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Copyright ©2012 Jerry McGowan
Cover photos by Beverly McGowan
To my dearest Beverly,
you walk in the light each and every day
and remind me of the gift we are.
I love you always and all ways,
forever and a day!
In my writings I stress direct observation, which in my opinion is the evident truth. Yet, having met several
profound teachers along my way, I discovered that direct observation certainly helps one to meet such gifted
teachers. Three of these teachers who led me toward rewarding observations of my own were Chief Fools Crow
(Oglala) and Bill Eagle Feather (Sichangu), as well as Old Black Elk’s sonBen Black Elk. But life moves
onward, and one’s initial mentors pass on. The spirits still must be watching out for me here in my later years.
Jerry McGowan, a younger friend from the past, has brought his venture into my journey, and I am again
renewed and refreshed by his story. His is a must-read for all spiritual seekersyes, a definite must.
All of us want to be assured of a life beyond. My journey has been quite fortunate for me. The natural way is
a matter of living out your beliefs and knowing, understanding, feeling, and being all that surrounds you that is
nature-made and not man-made. It involves a lifetime of moral and ethical application.
The more you develop your mind to astutely perceive and look for clues and meaning set here before you by
this Ultimate Creator, the more you prepare that miraculous mind for your own lifestyle while you’re here. But
when you’re manifesting much higher thought, your goal should be a deep, serious, ongoing consideration for
preparation of the mind for that much longer duration in that other world beyondthe spirit world.
I highly doubt that this preparation can occur without the help of certain spirit mates (teachers) that we
encounter along the earth journey way. The more advanced we develop from direct observation and these
chance acquaintances, the more advanced our minds, spirits, and souls will become for the spirit world, which
most North American Indians sincerely believe awaits beyond. These are not really chance acquaintances, are
they? I also believe the spirits in that beyond world place them here possibly for us. This supposition also means
that we must un-clutter by removing clogging superstition, harmful appetites, greed, ego, and ignorance from
our minds. Soap operas, shopping sprees, celebrity watch, Joe six-packing, and other such empty fascinations
are not rewarding preparation for the beyond. You just might miss a great rewarding teacher by engaging in