The Pastor's Wife HTML version

"Tell me, Little One," he said when she rejoined him, "will you marry me?" _Frontispiece_
"Then why," she asked, with the courage of curiosity, "are you a pastor?"
"Will you not, Ingeborg," said Herr Dremmel, calling her for the first time by her name, "cut the cake?"
"But--father, I've been doing it too"
He could no longer walk around his own garden without meeting an interlaced couple
"You are married to her?" asked the elder Frau Dremmel, turning her pebble eyes slowly from one to
the other
Especially her gaze lingered on her feet. Becoming aware of this, Ingeborg tried to hide them
"But these are very wonderful," she said, taking up the sketches. "I wish I were really like that."