The Peculiarities of a Raven HTML version

Staring at the ceiling is what I do first when I wake up every day, and it is what I always like to do the
very first moment my eyes open up from a deep sleep. You see, I don’t function well until I am fully
awake and I don’t know when I am fully awake until I can stare at the blank white ceiling, then wiggle
my toes and have the opportunity and the time to just stare and think.
The storm last night brought some heavy rain last night to the village, and the thunder was so loud it
kept me up for half the night.
“So what is my name?”
“Well, that should be an easy question for most, but for a girl of my age, it is truly a total different
But you see once you label me, then I am just another character in just another filing cabinet within
your mind, and also in your inner perception, and then you would and could create specific judgments,
feelings, and have an overall direct attitude towards who I really am or who I should be.
Right, Wrong, Indifferent, Good or Bad.
I guess from lessons that I have learned from the past, I feel like if I gave you my name, my soul itself
would just slowly bleed away, and then like a torn old Victorian picture that was taken years ago, a piece
of me would fade away into an empty darkness and would simply be frozen as a fixed image in time
We are not unlike all organics that first are created, then grow old and die. They say it is simply nature’s
way of recycling and recomposing matter. But some say there is a real magic inside of all of us, a spark,
an actual light within our souls that opens our imaginations, our true beings not only in this life, but also
stays within us into the afterlife.
My age, well, you can ask? But what is a number and what I am now, will I not be the same tomorrow.
My body may change, and I may have felt more pain, more anxiety, and then have collected more stuff,
and there may be new aches, pain, and stiffness in my joints, but my total being. My very true being and
nature do not change, not really. I believe that it may evolve but I don’t believe that it change the raw
nature of its actual elements that God has given us.
Now my hair color is natural and it is very Gothic black. I have never colored it a day in my life, and why
when it has a perfect silky black color.
That has always been the root cause of the problem or that is what I have been conditioned to believe. I
swear on the family Torah that what I am about to say is totally true. I would like to point out from the
very beginning that it isn’t entirely my fault that I came from a line of pagan witches sworn within
absolute secrecy and mystery.