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Chapter 19. The Viscount and the Persian
Raoul now remembered that his brother had once shown him that mysterious person, of
whom nothing was known except that he was a Persian and that he lived in a little old-
fashioned flat in the Rue de Rivoli.
The man with the ebony skin, the eyes of jade and the astrakhan cap bent over Raoul.
"I hope, M. de Chagny," he said, "that you have not betrayed Erik's secret?"
"And why should I hesitate to betray that monster, sir?" Raoul rejoined haughtily, trying
to shake off the intruder. "Is he your friend, by any chance?"
"I hope that you said nothing about Erik, sir, because Erik's secret is also Christine Daae's
and to talk about one is to talk about the other!"
"Oh, sir," said Raoul, becoming more and more impatient, "you seem to know about
many things that interest me; and yet I have no time to listen to you!"
"Once more, M. de Chagny, where are you going so fast?"
"Can not you guess? To Christine Daae's assistance. ..."
"Then, sir, stay here, for Christine Daae is here!"
"With Erik?"
"With Erik."
"How do you know?"
"I was at the performance and no one in the world but Erik could contrive an abduction
like that!...Oh," he said, with a deep sigh, "I recognized the monster's touch!..."
"You know him then?"
The Persian did not reply, but heaved a fresh sigh.
"Sir," said Raoul, "I do not know what your intentions are, but can you do anything to
help me? I mean, to help Christine Daae?"
"I think so, M. de Chagny, and that is why I spoke to you."
"What can you do?"