The Phoenix and the Carpet HTML version

My Dear Godson HUBERT GRIFFITH and his sister MARGARET
Dear Hubert, if I ever found A wishing-carpet lying round, I'd stand
upon it, and I'd say: 'Take me to Hubert, right away!' And then we'd
travel very far To where the magic countries are That you and I will nev-
er see, And choose the loveliest gifts for you, from me.
But oh! alack! and well-a-day! No wishing-carpets come my way. I
never found a Phoenix yet, And Psammeads are so hard to get! So I give
you nothing fineÑ Only this book your book and mine, And hers, whose
name by yours is set; Your book, my book, the book of Margaret!
E. NESBIT DYMCHURCH September, 1904