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Is there life after death? The Place answers this question through the author's personal experiences. The Place is the heartwarming story of two brothers' love for one another as they enter and exit each other lives during their walk together. It's a story of love, loss and healing. “Jerry McGowan, is “connected” to that spirit world beyond." Eagle Man, Oglala Sioux-Mother Earth Spirituality


Realizing the Walk or the Path makes our lives meaningfull and then the miracles occur, when nobody believes something like that could happen. It is a life of fulfillment, when even the small things take place and make our day special. A beautiful story of finding oneself and sharing this experience. I've had my small experiences, and reading through this book i found it similar having the excitement of understanding new things, and yes- each of us is much , much more than we can imagine, we are the teachers and the students at the same time, having all the tools we need, we just need to open to this reality. /Odenix/


Joy,I never got around to thanking you personally for your review. I was deeply touched by your words regarding The Place. I would like to offer you a gift. I just finished the next manuscript and would like to send you one as my gift to you. It has been copyrighted and will be published perhaps next year. My personal email is you again for being so kind regarding my book.Warmest Regards,Jerry McGowan

Jerry McGowan

The Place is a journey through the authors expereinces during his lifetime. They are both remarkable and insightful for everyone looking to understand themselves from a clear perspective. This book has something for everyone from nine to ninety and offers a look at this life from a spiritual perspective not many have the opportunity to experience. I heartliy recommend this book to all!


For this book, it is difficult to write a comment as it is one of those books that you hope will never have an ending. What amazing experiences you have had. I hope there will be a lot more learning material. A wonderful spiritual book with so much to teach us. A big thank you.


Jerry McGowan

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