The One Who is Two - Book 1 of White Rabbit HTML version

The One Who Is Two
Book 1 of White Rabbit
Stuart Oldfield
Copyright 2012 Stuart Oldfield
The four books of the White Rabbit series
1. The One Who Is Two
2. Friends and Enemies
3. Red Tape
4. The Woman Who Looks Both Ways
Chapter 1
Cadwallader stood with his back to the window, leaning against the sink units, conscious of
the curve of the moulded laminate against his buttocks. He crossed his arms and then uncrossed
them quickly. Glancing expectantly at his wife, he tried, unsuccessfully, to think of something to
'It's time you left,' she said, 'It's ten past already.'
A heaviness pulled at his guts as his spirits sank even lower.
'I thought maybe a quick cuppa before I go. As it's my birthday.' He wanted to sound casual,
but his voice came out pleading, like a sad child.
'Please, Simon, you know what we agreed. He'll be here soon.'
'Oh, I see. He's coming here today, is he? On my – on a Sunday.' As he spoke, whining and
hurt, he could see her face harden, her eyes glittering with sudden anger.
'Where and when I see Geoffrey is none of your business,' she said, her voice quiet and tight,
'And it wasn't me that started all this, was it?'
Cowed by the force of her anger, he looked down at his shoes with his mouth set in a sullen
frown, like a schoolboy resenting his punishment.
'Was it?' she hissed.
Again he didn't reply, aware that his silence was confirming his guilt. Her reproach bore down
on him, crushing him like a weight. After a long silence he looked up, feeling silly and shamed.
'Right then,' he said, 'I'll just say goodbye to the kids.' He could see his daughter through the
door to the living room, sitting on a cushion three feet from the television, staring zombie-like at
a gyrating pop singer. 'Laura, darling,' he called, 'Daddy's going now.'
'Bye,' the girl said, not turning from the flickering screen.
'No goodbye kiss?'
He waited, but she showed no sign of having heard him – and another small stab of pain
jabbed into his chest. He crossed the room and bent to press his lips to her long yellow hair. She