The Other Side Of The Holy Cover


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Hundreds of Bible based articles on many subjects ranging from timelines to come as you are but do not stay as you are. It includes a non political view of 'A History Of The World.' My prime objective is for the reader to gain insight and understanding, a righteous perspective, of the world we live in, of the word of God, the Bible, and of God Himself. It is not necessarily a book of first steps or of fundamental beliefs but it is the word of God from personal observations guided by personal interests and the spirit of truth. That is a general explanation of the majority of the content but I also added a few tidbits of advice on health that are not strictly Biblical but are based on personal observations and experience. You might also find the odd unattributed comment. Goal: salvation.


Jacques Gauvin

I was born in Bathurst New Brunswick Canada My parents were practicing Roman Catholics My first introduction to an understanding of the organization was in grade one reading the catechism I remember distinctly reading Remember the Sabbath to keep it Holy The Sabbath it was explained was the seventh day I knew that the seventh day was Saturday and that the church observed Sunday I was shocked and appalled I continued to attend church with my family but would usually faint during services Around the age of twelve I stopped attending For the next decade or so I was influenced by sex drugs and rock and roll In my mid twenties I decided to read the Bible for myself to see what was in it and what was not After reading it from cover to cover I found myself in need of instruction I visited various congregations to hear what they preached I listened to various television evangelists I allowed the Jehovah Witness to come into my home for a while These people knew a lot about the Bible they read it However they taught things and attitudes that I did not believe in so I asked them to stay away Finally in December I came upon The Plain Truth magazine published by Herbert W Armstrong and the Worldwide Church of God This magazine and its advertised other publications really opened my mind to understanding I read everything I could get my hands on printed by this Church Then in I began attending services and requested to be baptized I was baptized in by one minister and put out by a new minister latter that same year. Continued at http://www,

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