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XVII. Undeniable Facts
There was a moment's silence, for Polly did not reply immediately, and he went on
making impossible knots in his bit of string. Then she said quietly--
"I think that I agree with those English people who say that an English jury would have
condemned her.... I have no doubt that she was guilty. She may not have committed that
awful deed herself. Some one in the Charlotte Square house may have been her
accomplice and killed and robbed Lady Donaldson while Edith Crawford waited outside
for the jewels. David Graham left his godmother at 8.30 p.m. If the accomplice was one
of the servants in the house, he or she would have had plenty of time for any amount of
villainy, and Edith Crawford could have yet caught the 9.10 p.m. train from the
Caledonian Station."
"Then who, in your opinion," he asked sarcastically, and cocking his funny birdlike head
on one side, "tried to sell diamond earrings to Mr. Campbell, the jeweller?"
"Edith Crawford, of course," she retorted triumphantly; "he and his clerk both recognized
"When did she try to sell them the earrings?"
"Ah, that is what I cannot quite make out, and there to my mind lies the only mystery in
this case. On the 25th she was certainly in London, and it is not very likely that she would
go back to Edinburgh in order to dispose of the jewels there, where they could most
easily be traced."
"Not very likely, certainly," he assented drily.
"And," added the young girl, "on the day before she left for London, Lady Donaldson
was alive."
"And pray," he said suddenly, as with comic complacency he surveyed a beautiful knot
he had just twisted up between his long fingers, "what has that fact got to do with it?"
"But it has everything to do with it!" she retorted.
"Ah, there you go," he sighed with comic emphasis. "My teachings don't seem to have
improved your powers of reasoning. You are as bad as the police. Lady Donaldson has
been robbed and murdered, and you immediately argue that she was robbed and
murdered by the same person."
"But--" argued Polly.