heal up from all the damaged tendons and torn-up knees they had experienced. I was