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The Clever Cat
Once upon a time there lived an old man who dwelt with his son in a small hut on
the edge of the plain. He was very old, and had worked very hard, and when at
last he was struck down by illness he felt that he should never rise from his bed
So, one day, he bade his wife summon their son, when he came back from his
journey to the nearest town, where he had been to buy bread.
'Come hither, my son,' said he; 'I know myself well to be dying, and I have
nothing to leave you but my falcon, my cat and my greyhound; but if you make
good use of them you will never lack food. Be good to your mother, as you have
been to me. And now farewell!'
Then he turned his face to the wall and died.
There was great mourning in the hut for many days, but at length the son rose
up, and calling to his greyhound, his cat and his falcon, he left the house saying
that he would bring back something for dinner. Wandering over the plain, he
noticed a troop of gazelles, and pointed to his greyhound to give chase. The dog
soon brought down a fine fat beast, and slinging it over his shoulders, the young
man turned homewards. On the way, however, he passed a pond, and as he
approached a cloud of birds flew into the air. Shaking his wrist, the falcon seated
on it darted into the air, and swooped down upon the quarry he had marked,
which fell dead to the ground. The young man picked it up, and put it in his pouch
and then went towards home again.
Near the hut was a small barn in which he kept the produce of the little patch of
corn, which grew close to the garden. Here a rat ran out almost under his feet,
followed by another and another; but quick as thought the cat was upon them
and not one escaped her.
When all the rats were killed, the young man left the barn. He took the path
leading to the door of the hut, but stopped on feeling a hand laid on his shoulder.
'Young man,' said the ogre (for such was the stranger), 'you have been a good
son, and you deserve the piece of luck which has befallen you this day. Come
with me to that shining lake yonder, and fear nothing.'
Wondering a little at what might be going to happen to him, the youth did as the
ogre bade him, and when they reached the shore of the lake, the ogre turned and
said to him:
'Step into the water and shut your eyes! You will find yourself sinking slowly to
the bottom; but take courage, all will go well. Only bring up as much silver as you
can carry, and we will divide it between us.'
So the young man stepped bravely into the lake, and felt himself sinking, sinking,
till he reached firm ground at last. In front of him lay four heaps of silver, and in