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Chapter IX
"Well, that's about all then, I guess," said Gretry at last, as he pushed back his
chair and rose from the table.
He and Jadwin were in a room on the third floor of the Grand Pacific Hotel, facing
Jackson Street. It was three o'clock in the morning. Both men were in their shirt-
sleeves; the table at which they had been sitting was scattered over with papers,
telegraph blanks, and at Jadwin's elbow stood a lacquer tray filled with the
stumps of cigars and burnt matches, together with one of the hotel pitchers of ice
"Yes," assented Jadwin, absently, running through a sheaf of telegrams, "that's
all we can do--until we see what kind of a game Crookes means to play. I'll be at
your office by eight."
"Well," said the broker, getting into his coat, "I guess I'll go to my room and try to
get a little sleep. I wish I could see how we'll be to-morrow night at this time."
Jadwin made a sharp movement of impatience.
"Damnation, Sam, aren't you ever going to let up croaking? If you're afraid of this
thing, get out of it. Haven't I got enough to bother me?"
"Oh, say! Say, hold on, hold on, old man," remonstrated the broker, in an injured
voice. "You're terrible touchy sometimes, J., of late. I was only trying to look
ahead a little. Don't think I want to back out. You ought to know me by this time,
"There, there, I'm sorry, Sam," Jadwin hastened to answer, getting up and
shaking the other by the shoulder. "I am touchy these days. There's so many
things to think of, and all at the same time. I do get nervous. I never slept one
little wink last night--and you know the night before I didn't turn in till two in the
"Lord, you go swearing and damning 'round here like a pirate sometimes, J.,"
Gretry went on. "I haven't heard you cuss before in twenty years. Look out, now,
that I don't tell on you to your Sunday-school superintendents."
"I guess they'd cuss, too," observed Jadwin, "if they were long forty million wheat,
and had to know just where every hatful of it was every second of the time. It was
all very well for us to whoop about swinging a corner that afternoon in your office.
But the real thing--well, you don't have any trouble keeping awake. Do you
suppose we can keep the fact of our corner dark much longer?"