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The Adventures of a Jackal
In a country which is full of wild beasts of all sorts there once lived a jackal and a
hedgehog, and, unlike though they were, the two animals made great friends,
and were often seen in each other's company.
One afternoon they were walking along a road together, when the jackal, who
was the taller of the two, exclaimed:
'Oh! there is a barn full of corn; let us go and eat some.'
'Yes, do let us!' answered the hedgehog. So they went to the barn, and ate till
they could eat no more. Then the jackal put on his shoes, which he had taken off
so as to make no noise, and they returned to the high road.
After they had gone some way they met a panther, who stopped, and bowing
politely, said:
'Excuse my speaking to you, but I cannot help admiring those shoes of yours. Do
you mind telling me who made them?'
'Yes, I think they are rather nice,' answered the jackal; 'I made them myself,
'Could you make me a pair like them?' asked the panther eagerly.
'I would do my best, of course,' replied the jackal; 'but you must kill me a cow,
and when we have eaten the flesh I will take the skin and make your shoes out of
So the panther prowled about until he saw a fine cow grazing apart from the rest
of the herd. He killed it instantly, and then gave a cry to the jackal and hedgehog
to come to the place where he was. They soon skinned the dead beasts, and
spread its skin out to dry, after which they had a grand feast before they curled
themselves up for the night, and slept soundly.
Next morning the jackal got up early and set to work upon the shoes, while the
panther sat by and looked on with delight. At last they were finished, and the
jackal arose and stretched himself.
'Now go and lay them in the sun out there,' said he; 'in a couple of hours they will
be ready to put on; but do not attempt to wear them before, or you will feel them
most uncomfortable. But I see the sun is high in the heavens, and we must be
continuing our journey.'
The panther, who always believed what everybody told him, did exactly as he
was bid, and in two hours' time began to fasten on the shoes. They certainly set
off his paws wonderfully, and he stretched out his forepaws and looked at them